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Aarhus, DenmarkAarhus, Denmark
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We help the world become a healthier and better place, by using runners as media in the wealthier worlds, to raise money to NGO's!

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In this time of resession, there is a need for the companies of the world to take a higher responsibility of making the world a better place. There is also a need in the western world of exercise and a healthier everyday.

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We provide urban responsible CSR media-space for companies. The companies then pay the runners by giving funds to a NGO.

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We have a twosided business plan: PETITION COMPETITORS: Better Now Ecco Walk AidsRun MEDIA/PR/CSR COMPETITORS: Advertising agencies Local PR agencies
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We have a vision of helping NGO's raise money by making people healthier while running

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, AR, Aarhus

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, AR, Aarhus

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We contact the company, set the event where they meet the runners that are going to run in the T-shirt. We administer the size of the petition and connect the NGO's to the petition

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Operating for less than a year

Social Impact
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Making more people run is having an impact on the health of these people. As for today, we are 7 people running, but our goal for the end of this month is 30 people improving their health with our project.

On the other side of the business plan we have the NGO's which creates social impact for the causes they are funding. As for today, we have not fundraised any money, but our goal for this month, is to submit 3000 Dkr. to Kræftens Bekæmplese, and we are THIS close as to getting the companies in on it!

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

The greatest barrier is to get the companies to buy in on this idea. They are the ones that have the money, but they are also careful in using them. To overcome this, we have an ancle of sustainable, responsible outdoor media space taht the runners provide to the company to spreed the word of the companies good doing.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

Financial: It is using runners as media
Social: It is about making the world a healthier place by running
Sustainable: It is a long-term investment in lowering the ecological expenses of hospital use of ressources

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

By making the local know about how to create sustainable businesses, we are helping them helping themselves, which is ultimately the aim-goal!

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

I have never been to Africa, and I have heard a lot of assumptions about how NGO's fail to help the local societies down there. I am hoping to get rid of those prejudices.