Resihop - a social carpooling service

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Resihop - a social carpooling service

Stockholm, Sweden
$1,000 - $10,000
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Resihop - social a carpooling service.

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Cheap alternatives for transportation with zero(really!) carbon footprint by carpooling.

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There are currently a multitude of websites were you can post info on your trips and pickup carpoolers, we run one of them, The problem is the threshold to publish trips is to hight. We want to lower the threshold futher for people to carpool. We want to make a fully facebook-integrated carpooling service. The concept is already proven to work, there are lot of ridesharing going on on facebook, however, none of it provides searching capabilities, wich is vital for a carpool to grow. One of the biggest problems with ridesharing is trust. Facebook helps greatly in increasing trust, because facebook shows that there are real people with real pictures and real friends. Also facebooks social design helps spreading the word of the application viraly.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Our primary competitors on the swedish market are: - regular ridesharing site + Biggest in sweden, many trips - Bad userexperience - Bad organisational culture - No development of the project for atleast 4 years. - facebook-group and our partners for resihop. + Inheretly social + Really nice people running it - zero searchabillity
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Hemliga Byrån
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I have been a leader and projectmanager ever since I built my first treehouse together with some friends.

I live and work fulltime with putting ideas in to the world. A long list of previous endavours, companies and non-profit-projects prove my capabillity. One example is, the platform that our project is based upon. It's up and running, and has almost served 1000 travelers as we speak.

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Hemliga Byrån

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, ST, Stockholm

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Mark wants to go from Stockholm to Gothenburg, he wants an environmentally sustainable choice, but the train is a lot more expensive and takes longer than flying.

He goes to and klicks on our app. He searches with from to and date (much like when you book a ticket for a bus, train or airport.) He gets a list of people who are going with car between stockholm and gothenburg that day. If no-one is going he can put an ad up with a single click. Because he already entered all the info we need.

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Operating for more than 5 years

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For resihop we have pushed for ridesharing and generated almost 1000 ads for ridesharing. I have been involved in a multitude of other social projects, the most recent one is an exhibition about urban farming in Stockholm:

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

The biggest barrier is reaching critical mass of users. This will be overcome with smart design and advertising (the amount of advertising is relatively small, because the service is free and it's easy to target potential users)

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

One of the most critical threats to sustainable society is our carbon production. No consumption is better than green consumption and we create this by sharing recources (carseats) that are already available.

Awareness & learning
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Social entreprenuership improves the enabeling of individuals rather than organizations in developing countries. This is good because this will empower many of those who suffer the most from global inequalitites. They are also the once who are most likely to understand the problems and that affect thei lives the most.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

Two years ago I was in Cambodia setting up a socially and enviromentally sustainable production site that later transformed into a hostel for other social entrepreneurs (se link below).

The most challenging aspect of this was making a personal relationship with the people living there. The inequalities got so much more real.