Smaat Community Water Center

Smaat Community Water Center

Hyderabad, IndiaHyderabad, India
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Smaat Community Water Center is a flagship program of Smaat, to quench the thirst of crores of people in India by providing healthy drinking water through community water centers.

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We chose the activity and location because we wanted these people to be self sufficient and have a sustainable lifestyle. With the advent of providing low cost technology, the people were able to understand how the techniques work and they themselves were comfortable in replicating the technology for day to day needs.Techniques such as water conservation, water recycling, importance of clean drinking water,etc were taught and the people gladly accepted. We are trying to solve: 1. The need for clean and safe drinking water 2. Effective Water Conservation

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Water is precious and it is considered as luxury.Our concept is "Community Water Center" where we bring safe drinking water to the people. Not all have the access to safe drinking water. We bring low cost technology to villages and fabricate the drinking water treatment plant according to the requirements of the village. We have taught the people of the village how to operate the plant and given workshops in every village on how the drinking water plants are fabricated, designed and manufactured using various equipment and water technologies. we have created entrepreneurs in every village where we have set up our drinking water treatment plants
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Our Community Water Centers uses the State–of-the-art latest Cutting edge Technology, imported from various Countries. In combination with Reverse osmosis, processes like Ultra filtration, Nano filtration, Micro filtration, Ozonization, Ultra Violet purified technologies are also used in Community Water Centers to ensure the water output is as pure as the quality present in Mineral water. We make sure that these processes do not generate any harm to the Environment, thus making it Eco-friendly. The combination of these processes is done based on the availability of the raw water, hence making each CWC Project a tailor made project

Founding Story

Karunakara M Reddy was born to agriculturists in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. Even though he belonged to a farming fraternity, he often was faced with one shortage- access to safe drinking water. He saw that the people in his village suffered a lot due to lack of clean and safe drinking water. A lot of women and children would travel miles to fetch water. People fell sick and there was absenteeism seen in the local work areas and schools just for water. The general tendency of People in Rural India lies in the fact that water found anywhere with any source can be used for drinking along with other petty activities of everyday life. He saw that the only technique the people used was tying of a cotton cloth to the faucet to get water that is perceived to be 'clean'. A death in his family due to shortage of water vowed him to bring about a change in the way people look at water
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We are an Environment Industry working towards bringing sustainable solutions in the field of Water, Air and Energy. We have set up with the zeal to eliminate poverty in India and to bring one of the most luxurious products to vulnerable and marginalized societies : Safe Water.
So, why water? that day is not far when the cost of 1 lt of water will be Rs 1000. The present cost of 1 lt water is Rs 20. This is not affordable by common man in villages and towns of India. Using the latest state of the art technology and chemical free process, We bring out the feasible solutions for providing safe and pure drinking water.
It is not just about water, it is about Economy, Health and Happiness.

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The qualities that enables me to make me an intrapreneur are
1. Passion for sustainable solutions
2. Fire within to bring about revolutions
3. Compassion towards marginalized and vulnerable communities
4. Zeal to give back to the society what it has given to us.

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, AP, Hyderabad

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, AP, Hyderabad

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Mahabubnagar, Ranga Reddy , Kurnool



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1. Water is considered a luxury hence we have designed equipment that will make available water for all for a long time
2. Many Companies use harmful carcinogenic chemicals in water purification; but we donot use chemicals and we are the first ISO 9001:9008 Company using non chemical methods for purification of water
3. A popular adage says "Roti,kapda aur makan is the main trilogy for living" but something is missing and that is drinking water.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

the impact of our activity begins at the construction stage itself.
1. women and children need not travel miles to fetch clean water- hence 4 hours were saved for every women in the village
2. men fell sick less often, hence manhours were increased and sick leaves were decreased.
3. People became self sufficient after knowing the technology, in 3 months entrepreneurs were born among the men
4. Business techniques and practices were taught and the men and women learnt these techniques.
5. emphasis on culture protection were done and every person in the village aims for a 'clean and green' place to strive to live

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Some barriers
1, Lack of awareness
2. Red tapism

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1. Transforming villages
2. Bringing sustainable solutions to one and all
3. Making safe and clean drinking water available at an affordable cost

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The water you drink it safe?