the gift of sight

the gift of sight

Sri Lanka
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Population of srilanka: 19.3 million Average Yearly Wage Rate: $840 Health Budget as % of Total Budget: 3.7% out of 19 million people living in srilanka almost 83000 people suffer from partial or full blindness majorly the cause being cataract.Cataract operations and after surgery medication is quite costly to people living in rural areas thus they stay blind for the rest of their lives helpless and unable to continue to enjoy any standard of life.their is a problem of accessibility too since only few hospitals in srilanka offer cataract surgery.This is the problem that we want to address

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The Rotary Club of Kandy as a pilot project undertook the following eye care camps and the results were simply amazing and demonstrated the urgent need to take this project onto a national platform. We operate in remote areas where poor persons do not have access to be treated at the government hospitals. Furthermore, for cataract surgery the government hospitals have long waiting lists There are so many poor persons living in rural areas all over the country which could benefit by this programme. At a comprehensive camp (type 1) about 200 - 300 persons would be screened. Most of them will receive spectacles and 10% of them will be provided with cataract surgery. The numbers vary depending on the location. Very dry and salty areas have a higher ratio of persons needing cataract surgery/spectacles while other locations may have a much lower percentage.
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out of the 83000 people that have been approximated to be the yearly number that are said to be suffering from partial or full blindness , only 60- 70 % have been recorded as patients who have been diagnosed and treated with surgery and given spectales.that leaves almost 25000 people an year in need of spectacles and treatment for blindness.4-5 eye camps are held in all the rural areas that can be reached and in total we could diagnose almost 2000 induviduals and cure them of blindness.thoguh this is only 1/10th of the entire patients that are said to be , its a start and we could always expand on this. The only difference we want to see is a smile on each and every one of the patients we treat free of charge in the thought they they have been once again blessed with the gift of sight !

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just an urge from the heart
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Rotary Club of Kandy
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Rotary Club of Kandy

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to eradicate blindness and partial blindness and to help people to get access to eye care centers and to be able to do surgeries free of charge

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the biggest impact has been the smile on the faces of the patients but in number almost 2000 people diagnosed and treated successfully every year free of charge ...

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people who have very little access to hospitals and people who cannot afford to pay for surgery and treatment and medication

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