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UPDATED_Stoked professional beauty

United KingdomNottingham, United Kingdom
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stoked professional beauty make people look and feel stoked

Inspires those receiving a treatment and empowers disadvantaged children

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When I worked with African street children, I noticed low self-confidence and aspiration. To tackle this problem, I would like to introduce a product-line that uses coaching and NLP techniques to help more people lead fulfilled lives: "Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away." Anon People (around the world) in low-income families deserve to feel good about what they can accomplish . Fun activities could provide them with great memories and energy (and distraction).

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There is a saying: Eyes are the window to the soul... Stoked will provide people with beautiful-looking eyes and hope to un-cover more beautiful souls, via their treatment: "BAGS AND BOLDNESS BLITZ". Eyelashes frame a face and allow people to define themselves and their style. Loyal customers repeat-buy every couple of weeks (more customer interaction/ feedback than a charitable subscription) and they provide more frequent income than selling a product (e.g TOMs shoes, or Livestrong bracelets). Market demand is proven and profit margins are attractive for both manufacturers and salons. Added benefit: The end-customer is engaged with their therapist for the duration of the treatment (upto 90-minutes for the initial application of eyelash extensions). So, a network of coaches will be built via the therapist training programme (how to use/ apply stoked products).

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Stoked professional beauty will be superior to it's competitors due to its focus on customer service and its dedication to social enterprise. The trademark treatment will revolutionise eyelash tinting: "BAGS AND BOLDNESS BLITZ" It will be unisex and completely customer focused. Customers will be invited to make their treatment more comfortable i.e. play their own music (from their personal iPods) and asked if they'd prefer to sit or lye etc. The competitors vary depending on the product. I'd like to start the product portfolio with lash tint: Jemma Kidd Eylure Strictly professional Or, semi-permanent eyelashes: ABC Beauty Ltd ABX Beauty Group Beauty Express Lash FX Lash Perfect These competitors already have a loyal custmer-base & established distribution
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stoked professional beauty
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I wanted to update you on progress, since my initial application (Thanks for the early-bird Ben & Jerry's ice cream).
If my brand could be encapsulated by an ice cream flavour it would be phish food (with a twist: chilli-chocolate chunks)

Personal background:
Whilst at school I got into a great routine of land or (swimming) pool training each morning and night- this was the foundation for my positive work-ethic. Then, I studied full-time at College and undertook a night class, to obtain a professional qualification, in Marketing. I was probably the Charted Institute of Marketing's (CIM) youngest member at 17 (students should normally be 18 to enroll on the course). Then, I worked full-time with FMCG's and undertook my (BA Hons) Business Studies degree during the evenings. I reached Assistant-Management level, then left on a gap-year, to travel the world.
Whilst away, I undertook voluntary work at the commonwealth games (Melbourne), fashion week (Sydney) and in schools (South African townships). When I returned, I changed my career to work in the public sector (education), where I project managed a small team and worked with numerous contractors, to improve outcomes for children. Whilst employed/ maternity leave, I undertook the CIM Diploma in Marketing, PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner and a Diploma in NLP.

Passion for issue:
I have always enjoyed pushing myself and trying new things. Although, I'm now aware of the positive effect this has on people (coaching and NLP).
Whilst working in South Africa, I noticed lots of individuals with low self-confidence/ self-worth. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing them turn around.

Entrepreneurial skills:
For fun, I have worked with international brands, and coordinated meetings with major retailers/ TV programmes/ journalists in England, on their behalf. I love reading or hearing about successful businesses- I sign up for emails, listen to radio interviews, watch TV programmes and read case-studies. My favourite brands are Absolute vodka, Ben & Jerrys, Innocent smoothies, Pret a manger, Redbull and Stella McCartney kids. And, from cosmetics industries: Bumble and bumble and MAC.

I am talented, committed, confident and driven. I believe in the stoked professional beauty concept. Now, I'm ready to listen to mentors and your colleagues at Unilever (especially formulators and marketeers at Dove and TRESemme), before applying what I learn into this social venture.

