Use the benches

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Use the benches

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Project Summary
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The project is organizing marked paths with benches every 200-300 meters in neighborhoods were many elderly live.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

It has been proven that one of the biggest barriers for the elderly to go out and walk is the distance between resting areas (e.g. benches). In Iceland, darkness, icy conditions and snow add to the problem in the wintertime, which is long.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

The project is to encourage the elderly to go outside, despite the conditions. We have asked companies to make donations for a bench or two, and various groups of people and individuals have also made a contribution in form of giving benches to the project. The benches are put down along those walking paths with regular intervals, 200-300 m, all in cooperation with the municipalities. Contracts have also been made with the municipalities to to add to lighting and taking extra good care of those walking paths, in respect of cleaning snow and ice off them. In Iceland, the municipalities have put benches here and there, but never in well ordered manner with the needs of the elderly or disabled in mind.
Impact: How does it Work

Example: Walk us through a specific example(s) of how this solution makes a difference; include its primary activities.

The walking paths have in many cases been organised to take people between their home and the nearest supermarked. It has enabled people to go for them self to get groceries, instead of being dependant on others, as well as it has been used in physiotherapy in implementing progression in walking distance.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

no such thing
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Implementer(s) and cooperation partners

Félag sjúkraþjálfara (Icelandic Physiotherapy Association)


Non‐profit/NGO/citizen sector organization

Country where main implementer is located

, HF

How long has the main implementer been operating?

More than 5 years

Please provide a short description of the main implementer.

The main implementer is The Icelandic Physiotherpy Association. It was founded in 1940 and the project is one of the projects that were launched to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Association in 2010. The association is the only PT's association in Iceland with 600 members (95% of all Icelandic PTs).

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Cooperation partner

Félag eldri borgara (The association of the elderly)


Non-profit/NGO/citizen sector organisation

How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? What competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?

The project is done in cooperation with the elderly. They have their sayings about where to implement the project and participate in the promotion of the project.

Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Cooperation partner

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How does this cooperation partner support the initiative? Which competencies and resources does this partner bring to the initiative?
Problem and solution
Which of these fields of Active and Healthy Ageing are addressed by your initiative?

Personalized health management.

If none of the above, answer here:

Active daily living

Please describe if and how your stakeholders (cooperation partners, funders, users, etc.) have been participating in defining the problem and developing the solution.

The Association of the elderly in the municipalities have been an "advising" group to where the need is most.

Has your solution been tested in trials, experimentations, or pilot projects? If yes, please describe the process and outcome.

No, we have not had the budged for that.

How long has your solution been in operation?

for 1‐5 years

Please select the relationship between your solution and related solutions currently established in our society. Is your solution…

adaptive (your solution builds on existing solutions and is improving them without radically changing them)

What barriers might hinder the success of your initiative? How do you plan to overcome them?

The biggest barrier is the biggest municipally, Reykjavík city. It is the only city that has refused cooperation with us and does not participate in the project. All others, that we have approached, have taken us with gratitude and been very supportive. We are waiting for a new election...

Organization and funding
Regularly paid employees






External advisers and experts


Others (please specify)
What are the specific professional backgrounds and competencies your team brings to the initiative?

Physical therapists

Please describe your management or coordination structure in the initiative.

The host of the project is the Icelandic Association of Physiotherapists, but the implement in each place is based on voluntary work by local physiotherapists.

Please provide the total yearly budget in Euro that your initiative spends on implementing the solution.


National public funding


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Economic return from own products/services


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Single donations from private individuals


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Crowdfunding platforms


Participation fees


Other (please specify)

10% (from the PT association)

Target group, scale and impact
Which target group(s) do you want to reach with your solution?

Older and disabled people who are able to walk but only short distances.

Please estimate the number of persons within your target group (users, clients, etc.) that you currently reach directly with your solution.

no idea

In which local/regional/national area(s) is the solution currently implemented?

Akureyri, Húsavík, Kópasker, Kópavogur, Garðabær, Mosfellsbær, Hafnarfjörður.

What is the impact on your target group (users, clients) you want to generate?

Increased daily outdoor activity.

What is the wider impact on society you want to generate?

To encourage everybody to stay active all life, despite of physical conditions.

What are the impacts on your target group you already achieved?

We see people use the benches, but no researches have been made.

How has the impact of your initiative been assessed?

Experience-based self-assessment (you assessed the impacts based on your experiences with the target group).

Public information and strategy
What information on your initiative is publicly available?

Please indicate webpage or contact for obtaining the respective information. -> Að brúka bekki

What are your milestones for further developing, implementing, and establishing your initiative in the next three years? Please describe 1-3 milestones.

Getting startet in Reykjavík, Neskaupstaður, Sauðárkrókur.