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Student Competitions

Stockholm, Sweden
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for profit
$250,000 - $500,000
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There are few arenas connecting people in developing countries with global opportunities and a killing competition for jobs and opportunities. In most developing countries, you are doomed to a life in poverty, unless you find a way to stand out, and if someone facilitates your connection with opportunity.

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We match students with global opportunities through contests. Essay-, case-, arts-, or other challenges. By cooperating with companies and organizations, we provide platform and create arenas where students in developing countries can win and access global opportunities. By participating in challenges, you can gain merits, show your skills and get feedback on your performance. In this way, young people in developing countries get access to opportunities they could never get access to otherwise.

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There are many local and global players in this field, however, very few have integrated the community of students with tools for organizing challenges. Changemakers actually have a great contest site too, as well as innocentive.coma, Open Ideo and others. Our stron grassroot conneciton however, is truly Unique and we are the only commercial actor that truly connects talent with global opportunities in a win-win way.
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I am is a 27 years old Swedish entrepreneur and competition geek based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I work with creating different methods for using competitions and challenges to motivate people and incentivize action in organizations, both on a high and low level.

I love competing, was named Student of the Year in Sweden 2008 and has won numerous national and international academic competitions, such as WWF Global Perspectives, the St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award 2007 , Stena Zero Waste Award 2008, Student of the Year in Sweden 2008 and Venture Challenge 2011 and many, many other large and small competitions.

Based on my interest for competitions, I co-founded Student Competitions AB in 2010, a company that helps companies and Universities to organize global challenges, primarily for students. Previously, I was CEO of Filehill, Scandinavia’s largest marketplace for digital goods.

I am a firm believer that challenges and prize competitons are great tools to incentivize action among people. By systematically posing challenges at both a micro- and macro level, I believe challenges and competitions can be used as extremely powerful tools of change.

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, ST, Stockholm

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Apart from running, a free service for students worldwide do we organize scholarship contests, where Indian students from rural areas can win full scholarships to master's studies in Sweden. More than 100 students found opportunities at Swedish schools through our contests this autumn, compared to virtually none the year before. We have also organized scholarship challenges for Chinese students and sources students for The Economist's global dialogues, among many other things. Everywhere, where a conneciton is needed between a student and an opportunity, we are there.

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Operating for 1-5 years

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So far, we have had thousands of contestants in our challenges and have handed out hundreds of scholarships and other prizes to people in developing countries. As of january 2012, we have 40 000 members from 189 countries.We measure our impact by the positive emails we recieve and size of our fan base.

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

Growing the organization - getting good advisors.
Growing sales internationally - getting good advisors.

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

Financial sustainability: We are a profitable business, sustaining our existence by revenues.
Social sustainability: Students all over the world adore us. By staying true to the students, we will always have acceptance.
Environmental sustainability: As a web business, we do not waste much resources. We try to grow without travelling too much and support those environmental contests that are out there.

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

I think all businesses will need to consider the opportunities in developing countries sooner or later, not because of pity, but because it is a huge market. The market in the Bottom of the Pyramid is largely untapped and any company with a socially, environmentally and financially stable business model have a great opportunity to be successful and at the same time contribute to the development of the

In the same way as the West is trying to teach the "developing" world how to act, I also see much opportunity in redoing and relearning many things that we have failed with in the West and build a new infrastructure in the developing world. Hellping Africa to leapfrog "bad" technologies will be one of the most social entrepreneurial things that can be done .

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

I would love to establish in Uganda and connect every University in the country to global opportunities, through contests. Bringing that inspiration to the young people of Uganda will be the most rewarding part of my stay.

The most challenging part will be to find a business model that is sustainable in the long term too, the £10 000 will only be enough to set up an initial office, then I need to find a demand from MNCs, for example of recruitment in Uganda. However i LOVE the challegne of creating a sustainable business model and am super determined to succeed and to make Uganda a center for global student opportunities in Africa.