Orphans Living with HIV need support for their health and education

Orphans Living with HIV need support for their health and education

Butwal, Rupendehi , NepalKathmandu, Nepal
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
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Orphans living with HIV have been ignored by their extended families and kind of kin because of their infected status and lack of information on HIV & AIDS and associated social stigma and discrimination. Most of the people living with HIV are from the below the poverty line and they are unable to take care for additional children because of their daily wedge based work to meet their daily needs. Prerana has been caring 10 infected orphans since last 3 years and providing them shelter, education and health services. Prerana has been facing funding problems these days and managing health and educational needs from its core fund and coordination and networking with different stakeholders. In the Ground Reality it became challenge to sustain the services to orphans for dignified life.

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Currently the children are the age of 03 to 11 years. Prerana has been maximizing coordination with different services providers and stakeholders to maximize the opportunities to these orphans through local level advocacy and support to create enabling environment to re-settle these children with their kind of kin. Prerana has been also coordinating with their kind of kin to take care of their children which can be the long term solution of the need. Which can be achieved through creating enabling environment, orientation on behavior change, information on HIV & AIDS and education on basic home based care and services needs of children. It may takes about a year and we need support for the same period. If not possible in the proposed line Prerana will carry out local level advocacy with Government Agencies, community and relevant stakeholders for their inheritances and property rights and find the alternative solutions through coordinating with Government agencies & relevant agencies.
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Prerana has plan to re settle the orphans in their own communities through empowering their kind of kin and extended family members to take care of their children through sensitizing need and importance of services to the children. They will sensitized on HIV & AIDS, their role to reduce social stigma and discrimination towards children living with HIV, ensure the education and on time need based treatment and care services to the children. Prerana also will coordinate with health and educational institutions to provide health and education with out stigma and discrimination in their nearest and reachable areas. In addition, Prerana also will carryout local level advocacy to create enabling environment in the families and communities. Sensitized family members on HIV & AIDS and care giving, empowered families through education, orientation and their role to care the children and sensitized community and relevant stakeholders will create enabling environment to take care of these children in their own communities. This will initiate their concern and support to the orphans to meet their basic human rights for dignified life. Out of ten orphans, Prerana has unable to identity the two orphan's kind of kin in their home address. We have been coordinating with relevant services provider to take care of these two orphans and hand over the children for their long term care and support services. The organization also informed that they will be able to take care when they will able to generate the resources from 2014 since the issues needs long term support.

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Prerana aims to create the solution through coordinating with their kind of kin and extended family members. Most the the cases have been noted because of lack of proper knowledge, social norms and values on HIV/AIDS, unchanged behavior and low ownership towards the need of orphans. Prerana has plan to sustain the problem in a long term through building capacity to take care, empower them on their role and responsibility to take care of the children and empower the community to ensure their proper care, access to health and educational services in their own community. Prerana has experiences in sensitizing and empowering community towards HIV & AIDS and community mobilization to maximize the opportunities to the people in need of services.

Founding Story

Preana has been providing treatment care and support services to people living with HIV & AIDS in different parts of the country since it was established in 1997. Prerana is the first organization to introduce treatment care and support services in Nepal in 2000 AD. Prerana has strong two way referrals for services to different services providers, community based organization and NGOs for services delivery. Ten children have been referred by other services providers for services. Chairperson and founder of Prerana Ms. Asha Lama was inspired during her support monitoring visit to crisis care center in western region of the country, when a 5 years child asked her to give food addressing her as mother and told that his uncle left him and don;t come back to take him back home. Then she inspired by the child and start to care, there are other many child in the community and living in very critical condition after losing their parents and having HIV infection.
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, LU, Butwal, Rupendehi

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Perrana aims to create the infected children friendly environment in their own family and community for their dignified life and every children have rights to exercise their child rights and having their families. To meet the goal, Prerana has been trying to achieve the goal through empowering their kind of kin and communities. Prerana has managed to settle other several cases during its 14 years history of working for HIV & AIDS and most of the cases have been success stories for Prerana. First fathers tried to ignore their children when they lost their mothers and Prerana has been able to settle the children through empowering their father to take care of the child. Prerana also has been able to resettle some orphans with their kind of kin. So we can achieve the goal.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Prerana has implemented treatment care and support services to people living with HIV & AIDS since 2000 and expanded services to larger geographical coverage to reach larger number of needy people for services. Since 2008 Prerana started to work for infected and children and to date Prerana has managed to reach 88 infected children and 215 affected children. Out of total, 53 children lost their one of parents, 15 lost their both parents and 5 were resettled with their kind of kin. Prerana focused its services in community level to empower them services at local level, capacity building of parents through opportunities for income generating activities and livelihoods coordinating with relevant stakeholders and government agencies. Most of the cases have been successful and look forward for partners to advance the effort for the long term care of infected orphans in the participation of their kind of kin and extended family members rather than to keep them in separate centers.

What is your projected impact over the next five years?

Prerana has been initiating an innovative approach to re settle the orphans with their kind of kin through their capacity building.Further opportunities will be provided to the kind of kin for their livelihoods through capacity building and training on income generating activities for longer term impact. Positive message will be disseminated to other extended families of infected orphans on their role to care the orphans. Local level advocacy with community and government agencies will help to create their ownership and support on the need of orphans. Gradually increasing government support and community participation will help to support for dignified live of the orphans.Empowered families will realize their importance for infected orphans. Orphans will be accepted by kind of kin.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Unwillingness of extended family members due to lack of information, unchanged behavior and their feeling as unnecessary burden will be the major hindering factors for the re-integration of the orphans because of their extreme level of poverty and their limitation to care them. Prerana will motivate them to take care the orphan, build their capacity to care, explore opportunities for income generating and livelihoods for regular income through coordination and networking with service providers. Community and home based care services will be linked where possible, health services providers and teachers, school management will be empowered for services. Empowerment of community people/leaders and government agencies also will help to overcome the challenges in a sustainable ways.

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Task 1

To care children for next six month and provide them shelter, food and accommodation, health and educational facilities

Task 2

Identify the responsible kind of kin, empower them through sensitization, orientation and empowerment to take the responsibility

Task 3

identification of need and possibilities for income generating activities. Local level advocacy activities

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Task 1

Capacity building and income generating training to kind of kin and responsible extended family members. Generate support

Task 2

Monitor their progress and follow up for their interest and preparedness to take care of orphan. Generate local suport

Task 3

Initiate children hand over process and build the transition plan to follow up the children coordinating with different agencies

Tell us about your partnerships

Prerana has not build its partnership with any funding agencies for care and support of orphans since they started to care from last three years. However, we have strong coordination and collaboration with local level stakeholders, community, government agencies and public private sectors to support the direct cost to care the orphans.

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Prerana has experienced and long serving staff management to deliver its project activities. Most of the managerial staff have been working with organization since last five years. The chairperson and founder member of the organization herself as an HIV positive and advocate for the rights of people living with HIV and advocating since last 15 years. Organization highly recognize the need and importance of services to people living with HIV for their socio-economic empowerment. Prerana also have strong coordination with Government agencies and stakeholders. Prerana was known as pioneer and leading organization in HIV & AIDS related services since it is the first organization to be founded by people living with HIV in Nepal in 1997. So Prerana can succeed the innovation to support orphans

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Prerana is a grass-root based HIV&AIDS organization, the first to be established by people living with HIV&AIDS in Nepal in 1997 still remains predominantly Prerana looks to advance its effort for HIV & AIDS services through building partnership with different national and international agencies to meet the real need of the target groups