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A social network of sustaible/eco-tourism businesses sharing skills and experience to make the in
The initiative brings together a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural team of
The organization that we propose looks to pioneer a new model for road development within poor de
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Pullapproach identifies profitable business models that create social impact, analyzes what makes
Proyecto para fundar una empresa social mexicana que ponga al alcance artículos de decoración cre
Cooking With Mama is a new culinary school with a twist - it aims to empower unemployed or undere
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Escolas Vivas é um programa com assessoria de um ano para inspirar, apoiar e ensinar a gerenciar
The PackH2O water backpack is the lowest cost, ergonomically correct way to manually transport an
Making the Life of Old and Elderly people Easy and Smooth.
My initiative deals with the formulation of an effective nutraceutical combining highly nutritiou
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Humanity is my business. Make it yours - SpeakOut against wrongdoing.
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We're using STEM to inspire and to empower, to build bright futures and enduring communities.
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Imaginem uma placa de construção de casas que utiliza em sua composição borracha de pneu reciclad
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To create a successful, trusted, socially and ecologically responsible, ecommerce business which
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The lesson from this is never to underestimate the extent to which we all have gifts to express a
‘The Quit Project’ links all components of the healthcare system together, providing a truly inte
Prabhulela solutions bringing change by innovative health care solutions our first innovation fo
Standard Chartered Bank(SCB) volunteering group in cooperation with a support organization to pro
iWillHelp is a SaaS application launched in the fall of 2012 has the overall purpose to provide a