12 by 2022: A Public,Private, People Partnership ( PPPP) model to eradicate Anaemia

12 by 2022: A Public,Private, People Partnership ( PPPP) model to eradicate Anaemia

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12 by 2022 is a nutritional project which purpose is to provide healthy and nutritional life to pregnant women and adolescent girls. 12 by 22 Project purpose is to make every adolescent girl and pregnant women free from anaemia by 2022. Anaemia is not a small problem, it has a great concern with development and in developing countries where often people are not able to take food twice a day, and anaemia affects much on development. Anaemia is India is responsible for high IMR(Infant Mortality Rate) and MMR(Maternal Mortality Rate) which has direct concern with development on household level. This project covers only anaemia not thaleseminia.This project aims to bring 12 hemoglobin level which is standard given by WHO for women in case of non-anaemic.

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12 by 2022 projects core product is intangible; Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) fo giving knowledge, changing attitude and practices to avoid anaemia where all stakeholders will participate to bring change in the lies of adolescent girls and women. The next thing access and affordability to Iron Folic Acid with follow up action. Livelihood enhancement to increase per capita income of household for accessing nutritional food.
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