wooden bowls

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wooden bowls

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It is a sustainable and beautiful woodenbowl.

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The rainforest is disappearing in a fast rate. It is important to be more considerate of our earth and not use up all our resources. The forest is very important for the entire world's ecosystem. Therefore it is important to be aware of how many trees are cut down, and make sure that we use every little part of them.

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I have designed a wooden bowl that is made from wooden leftovers. The bowl is a reinterpretation of a classic wooden bowl. The small pieces of leftover wood that make up the bowl are braided together with cotton or leather strings. The strings create a pattern under the bottom of the bowl and are finishes of with knots in the top. The bowls can be stacked to take up the least amount of space when transported or stored away.

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A lot of manufactures use wood from the rain forest, but most of them send the wood to be dried somewhere else, to be produced somewhere else and then finally the finished product is send to the western world. Nobody uses the qualifications the local people have because it is easier to produce the product in Vietnam than to take the time to educate the local people.
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Magelund Larsen

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I am a student at the Aarhus school of architecture in the studio for Design. Subjects like sustainability and innovation are high on the schedual.

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, AR

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To make the product even more sustainable the bowl can be produces where the wood is from. The men can cut the wood and the women can braid the pieces together, in that way you can involve the entire community and ensure work for the local people. It also ensures that you don’t have to transport the wood to Vietnam to produce the bowl and then send it to the store. This way you remove the middleman and reduce the CO2-admission.

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Operating for more than 5 years

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It migth be to expensive.

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Social sustainability: Educate the local people, and give them jobs and a way to make a living.
Environmental sustainability: Reduce the CO2-admission by using less tranportation. Using leftover pieces of wood to make sure nothing goes to waste.

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If you educate people and give them a skillset they will be better set for their future. They will have a better possibility to brake out of poverty which is big issue in developing countries.

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I am terrified of flying so that would be a pretty big challenge. I would of cause be very rewarding to experience a completely different culture in a different part of the world.