Global Health Care Data Center

Global Health Care Data Center

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Today, more than one billion of people lack access to the health care systems. Most of the pharmaceutical industries are criticize only on profit and emphasis on expensive research. There is a large medical market out there and people around the world are still suffering and unable to afford treatments and solutions. Food insecurity and not enough information access to the health institution and health monitoring is the key issue in here.

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Global Health Care Data Center is the only solution for the people around the world to save their time and money while getting treatment and searching solution. Within the network, it communicate with various medical institutions, doctors and medical specialist for information sharing and communication. The Global Health Care Data Center by itself comes with virtual diagnosis, treatment technique as well as allow elderly and patients to search, access and request global health care financial support organizations and foundation support for their needs.
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For example, going to the medical centers and institutions with the lack of information is the serious issue. Meanwhile, patients will never know about the cost and treatment of that institutions. It may be vary and there are more than million of hospital and clinics out there to help elderly and patients. If there is a Global Health Care Data Center, it will help elderly and patients to find the correct budget information. Even when they need an additional fund for treatment, Global Health Care Data Center can provide available financial support organizations and foundation within its own network.

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The peers are the people who suffer cancer disease, elderly who need help, doctors who need patients, health screening specialist and some of the health care foundation. There might be competitor but currently nothing to address. The challenges are the competitions among health institution, doctors and medical specialist who can race ahead with others to cure the patients.

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I found this solutions as part of the potential technology use mostly in co-operation and enterprises.
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Access, Transparency.

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I am trying to achieve my idea as a goal for improvement in health care industries.

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It will be depend on the usage of the system and number of people which operate.

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There might be some barriers such as lack of internet connection in certain area of the world.

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social involvement and marketing

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