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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Ask a dermatologist anonymously in any device 24/7.

About Project

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There is a lack of skin doctors (dermatologists). A general practitioner (GP) can only answer correctly and treat in only 50% of the most common skin diseases. 80% of the internet connected population use the internet for self- diagnosing and treatment. It is not possible to search "pictures" in google (skin diseases). When the unexpected occurs and there is no doctor- you have a strange rash, a visual medical worry. You can use iDoc24, ask a skin doctor about the worry and have a fast answer.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

With the service you can use any internet connected device (mobile telephone or computer) and send a digital photograph and text describing your problem anonymously to our platform, then any of our on duty dermatologists will answer the query within 24 hours. The answer will include a probable diagnosis, information about the worry, treatment advice or if a doctor should be seen in person.
Impact: How does it Work

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Skin rash appears- or an intimate visual problem appears. 1. Use a digital camera, take two in focused pictures: 1 Macro and one close up 2. Mobile telephone: Use either one of our smartphone apps or multimedia messaging service (MMS). Internet: upload to our web form. Answer the questions describing your problem. 3. Send in: you are debited on your telephone, app store or credit card. 4. You receive a receipt with a 8 digit code which is an identifier for your query. 5. The skin doctor looks at the query and answered- 6 You receive an answer in the device that you used within 24 hours

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

The service can not replace a personal dermatologist appointment, but is very helpful as a first instance advice service, where there is a lack of dermatologists, long ques or you have to make an appointment and travel. There are other web services, but you do not receive an answer within 24 hours, neither can you use a "one click" solution. You can not be anonymous with other services: you have to register and create an account. With our service, no registration and no hassle. We are lean, fast and have recruited the best doctors in Europe and have very good contacts with African dermatologists. The service can be copied by others, but we just have to make sure that we are the best!

Founding Story

Every Doctor have had an "off the record" consultation at a dinner party at some stage... every dermatologist have off the record consultations every day. Sometimes a person wants to ask about skin problems in intimate places which are awkward moments for both doctor and the person asking. If the person can use their personal telephone and send a query anonymously 24/7 any time of year anywhere when the question arises anonymously. The dermatologist can answer the query at their disposal. Are you on vacation and your daughter has a sudden rash? Where is the local doctor? do they understand the language, at this moment it is more convenient to ask a doctor that speaks your language and you can use any internet connected device and have an answer within hours with advice.
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, ST, Kista

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, VG, Gothenburg

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Access, Equity.

Social Impact
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The service will be a first instance of medical advice on any visual medical worry for anyone, anywhere in any device 24/7. We can connect all citizens to a dermatologist by two clicks. We can triage patients in an effective way (prioritize and suggest treatment regimes): our studies show that 70% of cases do not need go to the doctor and 30% are advised to see a doctor for proper care and avoid patients delay. We want to put the patient/user in the center of health care, where iDoc24 is a facilitator in finding the right information and also can prioritize (triage) the patient correctly.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Won many prizes. 10 queries are answered daily. 99% satisfaction-rate from our users. Out studies show that 70% of cases do not need go to the doctor and 30% are advised to see a doctor for proper care and avoid patients delay. 30% of incoming queries are on intimate problems, 40% on skin cancer and the rest on any skin problems. The user always receive an answer within 24 hours.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

The service will be global on all continents. In all major languages. We have a network of the best dermatologists on all continents. We are committed to high quality and a fast service that we will be the number one choice when you have a skin problem. We are actively looking for partners, we hope to have partnered up with all larger UN NGOs, charities and telecommunication companies that want to deliver health care.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The main hinder is to introduce a new health concept on to the market. It is like changing somebodies habit- from drinking Coca Cola to Pepsi. Therefore it is important with high trust, ease of use, customer satisfaction and using our service is better than to go to a local general practitioner.In order to do this we need an investment to recruit people that can help build up the company into a growing business. There is a demand, but we have to find the patients.

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve and track growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

30 incoming queries daily in 3 languages

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

Equity to develop the service further andmarketing

Task 2

Partnering with health care authorities or insurance companies.

Task 3

Take leave of my surgery to focus 100% on the idea.

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone

100 incoming queries daily in 6 languages

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

More funding to be used for hiring people and marketing

Task 2

Recruiting more skin doctors

Task 3

Take leave of my surgery to focus 100% on the idea.

Tell us about your partnerships

We try and partner with local health authorities. We have a current skin cancer study, which is sponsored by the health authorities. We have also partnered with private primary healthcare clinics that use our service for a fast second opinion on their patients. We have partnered with a German manufacturing company that produce dermatology devices called dermascopes. With this partnership we can connect our skin doctors to the product.
We also partner with health portals: we provide an iFrame on their web page, here there is both a revenue share and they think it delivers quality content.

Are you currently targeting other specific populations, locations, or markets for your innovation? If so, where and why?

Yes, all over the world, but specifically: Spanish, Scandinavia, France, Germany and English speaking countries. These countries lack dermatologists. These countries have a high demand for quick dermatologist appointments. There is also an infrastructure of primary health care centers and pharmacies. Our apps and internet services are easily distributed via the internet to these countries.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

We work with highly motivated dermatologists that are interested in IT. This effect of working with highly educated people attract more like minded people. The organization is very flexible and we can work from different locations.

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

I am good at inspiring people- i talk from my heart and experience- I can motivate and inspire people, however I can not keep the momentum going on my own, there I need a team behind me.