the green recycling machine

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the green recycling machine

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the problem we are trying to solve is youth unemployment negativity, naivety , and the abundance of w.e.e.e. waste

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my solution is training education and recycling or as i would like to say e.c.r education community and recycling supplying people with core training education and the skills to better them selves in the community

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there are many IT recyclers in the uk , some not so legitamate and some that do not really care about , what they say they promote and are in it for purely financial gain !!! but the difference,with us as a new start up company we want to encompasses the clearest ethical fair trading policy we can for the good of the planet and the community as a whole there is no other IT waste company that has or wants to help the community by providing environments for public to learn IT. as well as an artistic hub and vision for a social future, where people help each other in the community and there colleagues. we as a future proof company want to provide more jobs for the community, to build the economy while bringing a more suitable future for our kids !!! knowlege is power
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the green recycling machine
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why i am passionate about this well the thing is that the world is moving so fast technology's moving fast iphone 1,2,3,4,5,6, ect how can we stop? this how can we help each other and create education to pass on to the next generation because advancements aren't bad we cant halt the future the children are our future they need to learn the fundamental basics of sustainability the world has never in its how ever many billion years created so much junk and not known how to process it, this is what gives me my passion, this is what drives me to have a greener cleaner less fossil fueled and plastic living future !!!

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the green recycling machine

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The Green Recycling Machine : the low carbon footprint IT recycler

Business plan and strategy
Our aim as a company is E.C.R ( education, community  and recycling)


To educate and to put placements in place for training schemes  to train and educate
Criteria : people who have been in long term unemployment
People of unequal opportunity whether it be disabled or disadvantaged,
homeless or troubled youth
Our aim is to work with the department of work and pensions and other training and government bodies and youth schemes to help educate and train these budding professionals and provide them with various key skills


waste management
health and safety
engineering repair and refurbish
media and and graphic design
promotion and marketing
customer services
IT skills


one of the core aims of the business is to provide individuals with a place to go, a social enterprise as such, community cafes and centres as a place to offer IT training for young and old, a place to learn new skills and
places where budding artists can highlight their work in an environment where it will be appreciated
so these young artists can evolve and nurture their art.
These centres will be equipped with refurbished IT equipment  we aim to recycle, think of a place a hub of culture , a wealth of knowledge and a positive and trusting environment to be in, is this not what the youth of our country needs?  a place to share their problems with trusting friends and adults? a place to grow and in turn offer further potential back to the community through the skills and knowledge they acquire at the centres.

with this our aim is to provide more jobs based on maintenance and management , and other various IT based jobs with the help and support offered at our centres.
We would be giving back to the local community, by providing jobs to local people to help build the areas economy


this is the core of our business,  our aim is to collect IT and w.e.e.e waste from  large companies , local authorities and councils , schools , universities, offices the NHS and other health care companies for refurbishment and repair
our aim is to show the client that our solution is best as it helps the local community and other economies grow around this giving people new jobs and skills

every year companies scrap and dispose of millions of PC, laptops , printers and various other items
most of this is working I repeat most of this is working

hard to believe I know but this is the truth
there are many black marketeers out there that are taking this waste and dumping it in villages in Africa
after taking what half decent goods are in the consignments they build up their junk and sell it to the highest bidder
the same is done again and again in the end  they dump it in the villages when it has little use or no cash worth
is this ethical that children and babies are climbing in this junk? our hazardous IT waste, mine and yours
Did you know there was no legislation put in place till 2006- 2007 and that was implemented in only the e.u , uk, and America
still many countries do not treat there IT waste
(did you know a CRT monitor is classed as hazardous waste in the UK when broken ? we take this for granted , but would you want your child climbing around all this broken damaged and ripped apart hardware i don't think so !!! )  
well  obviously at this point your saying NO this must stop nowwwwwwww !!!!! of course this is what we think at the green recycling machine

our aim is to create a low carbon footprint business , making us one of the most ethical and greenest in the U.K
by using low emission vehicles with very economical fuel consumption and highly trained staff
not only helps the world but makes it smell better and easier to breath
also at the same time we are helping the community by taking this waste and recycling and refurbishing it while providing more jobs for the community

our duties will include on day of pick up , of the equipment from the office space or premises a full audit of what stock is being removed including an outline of what waste is currently not worth refurbishing and will be fully broken down for recycling
letting the company know a ruff outline of what is not salvageable
while following all the necessary health and safety aspects the equipment will be then loaded in specific containers required for that form of waste and loaded on the van or wagon that it will be moved in
once it is moved it will be taken to our plant where it will be treated and refurbed
the computer's and IT waste then is tested and taken apart at this point so we know clearer what machines are fully reusable and what we sell for parts and spares

