Creative Enablement

Creative Enablement

Nottingham, United KingdomNottingham, United Kingdom
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The lesson from this is never to underestimate the extent to which we all have gifts to express and with the right opportunities, can re-emerge as part of our restitution after the excesses of ill-health have run their course. Facilitators who work in mental health, please take special note!  

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The social integration of socially excluded elements who seek restitution and meaningful activity, to develop skills and expertise that help to re-engage them creatively and more effectively. So much of the resources devoted to mental health is wasted in non-productive, badly targeted measures more to do with security-obsessions than welfare improvement, when effective measures Stick and do not need the repetitious cycles of a revolving door.

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With the right help, a low maintenance dosage of appropriate medication to reduce the intensity of symptom's extremes -one which does not pile on a burden of disability which excessive medicating is apt to do- and some vocational and training guidance, we can be the creative artists that nature intended us to be, using our gifts to master the medium which is best suited to our attributes.
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That is photography and visual hallucinations. What then of reconstructing the Dramatist and Playwright, the writer and novelist from auditory hallucinations? Musicians, composers, singers and lyric writers are also only a step away from the same level of creative attribute and giftedness. The lesson from this is never to underestimate the extent to which we all have gifts to express and with the right opportunities, can re-emerge as part of our restitution after the excesses of ill-health have run their course.

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Healthcare trusts frequently engage former patients in voluntary involvement activities. Tthis has a detrimental effect of preferment for a sector of patients according to their aptitudes and willingness to give back to a system which in turn selectively prioritises favourite patients on a fast track and shuts out less trendy or intractable conditions like schizophrenia. Such preferment is subversive of equal treatment and opportunity and entangles professionals in increasingly corrupt practices.

Founding Story

My medication was severely disabling for many years. I lost faculties which many take for granted and they were only restored to me gradually as dosages were reduced and the guard lowered in the hostilities between clinician and patient. I realized during this process that the elements of symptoms which the clinician was trying to eradicate were my Strengths as an artist! Small wonder that the level of medicating is critical in not rendering patients more disadvantaged than we need to be. And of course this has a strong bearing upon our capacity to recover or make progress.
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Champions of change are an independent network of local people who support each other to use the power of our own journeys to improve health services, raise awareness and reduce stigma.

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Anyone who has lived with symptoms of schizophrenia for a considerable length of time will recognize the perspectives given here: the diagnosable symptoms of sz may be incurably lodged within us and May be a part of our make-up, but that does not in itself present a grim predicament. This is because our disabilities are also our Attributes. Maybe unwittingly, the psychiatrist's diagnosis undermines these attributes and sets them in a grim light. We do not languish in despair but set about engaging the symptoms as evidence of rare qualities to be expressed and applied creatively. My 'pathway to progress' has been photography. Seeing things which 'are not there' enables me to develop an awareness of the imaging possibilities of any scene I see and record it.

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, NTT, Nottingham

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It works for the individuals who put forward their creative ideas as part of the solution to some intractable problems regarding engaging incurable people so we are meaningfully occupied and on a road to true integration, in consultation and partnership and in Open dialogue to resolve remaining health issues conclusively.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

More Open dialogue and a greater understanding and acceptance of the essential humanity of people whose repellent qualities are mostly born out of over-medicating and a receptiveness to peer-working and consultation respecting people with lived experiences of conditions and the light we shed upon dark areas of understanding.

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

Capacity-building will enable us to encompass and develop more influence respecting our approach to the integrity of personal experiences.

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A lack of resources is pegging us back currently. Nothing succeeds like success however, and we need to build upon our growing momentum to influence more people with Open dialogue

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Better outcomes, more effective practices and more humane approaches to our predicaments, enabling more to be achieved for less and streamlining the process to everyone's benefit

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We all give of our time voluntarily and with greater commitment, as our survival depends upon our acceptance and inclusion. We do not see a future in marking us out as pariahs or the excluded. We intend to be back in the fold on our own merits and talents.

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Simply a proliferation in acceptance of our better methods which draws upon a wider engagement and more wide adoption of peer-support techniques

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The development of working practices tried and tested in West Finland which are delivering markedly better results to any comparable region throughout the world, whose principles of Open dialogue are spreading contagiously and high-lighting why other approaches fail, through revolving-door wastage and inappropriate antagonisms between patients and staff with excessive emphasis upon security and risk issues which result from this antagonism

What internal support have you gotten for your project? What kind of push-back have you received?

It is early days but interest in holding pilots which test the success of new approaches are getting a good reception thus far. This needs to be matched by funding of more projects to make the case irrefutable.