To Correct Orientation for Mental Health

To Correct Orientation for Mental Health

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It is an idea TO CORRECT ORIENTATION FOR MENTAL HEALTH from Welfare Society for Mental Health and Rehabilitation, a voluntaty social welfare organization

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Disoriented approach in understanding mental health problems and ineffective services. Great push for mental health is more than necessary, but in the right direction. It is almost a survival need for mental health and also need of time. It cannot be in mercy seeking manner or crawling on the rival's body or be like a creeper, parasite or even an appendix. It needs orientation of its own. A group of professionals/doctors with orientation of mind, like dental surgeons, is the right direction. It is natural that new ideas are taken to pose challenge to the authority due to properties (inertness, orthodoxy etc.) of the authority . But the few exceptional open minded persons among them, to whom the new thing appeals, makes it reach the goal.

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Change orientation of psychiatry from orientation of soma (i.e. from MBBS) to mind/psycho like Dentistry for teeth. Professionally, psychiatrists are THE authority of mental health, globally. Psychologists or clinical psychologists are trying hard to get in the back bench. Position of the psychiatrists is not well in the community of allopathic doctors. A psychiatrist is first an MBBS which is a soma based orientation. Then trying to address mind which is not soma, makes success difficult and not as much as necessary. Here lies a problem, of orientation. Addressing mental health problem effectively needs mind based orientation because Mind and Body have absolutely different identity and have different features like software and hardware have. Mental health needs to be on its own feet rather than creeping on somatic health. Whether it is better to remain as a tiny part of a big body or a tiny independent body (e.g. dental surgery as was in the beginning) is a matter of farsightedness.
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Dentistry with DS degree is a medical profession like GP's with MBBS degree. Both are soma based doctors but with different orientations. That makes them more effective doctors in their own areas. On the other hand Psychiatrist study psycho subjects after they become MBBS first. Since MBBS is with orientation of soma rather than psycho proper understanding and justice to the psychy problems become mostly not possible. Psycho oriented medical graduation, like dentistry, would naturally give proper opportunity of understanding and justice to psycho problems.

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It is not a matter of competition. it is new idea which would have opponets or oppositions. They are the established psychiatrists except a few progressive ones.

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The theme, MAKING MENTAL HEALTH A GLOBAL PRIORITY itself spells that mental health issues are being neglected so much that it needs to be given priority globally. There has been no effective research. Even in the present day advancement of technology radiographic scanning and imaging are not only focused and tuned manually but also interpreted so. Thus human factors have remained important and dominant in health services activities. Effect of orientation of a person on his/her thoughts, actions and perceptions cannot be denied. Change of orientation is possible but in extremely rare cases and is far from normal. Need and effect of orientation to act on desired course probably cannot be over emphasizes. It is almost synonymous to Brain Washing. Orientation can make a person a soldier, a clergyman, a doctor etc. They all have different orientations. At the early age it is done the more effective it is.
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Welfare Society for Mental Health and Rehabilitation
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Mental Health has been suffering from identity crisis. It is being considered as part of non-communicable diseases which itself is part of somatic health. In that consideration too, substance use disorder which is a lifestyle related problem is overcasting the merit of mental disorders. It is being played with rather than giving due consideration. This is, along with a few more, a need to be resolved. Mental health problems are disorders rather than diseases and is being rightly expressed in WHO publications. Calling these problems as disease gives misgiving attachment with cure which must be expelled and refuted. Addressing mental health problem effectively needs mind based orientation because Mind and Body have absolutely different identity and have different features.

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Effect of orientation goes beyond Brain Washing. Orientation of language i.e. effect of mother tongue can be an example. One may be conversant in a second language e.g. English for a Bengali speaking person. When s/he would speak in English s/he would frame it in Bengali first and then translate in English before uttering. For a person who achieved fluency in English the translation or transition may become not noticeable like a magician's tricky moves. Effect of orientation do remain even though it may reduce to traces due to efforts. Similar is the scenario in every aspects of a person - religion, family, culture, academic background etc.

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