Ah now your thinking what about the old junk and are these guys going to do the same? well the answer is NO all the spare part’s in most of these machines are reusable
(apart from the waste and broken pcb boards ect they get recycled but we will chat more about this later )
getting back to the black marketeers, they get paid to take the waste then sell it to the highest bidder weather it be in the UK Europe or in Africa (but we know where lots of this waste turns up mmmmmm lets think i hear ya mummer Africa ? correcto )

please read links below

To get rid of this problem  our solution is to train, educate and provide people with jobs in waste management and refurbishing.
 we have over 20 yrs experience in the engineering and training field and we aim to train up some of the brightest new talent in the computer and IT refurbishing world giving jobs to young talented people  
who as we all know by watching the news and seeing the state of the economy cant find any jobs,
does this make sense to you? well we thinks so

By setting up working relationships with other training programs including the the department of work and pensions
we want to give the unemployed jobs and provide them with training and in turn a future  
do this sound good? we think so √

oh and if your wondering about all the other left over waste plastics, metal and various micro processors, they are all scrapped crushed and recycled again making way for the next generation of hi tech equipment to make its way into your household so nothing goes to landfill to damage our beloved world over time !!!!!!

if you cant see it your blind
another example is how many phones a year do you lose, change or swap where does it all go?  bet I got you thinking now
that’s why we are here  E.C.R education , community and recycling

From sales figures we know the that the average household computer can cost in excess of 300 pounds without the flat screen monitor laptops are even more expensive
what we offer, is to provide the community with refurbished IT equipment with no exceptions on age, sex or race basically anybody can have one for a massive reduction on the high street price

there even huge potential for export to schools and charity's in emerging and struggling economies with huge poverty such as India , Cambodia , Sri lanka and Africa which we all know has some of the biggest populations in the world and growing daily
think of the help that can be provided for education and medical help with this redundant IT equipment

are aim is to build our company into a high street brand (with help in promotion and awareness from well established musicians the press and people in the arts )
offering warranties on products as well as huge discounts on assets that are recycled and managed by our company

on average most companies change their computer systems every 2 years some companies in other industries are doing it more to keep up with the current trends in hardware

note: this equipment is still useable for schools, new businesses, children's training and exporting for uses in schools, hospitals and the public sector  
Our aim is that all our equipment is refurbished to the highest level of satisfaction making this a business with the potential for massive growth.

have you ever heard the phrase 'one mans rubbish is another mans gold'
well the truth is none of this IT equipment is rubbish
for example government bodies and private health care companies dispose of large amounts of medical equipment for scrapping every year that could be use in developing struggling economies

Q. could we not ship it for use ? and help people less fortunate ?
well i hear you saying yes yes !!!

our aim is to provide people with this knowledge and educate and train staff to repair and refurbish the recycled equipment, and in turn we are reducing waste, re-using equipment which is helping to protect the planet.

so basically this ticks all the boxes

sustainability √
future proof √
eco friendly √
community friendly √
new jobs √
regeneration in less privileged areas √
recycling √
education √
training √
helping struggling economies grow √

it works for us how bout you

Select the stage that best applies to your business

Operating for less than a year

Social Impact
What is the social impact you have had to date and how you measure it?

we are a new start up company so the social effect the waste industry effect us all especially the youth in Africa and some of the worlds poorest places
with the fast paced gadget market moving so fast there is a massive call for what we propose

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

the initial problem that the business face's is funding as a new company But we are looking at various funding that might be available to us
ie, grants , social fund, lottery fund, as well as other green grants available for regional business start up
obviously we cant rely on these grants but we will try to do what we can with a solid business plan and great initiative, dedication and a belief that we know its right should propel us to new heights.
apart from that i cant see many problems as long as everything is in line with current legislation and training procedure as far as staff ect this is a funding issue

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

the sustainability in this sector is huge as we all know ipad , iphones and other gadgets are passing phases some lasting less than a year these items are still current all over the world and can be reused time and time again ..
this sectors growth is rising dramatically by the year, growth i dont think is much of an issue apart from initial funding
Social sustainability:
Sustainability in the workplace for people who are currently deemed hard to employ
Offering jobs in an industry which has nothing but the scope for expansion, as the company grows ie. the need for new staff will grow generating new economy in low employment areas like manchester which will be our first base, this is one of the highest low employment areas in the country.

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

yes especially in this market the amount of waste medical equipment for example can be used again in developing countries this is all aspects of my business model

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

seeing the local communities and how they sustain themselves by their way of life, food , trading , farming and producing the necessary raw materials to live in a self sustained way and how waste e junk is affecting there day to day lives, farming, landscape