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In Your Own Skin

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In Your Own Skin
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I am passionate about providing opportunities and spaces for people to find community, develop resourceful living and for people to gain an understanding of their incredible value.

5 years ago I experienced a horrible time of illness; panic attacks, anxiety and depression depleted my life to the point where I could not work, or somedays even hold a conversation. Building my life back to 'normality' again was a long road, and my constant source of hope and encouragement was the amazing community I had around me. Without a strong community of caring people who's aim was to see me well again and able to live my dreams, I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today.

It is my dream to create spaces for people, in whatever situation in life, to feel nourished, cared for, and valued. For people to be connected into supporting communities who can do life together, sharing stories, and learn from the richness of others. To provide practical tools through courses, workshops and resources that will bring about positive social change in the local community. To set up a care team providing one to one counselling and support for those who need dedicated help to work through life's challenges. To create short films of hope and inspiration of stories form everyday heroes who can share their pain, and their victories. To connect with those who have fallen through the gap...

Throughout my time of illness I was still dedicated to making positive social change happen. I ran a monthly live music night and dinner for the homeless community in Manchester (which is still running now), I ran creative arts and cooking workshops at a local women's shelter, and I co-ordinated a monthly three course dinner for women in vulnerable situations.

I am thoroughly committed to making this vision a reality, and know I have the relevant experience and vision to make it happen. My heart is that through this project people would have their lives changed for the better, that communities would be strengthened, and that men and women would be able to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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In Your Own Skin

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