taxi business fueled by renewable energy

taxi business fueled by renewable energy

gardner, United StatesUnited States
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$50,000 - $100,000
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green energy livery service that save money and the planet

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the cost of livery transportation is to high i want to lower cost raise drivers pay all while using renewable fuel that will help our environment

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use a microfueler made in CA to make e-85 fuel from donated byproducts to use in flex-fuel vehicles to lower cost to customers while raising pay for drivers
Impact: How does it Work

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i would bring back the senior discount for taxi customers in my area as well as add discounts for disabled or poor on my already lower prices for anyone

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there is only one taxi in my town and they stopped senior discounts and charge extra for more then four grocery bags i will not do either

Founding Story

i have owned a flexfuel vehicle since 2008 and can not get e-85 near so i researched making it found a company that can make it easily yourself with their equipment and i thought about how much money my employer was spending on fuel and thought if they made it how much good could come of that
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my self and my boyfriend are in school to try and get degrees that will help us start our own taxi business that will help the environment, the poor and disabled by using e-85 fuel i will produce in order to save money to offer a discount to the needy we have both worked for taxis in the past and he is a automotive tech graduate who has also worked for quick service centers

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, MA, Worcester County

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, MA, gardner, Worcester County

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United States



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most taxis use regular gas

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still trying

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i will finish school and hope to find venture capital anyway i can

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

i have talked to the city about codes and my property is not zoned right but i have a site in mind i want to by that will fit nicely and is owned by a family member who will be willing to sell to me

What is the benefit or value you're creating for your business?

Approximately 70 words left (570 characters). i have started school and am willing to use my current home as collateral

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i have talked to local brewer about by products and they do recycle but if they don't their are others plus i don't need donated byproducts i can still offer discount and save money just not as much by paying for products .

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Approximately 60 words left (425 characters) my professor believes in my idea.and we have former coworkers who have approached us about jobs in the future.