Project MOSES

Project MOSES

Brentford, United Kingdom
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Project MOSES: A project to improve Mood Outcomes using Scientific and Educational Support in the society! We aim to reduce the impact of depression & anxiety on society and help more patients with mood disorders reach the right treaters

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Every minute almost 2 lives are lost to suicides across the world. And depression, a mental disorder is a major factor in most cases. Depression is considered as a leading cause of disability across the world by WHO( World Health Organization) & affects 350 million people world wide. It can become chronic or can reappear even treatment and lead to substantial impairments in an individual's ability to take care of his or her everyday responsibilities. Depression can co-exist with other chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma, angina & arthritis and is know to worsen outcomes in these patients. Anxiety adds to the list of mood disorders. Suicides can be prevented and depression can be managed better with better awareness and treatment. Someone should augment the existing efforts!

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Spreading awareness by helping people reach out to the right treatment and treaters is our solution! We will use conventional and unconventional tools, monetary and non-monetary resources to raise awareness, both at treaters and seekers! To be specific our solution is Project MOSES! A web-based solution to help people with depression & mood disorders. We will use the internet to disseminate information on depression & help patients locate the right treaters across the world. Our solution will also update treaters on latest developments in the field of depression & mood disorders. GSK owns a website called & will be the crux to solution to fight depression.
Impact: How does it Work

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Spread awareness using social media, viral or chain mails, search engine optimization, word of mouth tools and educate people on impact of depression and need to seek treatment. Use these tools to help interested people reach the website Help people assess the level or severity of their mood disorders using various scales and mood monitors. Help them locate and reach a treater in their neighbourhood The website will further help patients assess the progress on mood scales using the tools. Increased awareness and ease of locating a treater should help many patients currently suffering from depression reach right treatement. Since depression coexists with many ailment like angina, asthma, diabetetes, more patients could become more aware of their disease condition and could check with their existing treaters about depression.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Currently such tools & support is offered by government bodies in a couple of developed countries. Our peers, pharmaceuticals promoting other antidepressants, do some work on the patient awareness. Very few have website or programs dedicated to enhance awareness or bridge treatement gap in the management of depression. ( treatment gap referes to the gap in number of people suffering from a disease and the number of people getting treatment, ~ 70% is treatement gap in mood disorders) Project MOSES, is an ambitious project that will not only help patients with depression reach right treaters but also help GSK reflect a very socially responsible image. However the idea is easily replaceable and will quickly add to the clutter if the model is commercially viable.

Founding Story

The project was first shared with senior management as part of 2013 plans. The simplicity, ability to be scaled up if successful and the power to change dynamics in the market in the plan was encouraged by all. The plans raised some critical questions and suggestions as well. We believe Project Moses has excited and inspired all with its plan as it addresses key aspects of a) Need gap in the society to create disease awareness b) Bridging the treatment gap in depression & ensure more patient reach treatment C) Generating additional revenue in the antidepressant market which will help sustain efforts The support and guidance from the leadership team is what then motivated us to take the project ahead.
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About You
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Project MOSES is managed by a cross functional team with diverse capabilities united by an undying passion to aid humanity & to do more, feel better and live longer, the corporate philosophy practiced at GSK.

Our team comprises of colleagues from Information & Technology, medical and commercial teams. We in our individual capacities strive to innovate and find solutions to simplify issues that dogs our teammates across GSK especially in the area of depression. In the current project, we have been come together to reach out to make an impact on the society at large!

What makes you an intrapreneur? What are the skills, capabilities, and personality traits that make you an intrapreneur?

We are a team, trying to find practical solution to problems and issues that we face in our day to day lives. We use creativity and innovation to address gaps in the value chain. We are a team that’s proactive and do not take no for an answer. Thinking outside the box and taking calculated risks is something we take pride in. And all of us are committed to see our projects are completed successfully.

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, LND, Brentford

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Historically direct to patient activities in space of depression has been low & limited because
Patient education is costly and has a lower success rate as compared to other tools
Strict government regulations in the healthcare sector prevent promotion of brands directly to patients in most of the countries.
Meeting a psychiatrist is a taboo & people depend on alternative routes to get better with limited progress
Our model will help address these 3 core challenges

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

The project is in its Ideation stage. We are working together will all stakeholders internally to secure approvals and to ensure that we are compliant to internal and external regulations. We are also working with partners to develop the tools and platform for our project. We also have our teams in the pilot markets excited about the initiative. We expect the project to go live in 2nd Quarter of 2013.

Our great impact as on date is the excitment and the interest generated by Project MOSES.

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

This project will be considered a success if it creates the following impact
Acceptance by our colleagues in key markets by 2nd year based on feedbacks from pilot markets & its success in 1st year
It continues to have increasing hits on the website over the years with increasing usage of the find a doctor section and is able to have hits equivalent to 5% of population of the country by end of 3years
Increase in the number of doctors registering to the website to support the initiative to cover atleast 30% of the countries Psychiatrists
An increase in the number of people seeking treatment as assessed by secondary research tools by atleast 20% every year
In terms of a revenue increase a 5 x ROI in pilot markets will be a reasonable success measure.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

We have 2 major barriers to overcome for Project MOSES’s success
Barrier of low awareness about initiative
To overcome this we plan to work on various methods. Search engine optimization & social medial optimization tactics, viral marketing with emailers, use of parallel social media by uploading videos and tools on internet sites leading patients to the websites & apps. Partner with key doctor association to propagate and promote our effort right from the launch.
Teething trouble at execution
The Pilot in select countries is with an objective to learn the process and become aware of the troubles that we couldn’t envisage in the first place. To avoid any major trouble, we have key stakeholders from pilot countries engaged in the ideation stage

What is the benefit or value you're creating for your business?

Approximately 70 words left (570 characters).If the models succeeds, it will help a lot of people suffering from depression and hence create a good will for us
The efforts will also help create good will for the treaters
Some of these patients may be prescribed antidepressant and we should see and overall additional growth contribution to the category
There will a similar growth in our brands too

How are you leveraging internal resources (funds, time, knowledge, etc.) to support this initiative?

All key stakeholder and decision makers who make the idea better and compliant to both internal and external requirement are involved. External vendors to setup up the tools and apps needed are parallelly engaged. To ensure buy in and execution is time bound, the pilot project is incorporated into brand plan & internal stake holders are contributing to give shape to the project. The project is a self funding one.

Expand on your answer, explaining the long-term funding and support plan.

The project is a self funding one! To test our hypothesis we are executing this project in couple of pilot markets. Based on the success in the pilot markets we will scale up or tone down Project MOSES!

Tell us about your partnerships across your company and externally that are key to your project's success.

The project is depended on support from the cross-functional team, teams across geographies involved in the rolling out the project and external teams that will create the entire structure. A well coordinated effort within all the teammates is critical for the successful rollout and results for this project

What internal support have you gotten for your project? What kind of push-back have you received?

We have been seeking internal clearance across various levels and we have received very encouraging messages and also words of caution. The words of caution are to ensure we are careful & act responsibly when we interact externally. We expect local execution related issues and are currently checking feasibility in identified pilot markets. Since ours is a cross functional team, each team member secures IT, Medical and commercial teams endoresements