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Aarhus, Denmark
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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Growing of bamboo in Europe, specializing in "do-it-yourself" bike concept!

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Change the game when it comes to knowledge-sharing! This time it is Ghana that provides Europe with the expertize and help of to how we can transport ourself in a better-for-everything way, using bamboo. Bamboo is a wonderful material that has the potential of replacing more energy-demanding materials - We want to brand bamboo as the unique building block it is! We also want to address the use-and-throw consumer mentality in the western world by helping our friends create a stronger relationship to the things they use, so that they will do anything not to replace it with anything new and shiny! Create some jobs in Europe, we have heard there is a need for it!

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Transferring the latest Ghana technology, growing and producing bamboo in Europe and offering a "do-it-yourself-bamboo-bike-business-concept" to the masses, making everybody a bike-producer! With the help from the world wide web, you can get the latest tech n´pimp-tips from Ghana to keep modifying your bike/s into awesomeness-sauce that will pour the streets of your local hood! And if your up for it, skip WWW and bike down to our training-camp where you can learn the trix of how to grow the stuff from the Bamboo-king himself. Once you know that, we´ll give you the blueprints of how to create frames... and voilá, you can start your own business! Then you just need to comb the streets for usable stuff to get your bike rolling!

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We are not interested in battling other bamboo-praises out there but rather we seek great collaborations of how to promote bamboo and biking! Also, we do not believe in comparing us to what is already out there, we rather put energy in overcoming what-ever hits us when it hits us and execute, execute, execute! Our friends who are in the same business puts a focus on "helping" developing countries, we focus on empowering Ghana by letting them be the experts! Check out our future friends! Cool work! http://bamboobike.org/Home.html http://www.bamboosero.com/
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, AR, Aarhus

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1. Grow bamboo in South of Europe - Stimulate the trembling economy
2. Make bamboo-bikes frames - A video and blue-prints will get you going
3. Build your bike - Why not use free stuff(some call it waste) that is lying around in our beautiful surroundings
3.5. Ask for help - Use and share experiences of how to make it even better
4. Bike it´

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Operating for 1-5 years

Social Impact
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We're still startup phase, investigating markets and customers. We will be creating a new mentality around customers, users, and relations to other continents, and a new industry in southern europe.

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

The initial costs are high, and it'll take a while before the income starts rolling in. We'll be bootstrapping to the best of our ability to counter this, and hopefully be able to raise some funds that can act as a sort of seedfunding.
Another thing is regarding the actual bamboo -- we anticipate to have to find methods of growing a bamboo - including which type to grow - to find the climate and diseases in Europe.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

Through sales, our model is financially sustainable, and even scalable.
The positive social and environment impacts scale with the business.

Awareness & learning
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Social entrepreneurship empowers local communities and markets where it is, essentially helping developing countries to help themselves, through supporting new and existing initiatives and businesses.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

Cross-disciplinary teamwork in a new cultural setting, creating a unique platform for future change.