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Donate-directly to your cause/charity and even to the actual person! 100% of the donation is received, see the changes you are making.

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MAKING DONATING MORE DIRECT, EASIER, TRUSTWORTHY AND SPECIFIC.... I know first hand that giving money to charity can be a daunting task. One of these reasons is that there is no trust...for example. If somebody approaches you in the high street of your town or knocks on your door and asks you to give money to charity...A majority of the time you are not even sure wether the charity is genuine, you also feel intimidated, even if you do trust them and do donate money to the cause you still are not seeing the change that it is making which gives you no real sense of happiness that you have helped someone in need. It will have been an awkward horrible experience when it should be the exactl opposite! Also often you think that only a small percentage will actually go to the charity.

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I inted to set up an organisation in which you can donate money directly and safely to a specific charity of your choice and even to a specific person/cause of your choice! This will make the experience of donating extra rewarding, easier, safer and definatly more trusting! Also 100% of your donation will go directly to the cause, there will be no hidden fine print! For example on the website there will be a list of all genuine and verified charities. You will be able to donate directly to the charity. You will also be able to click on the charity and there will be causes/ patient that you will be able to donate directly to. This means you will be able to see exactly where your money is going to and how it is helping. Each cause / patient will be verified and will have a description of their cause and what the money will help them achieve and how it will better their life. There will be live update of the amount left to reach their desired goal. This will revolutionise donating!

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There is no competition because the other companies and charities are working towards the same goal and all for non financial gain therefore they pose no threat because we will be working closely with other charities and taking them on board and donating directly to them so all are so called competition will actually be are allies and will help are growth and success. There are key differences though between us and the other charities which I think will make us a lot more successful... These are that there is a massive trust in using donate-direct Donate-directly to your cause or charity,you can actually choose who you want to donate to and see the postive affects it has had! And a last huge difference is that The full amount goes straight to the cause.
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I am passionate about this issue as I am a very caring person and see a lot of wrong in the world and would love to make a change in this. I know first hand that giving money to charity can be a daunting task because if somebody asks you on the street or knocks on your door you are nervous and scared and you usually do not trust the person and that the charity is even genuine! And also that you are not actually seeing where the money you are donating is actually going to and you in general do not feel like you have actually done anything to help! This is a major problem that I want to solve! I inted to set up one big organisation/ charity that has all genuine charities on this site...They will all be verified so the user will feel at ease to donate. But on top of this...once you click on the charity you will be able to see the actual person you are donating to and donate directly to the person. For instance there could be a man named Paul smith who is blind and needs £20,000 for a operation. The user will be able to donate money towards his fund and watch live to see the fund build up and eventually hopefully complete the funding. I think this would be a great idea because you can give specifically to a cause and if you think some people really deserve the donations more than others and you want to donate the full 100% (instead of a charity that takes a percentage) and actually see the change you are making it will be a wonderful experience and very moving. I think that in short that it would build trust in donating and make it a better, more moving experience and make a massive impact on those people who think the world has forgotten about them. I am a very determined man and am willing to work all hours to make this work as it would change so many lives for the better! I have always had great leadership skills and think I could make this dream a reality.

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, XX, lincoln

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Say for example there is a child who has lost their leg in a bad accident. Their parents can not afford to buy a prosthetic leg for them and can not get any funding for it from any charities and any other causes. They will will have their cause assessed by an expert from donate-direct and the expert will make the child a webpage with a description of the cause and background of what has happened and what the money will achieve and how much is needed and the amount left to fulfill the goal. For example the starting amount could be £15,000 and I want to donate £3,000. There will be a list of donaters on the page and amounts and the total amount left ( all will be updated live). And when the goals are reached there will be up to date blogs of how the money has helped the person and changed their life for the better.

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This is an idea in the pipe line and with much help it could change the world and make it a much better place! It would get rid of all the many flaws in the system of charities and make it a much more rewarding, easy, trusting and not scary task! The organisation I will make will directly help huge causes and people in need all over the world! If you are a rich person and want to donate a sum to help or even if you are not so rich and want to make a difference it will all help!

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

The possible barriers I came up with was fraudelent causes or patients but I have overcame this problem by making sure the cause is assessed fully and verified by an expert before it is available for donations.
Another barrier was that the money could be spent before it has all been collected and could be spent on something other than the actual desired cause....I will overcome this by storing the money donated in a account that can only be accessed by a donate-direct expert and can not be accessed by the cause. The money will then be spent directly from the account by the donate-direct to the chosen good cause.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

This company will be very sustainable as it will always be relevant as there will always be people and need and will always be charitys around that need help and funding! Financially it will always work well as there will always be people and companys that want to fund a good cause like this! Also money will be made from advertising such as on the web site and online advertising is huge at the moment and will only get bigger so it will constantly be funding this organisation.

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

I think it could massively improve developing countries especially when they are ideas that will largely affect them such as the idea I have could hugely help develop a country such as Uganda. You would be able to donate directly to the country and causes in the country from all over the world! Obviously this would make a huge difference and this is jsut one idea, I'm sure there are lots of great ideas that can help these developing countries improve.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

I think it wil be very rewarding working in a developing country as uganda and seeing all the poverty will be very eye-opening and a thing I have wanted to see and experience and try to change since I was old enough to understand this situation! It will be very challenging experiencing this as it will be heartbreaking but also it will be such a rewarding thing and I really would just love to get stuck into the task at hand and make a difference.