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stoked professional beauty

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, Nottingham

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Stoked professional beauty will take homogeneous products (eyelash extensions and dyes) in a market with few competitors and become the brand of choice (via trend-setter seeding); GHD hair straighteners achieved this status in the straightening-iron market.

Eye products are quite controversial (chemicals are irritants, so quality training is essential), so there is potential for PR if endorsed by reputable medical professionals (I will look into the type of products used by other professions e.g. glue used by dentists).
A percentage of stoked company profit (% to be advised by mentors) will go into a fund that will provide "stoked" activities for children. This could include: street-dance, beat-boxing, sand-boarding, surfing, nail art etc. (focus on low overhead costs, so children can continue challenging themselves beyond their "stoked" experience). Activities should have a PR hook e.g. I was involved in a world record water fight in Australia (sponsored by X-box): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzwa_aAOC4M). I'm sure "stoked" could beat that record!

Primary activities:
- Keep in touch with the network of therapists via social media: quote of the day on Twitter, inspirational images on pinterest, monthly newsletter, interactive company website.
- Provide each therapist with "stoked" conversation cards/ music to play etc, so client experience is similar- regardless of where they chose to get the treatment (in a similar way that exercise classes operate e.g. Zumba fitness).
- stoked "professionals" will go on tour in search of like minded salons to represent the brand
- Offer treatments in VIP rooms, cool hair salons (places with high (potential) client footfall) and at prestigious events (e.g. http://www.st-tropez.com/photo-gallery)
- Therapists could demonstrate how to apply different types of product online (similar format to: http://www.bumbleandbumble.com/product/72/221/Products/Styling/Specialty...)
- PR- strong relationships with journalists
- Launch party as if redbull had taken over- not a traditional beauty brand.

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Operating for less than a year

Social Impact
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Stoked will put a percentage of company profit into a fund that's used to target an issue e.g. Illiteracy, then when a certain value is reached, I will use my event-management experience to deliver mini-academies for children. i.e. I will get in touch with organisations to donate books and successful musicians to perform and discuss the importance of reading to them. Then, coaches (top therapists) will be invited to help coach children to find reading-techniques that work for them. Success will be measured by student improvement (and for Stoked, column inches in the media).

I have organised and undertaken voluntary work myself:
Whilst in South African townships, I sourced football kits from my home-town football club (Nottingham Forest), and health and beauty products from work(Boots)

What barriers might hinder the success of your business? How do you plan to overcome them?

"The brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. They're there to stop the other people" Randy Pausch

How does your model address financial, social, and environmental sustainability?

The company will start small, and it will evolve through a (low/ no cost) viral marketing campaign. It will be profit making and its social activities will make financial sense.

Stoked will target specific issues e.g Obesity, illiteracy, unemployment... to improve ongoing community life.

Stoked products will be manufactured and packaged using recycled materials (ethical supply chain) and they can be recycled post use.

Awareness & learning
How do you see social entrepreneurship contributing to the improvement of developing countries?

It's the only way forwards...

Stoked social activities will start small and provide more impact as the company grows in size:

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one"
Mother Teresa

Stoked will put a percentage of company profit into a fund that's used to target an issue e.g. Illiteracy, then when a certain value is reached, I will use my event-management experience to deliver mini-academies for children. i.e. I will get in touch with organisations to donate books and successful musicians to perform and discuss the importance of reading to them. Then, coaches (top therapists) will be invited to help coach children to find reading-techniques that work for them.

What aspects of your stay in Uganda as part of the competition do you think you will find most challenging and rewarding?

Medical issues that are beyond control e.g. HIV, nodding disease and the physical apperance of some children, as a result of Kony's soldiers.

Meeting (and living with) new people and experiencing their culture and cuisine. Learning about farming cooperatives, fair-trade ingredients, and the best way to set up a social enterprise.
Possibility of impact: Illiteracy is a big problem throughout the East-African education system. It's ironic yet I knew that I wanted to make changes in the world when I sat with babies on my lap, in a nursery for children with HIV, reading "The tales of Robin Hood" (I live in Nottingham too).