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Telemedicine Reference Center Ltd. (TRCL) is an innovative Medical Service Solution company in the field of emerging electronic healthcare (eHealth) and mobile healthcare (mHealth) solutions for patients in the 21st century. TRCL’s milestone project is “HealthLine” (which won GSM Global Award 2007), a medical call center based health information and service system, which ensures access to health care services for patients on 24/7 basis by live-licensed physicians by the press of a few buttons on the mobile (cell) phones. As treatment of diseases getting more complex, TRCL is tirelessly pushing the boundaries to simplify patient’s life while providing best healthcare management solutions though the use of health information and communication technology tools.

With over 11 years of experience and dedication to the design and support of eHealth technology based health care service solutions, TRCL has helped many medical institutions and organizations meet clinical and economic objectives. TRCL’s dedication to technological leadership, quality service and uncompromised customer support ensures quality products and services our customers deserve.



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