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ZimbabweBoston, United States
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The Program Management Guide (PMG) is a centralized resource designed to aid organizations and individuals in the establishment of healthcare initiatives.

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People and organizations who would develop clinics or strengthen existing health systems often find themselves reinventing the wheel as they navigate the complex community, legal, infrastructural, and human resource issues with very little help from organizations that have done similar work. To complicate matters more, the issues that face each initiative are often location specific. A clinic in the barrios of Peru will face very different challenges from a clinic in the rural mountains of Nepal. The Program Management Guide (PMG) could help overcome these two barriers by serving as a generalized guide on how to best improve access to healthcare in developing countries.

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Partners in Health (PIH) recently wrote a Program Management Guide (PMG) designed to aid organizations and individuals in the establishment of healthcare initiatives in developing countries. The PMG could serve as a launching-point from which primary healthcare initiatives can collaborate and share best practices, making the utilization of the upsurge in global aid more effective. Ideally, utilization of the PMG will lead to the development of an interactive web-based component. Ultimately, the PMG could aid in the implementation of primary healthcare initiatives and the strengthening of health-delivery systems, both of which are vital if the current surge in interest and funding for global health is to produce worthwhile, long-term, and sustainable results.
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New and existing healthcare nonprofits would have a published yet dynamic resources from which they could begin to grow.

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The Program Management Guide (PMG) has three innovative characteristics that set it apart from previous guides: comprehensive subject material, applicability to new initiatives as well as more mature programs, and each chapter is written by an expert with personal experience in that subject area The PMG is essentially filling a void in the global health community, providing a practical and comprehensive publication that could benefit health initiatives at all levels of maturity. With future feedback characterizing both the strengths and weaknesses of the PMG, there is little doubt that the PMG could aid the global health community in collaboration and a more effective deployment of initiatives.

Founding Story

Each year, Partners in Health (PIH) receives thousands of requests for advice and guidance. Many of these requests were similar or the same, and could be easily answered by a centralized source of information. The Program Management Guide was conceived as a source from which the majority of these questions could be answered. This in turn will improve the efficiency with which resources and funding are utilized to effect change in the setting of global healthcare.
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Partners In Health

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, MA, Boston, Suffolk County

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Access, Quality.

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The Program Management Guide (PMG) will be a centralized yet dynamic source of information on how to start and maintain healthcare initiatives. It will cover a wide-range of topics, from obtaining funding to legal issues to social programs, and will be based on the personal experience of long-term leaders in the field of global health. Furthermore, an interactive online component will facilitate communication of best practices and innovations while allowing for feedback that can be incorporated into future editions of the PMG.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Partners In Health (PIH) has not yet published the Program Management Guide (PMG) because they wish to characterize its strengths and weaknesses beforehand.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

Over the next five years, the Program Management Guide (PMG) will become a necessary tool for implementing global healthcare initiatives, specifically in a primary health care setting. The PMG will save time and resources by eliminating the cycle of each initiative independently reinventing methods and practices. At the same time, the PMG will allow for feedback, flexibility, and communication via its online component. In short, the PMG will facilitate the establishment of global health initiatives and the sharing of best-practices.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The barriers which might hinder the success of the Program Management Guide (PMG) are primarily centered around ease of use and versatility. To address these possible barriers, the most immediate goal of this project is to conduct a 3-part Delphi study characterizing the strengths and weaknesses of the PMG. After the initial draft of the PMG is published, continual evaluation and integration of feedback will be a priority of the PMG.

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Task 1

Employ a 3-part Delphi Survey to characterize the strengths and weaknesses of the Program Management Guide (PMG)

Task 2

Compile the feedback from the Delphi Survey and analyze the results

Task 3

Utilize the results of the Delphi Survey to create a more finalized and effective draft of the PMG

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Task 1

Establish an online forum for feedback and discussion on the Program Management Guide (PMG)

Task 2

Publish and disseminate the PMG

Task 3

Continually monitor and evaluate the feedback and discussion on the online forum to inform future editions of the PMG

Tell us about your partnerships

Primary Health Care International (PHCI) is a recently formed non-profit dedicated to promoting quality primary healthcare in developing countries. PHCI is starting in Zimbabwe, with a hope of strengthening primary healthcare by first targeting maternal and child healthcare. PCHI will use the PMG outside of the context of PIH for the first time, and can both retrospectively and prospectively assess how useful the PMG is to the development of their projects and their organization.

Are you currently targeting other specific populations, locations, or markets for your innovation? If so, where and why?

After the results of the initial Delphi study have been compiled and incorporated into the Program Management Guide (PMG), the PMG will be published and distributed to any healthcare initiative that requests a copy.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

The Program Management Guide (PMG) is filling an essential void within the global health community. The PMG will provide a comprehensive foundation upon which both new and old initiatives can build, leading to the more effective utilization of resources and funding. Furthermore, activists and leaders within global health are hungry for an organized and central place to communicate and share best practices. The PMG combined with its online component may be able to satisfy this need.

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