KALADHAAR - Universal platform for Creative Learning

KALADHAAR - Universal platform for Creative Learning

Navi Mumbai, IndiaNavi Mumbai, India
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$1 million - $5 million
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Development of Creativity and Innovation as an essential skillset instead of as a hobby in education system This is a Rs 10,000 Crore Indian Rupees market size.

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This is creative eco-system combining product lines of e-lessons, virtual world/online gaming and merchandize kits with distribution through local centers and business partners. Kids touchpoint are schools, online or web as well as online purchase and retail stores
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Imagine a class being taken in a school where 450 lessons of creativity develop in a structured manner are taught to kids from Class I to Class X. Exactly the same they are taught humanities, mathematics and language. The kids grow into these skills in a structured manner and shape their thinking. They have additional tools and engagement provided on web based platform in form of virtual worlds and online gaming to consistently develop into this learning path while doing what they love to do. And there is material based things to assist the smell, touch, feel senses while developing these capabilities thus keeping them connected to real world and developing them into innovation and creation. Material based things are merchandise kits. KIDS all over the world grow using these education eco-system exactly the same they grow into linguistic skills, number skills or other forms of knowledge but with a far better presence of education experience. Combine - khan academy, e-learning in schools from pearsons, art kits from say crayola combined together planned and executed on same platform in a structured manner inculcating creativity and innovation

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There is no competitior in this space. And we mean it. There is no structured product with structured 450 lessons in visual arts and other lessons in art forms worldwide. There are competing products in online space like "moshi monsters" or creative verse from Linden labs but ours is combined with a full scale eco-system. Merchandize kits also will not have a competitor as we will license our designs to a large merchandize company. Educators or large e-learning companies will become competitors as me-too products in future after we launch our product lines. They cannot compete with the full eco-system though.

Founding Story

For the product development, we have been conducting workshops in focus groups of kids in communities, schools etc. In one of the schools in Dombivili, Mumbai, where kids are educated in an innovative, simple and exploratory manner, when we conducted the workshops of entire of exercises of ten key drivers of this systems, we were amazed with instant results. The behaviour kids started to change in terms of creation, construction and innovation which was beyond even what he had thought. That was a big AHA moment and i believe we recorded that also.
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About You
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Shashi Kaant

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We started as a animation production services company and are not transforming ourselves into a multiplatform brand development business - that means we create experience in life using animation, visual effects and graphic content for large life experiences - learning, storytelling, community building. We are team of around 40 people and rapidly expanding. KALADHAAR is a unique creative learning platform with e-lessons, virtual world + online gaming, merchandize kits for development of creative skillsets in kids and this is combined with online and center based learning for professional education as one grows. KALADHAAR covers the creative skill development across lifecycle of an individual.

What makes you an intrapreneur? What are the skills, capabilities, and personality traits that make you an intrapreneur?

1. Observation of internal challenges and how they affect the industry level delivery
2. Planning and thinking through of such solutions and identifying the value it can bring to society which can be monetized also.
3. Taking risks to believe on oneself when everyone likes the plan, says it is great but it is too big to implement and is idealistic in nature
4. Keeping teams together across challenges and tough times working on morale and the goals we have to achieve

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, MM, Navi Mumbai

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, MM, Navi Mumbai

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This can impact the whole world.



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Google is largest company in the world and content owner. Businesses will take that shape as we move forward in a digitally driven world with graphic communication. Kids today are not being taught at essential skill education level to use and develop their creativity to be professionals like we do with language or mathematics. This leads to poor quality and lack of preparation in finding such human resource which can shape tomorrow's world.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

We have not made much money as product development is in progress but we would have conducted workshops with over 1000 kids and affected their creative thinking behvaiour.

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

Next 1 year - we are developing the product and looking for money to develop it well. Some of the skillsets can be found only in US so we have to build a fairly global team.
Next 3 years - We would be able to impact around 1000 schools and 10,000 children who can adopt this system. We have not yet estimated the market size for online world/ Ipad/Mmog product line as we have not done the Beta yet.

We aim to affect around 50 million kids during our human lifetimes.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Funding is a major challenge due to innovative nature of product which challenges some structure of current education system.

Adaptability by schools and teachers at school level will be another challenge.

High involvement of parents is needed for success of Learning path and engagement of teachers, parents and kids together will have a real impact. Family values are important for its success.

Cultural adaptation of products will be another challenge as we are facing that in middle east so lot of exercises have to re-done.

What is the benefit or value you're creating for your business?

This can provide a lifetime business which is sustainable as any education system is in our society

Being disruptive in nature, this has potential of very high topline with fairly high margins. This is disruptive revenue opportunity for our business.

There are 7000 schools in india alone which can adapt this system quite gracefully and with interest once the product is ready. We charge Rs 60 per month per student per school with capacity of average 1000 students means Rs 500+ Crore of revenues on year-on-year basis.

How are you leveraging internal resources (funds, time, knowledge, etc.) to support this initiative?

We have started small using existing skillsets to launch the GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL COURSES on one site and also taking them online in next 4 months. While doing that we are investing from revenues slowly into this product development for KALADHAAR KIDS space. We dont need money for development on GRADUATE & PROFESSIONAL COURSES platform as it is nearly done.

We have the best of creative directors, designers, animation directors, animators supporting us in our endeavours. People just love what we do and often wait on the flanks to join ius.

Expand on your answer, explaining the long-term funding and support plan.

We need around USD 5 million to finish development, expand and exploit the plan and there will be not any funding required after that as the margins of business are high with well defined market size and identified customers.

Tell us about your partnerships across your company and externally that are key to your project's success.

Key partnerships being targetted will be Google, Intel, Fisher Price, Hobby Ideas in India, Large retailers like Big Bazaar, Target/Walmart in US.

For school distribution, we will have local distribution partners who also run KALADHAAR CENTER and license our products for local communities. This distribution network is critical for expansion and sustainable success of plan.

What internal support have you gotten for your project? What kind of push-back have you received?

Being a CEO, I have pushed it but due to the enormity of the product, my partners do tend to believe this to be very long-term while still working on product development.

This is internally funded.


Do we know if we are taught using senses, the awareness leads to a better understanding of concepts of Physics? The best inventors were artists also.