Research Enhancing Website to Aid Innovative Students

Research Enhancing Website to Aid Innovative Students

Everywhere, EgyptNasr City, Egypt
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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This is a research enhancing website that will assist innovative and creative students with their inventions or models they want to build through providing the sufficient funds and knowledge from experienced people . The projects will be marketed and sold to large firms , having an economical impact as well .

About Project

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Innovation and Scientific Research rates are reaching horrible figures these days . Egypt has a quite low number of people who have the ability or the resources to successfuly innovate or invent new methods or products to help the country and make it excel from all the various aspects . The fact is there are many awesome brains which have brilliant ideas that they want to start working on , But the major problem is that they lack the guidance or the tutor to help them with assembling their inventions or to guide them through turning their ideas from the paper to reality , They don't know where to go to get help about fulfilling their dreams or projects or they don't have sufficient funds to get supervised or tutored specially that the poverty rates are increasing in a devastating way .

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This will be the first website of its kind . This website will enable each student to suggest a certain project or invention he has always dreamt to create , then the high board of scholars - specialised people , academic tutors , and PHD holders - who will in most of the cases be volunteers and those who look to supervise projects and inventions and innovative ideas , to take a look at all the requests of creative ideas and projects that they received from students . Approved projects will be published on the website and students from all over the country and those who have access to the website can choose to work on the project they choose from the website - of course those related to their fields . in this way students of similar interests will be able to connect with each other and work on a certain project and even receive guidance from the tutors on the website . Listed projects will be supervised by the tutors and advertised to massive companies through marketing experts .

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unfortunately the problem of research and creativity hasn't been addressed ever in our country with the same approach i am taking . we are advancing in a very slow rate as i said earlier .

Founding Story

Being part of a large charity organization , i travel to poor places all accross the country to supply food and clothes to the poor . During one day , while i was visiting a college to advertise for our organisation . I spoke with a student about the major obstacles he faces in the learning process . The guy was a genuis which i later knew from his friends and had a quite high GPA . He told me that he wanted to create an advanced vehicle that would save alot of space and solve the congestion problem . but the obstacle he is facing is that he is studying an electrical engineering degree , therefore this invention has no relation with his major and he has no idea about where to go to get help or which students who are of same abilities and creativity can work with him for his invention . He had awesome knowledge of mechanical engineering . I then started to think why can't we create a "facebook" for the genuises to make the willing students achieve their dreams to benefit their countries
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About You
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Iam an innovative student from egypt who likes to always think about new and creative methods of improving the community through entrepreneurial and sustainable approaches and projects, Looking to help and aid other people in the society and impact their lives through helping them achieve their goals . I want to affect other people's lives positively and assist them to become what they have always dreamt to be .

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I never stop to dream and i have a really strong ability to commute my never ending passion to other people . I have good leadership skills which make me have strong ability to influence other people and iam quite confident of what i do.I have good management skills and strong team building abilities . And last but not least , i have an awesome skill of making use of the available resources to create new things ,

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Students from the university where i learn will no longer have to worry about the poor research facilities or laboratories or inconvenient tutoring or teaching , they can now rely on this website to connect with other students they don't know but share same thoughts , to successfully enhance their ideas and build their models through being assisted by top quality tutors . Competitions will also be held at the end of the year concerning the best project and the best team .

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

10 teams have been formed , where each team comprises of students from universities from all around the country . Each team work on a certain project and they are supervised by experienced tutors . Students are delighted that they have been able to connect with students of matching interests and even be able to work with each other . Projects include the following fields : mechanical , accounting , tranposrtation and many other fields ! Students from different economical standards can join each other without bothering themselves about the relatively high cost of materials they use or the supervision they get .

What is your projected impact over the next 1 to 3 years?

I want the impact of the website to increase from 10 projects to a one thousand projects or even more . I want to have an enormous database of students and expertised people and be able to connect them together in the easiest way possible . I want to hear that my country has been able to implement a new project or technology that has been assembled by students from the website .

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Improve education system and empower student's lives positively which will in turn boost the country forward .

How are you leveraging internal resources (funds, time, knowledge, etc.) to support this initiative?

I have contacted many Doctors in different universities to supervise the website and provide the relevant knowledge , we as a group of active students (Me and My Team) are sacrificing all of our time to collect funds through many resources and to update the website on regular bases .

Expand on your answer, explaining the long-term funding and support plan.

We have already contacted many sponsors to provide sufficient fund to keep our project running . We also collect money through donations and we have an active bank account so we can fund our projects . We also working with a massive charity organization and many NGOs to fund our project .

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Students are across the country are happy with the idea and welcoming the concept of having a research and invention enhancing website to aid the students . Many Officials have also contacted us to start providing the needed funds , materials , and laboratories to create the various projects .


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what do you think about this project and what are the ways that we can improve it , I will be very delighted to hear your suggestions !