Shelters for anti social homeless peopel

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Shelters for anti social homeless peopel

DenmarkAarhus, Denmark
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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Getting homeless people of the streets.
Helping the weakest of those living on the edge of society.

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a lot of homeless people in Denmark are on the streets because of psychic problems, and a lot of these people are anti social, and cant cope with the night shelters where a lot of homeless people sleep.

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To make it easier for these people to get of the cold ground and under shelter i have designed small wooden shelters. The form of the shelters are proportioned for sitting, sleeping and standing outside. The crooked form is suppose to give awareness to the fact that homeless people are a part of our society. To make this a social project, the houses are to be build by carpenter-students as a construction project.

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As my project is non-profit, the more the merrier.!
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I am studying Industrial and furniture design at school of architecture in Aarhus.
I have worked whit sustainability on a few projects. I am specially interested in social sustainability and helping people to help them selves.

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, AR

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, AR, Aarhus

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Outdoor shelters, one person only, will make a differences for the homeless people who would otherwise sleep on the street ore on a bench. To me, sustainability is a lot about "the better choice" whether it is using fsc-wood instead of illegal wood, ore giving a homelessn person a better place to sleep.

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As the project is still on paper only, the project have only been used to start discussion about homeless people, why they are homeless and what kinde of problems they deal whit.

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the problem might be an unwillingness to help these people, because op an opinion that they should just get of the streets. The problem is awareness, and the solution might be to tell more about the homeless lives.

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The financial aspect of this project will be based on organisations only, it is not suppose to generate money for me ore anyone else, but to generate a better and more healthy alternative to the people who live on the edge of our society.

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