Learning Archive


  • [Videos] How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs & The Power of New Ideas (Ashoka Fellow TED & TEDx Talks)
  • [Blog] Ashoka Blog
  • [Database] Explore the marketplace of more than 20,000 inspiring ideas
  • [Book] How to Change the World by David Bornstein

2. Explore the Changemaking MARKETPLACE

Learn about who else is working on your area of passion
  • [Map] 20,000+ Projects shared from around the world
  • [Database] 3,000 Leading Social Entrepreneurs
  • [Reports] Innovative Approaches by Leading Social Entrepreneurs
  • Coming: [Media] Citizen Media Toolkit

3. Pitch your STORY

Woo funders and supporters

4. Build a strong TEAM

5. Improve Your IMPACT

  • [Article] Understand the Impact Spectrum: Four Levels of Social Change
  • [Quiz] Do you Know How to Maximize Feedback?
  • [Toolkit] Feedback Labs Toolkit

6. Create financial SUSTAINABILITY

Links to the following resources will be coming soon:

  • [Guide]* Financial Models
  • [Directory]* Explore this list of funding opportunities offered by Ashoka Changemakers
  • [Directory]* Explore this list of funding opportunities for the social sector offered by other organizations
  • [Guide]* The Budding Social Entrepreneur: Early Business-Legal Considerations

7. Learn how to build PARTNERSHIPS and SCALE creatively

How to get your impact to spread widely
  • [How-To] How to Get Your Impact to Spread Widely - the PATRI model

8. Collaborate for SYSTEMS CHANGE

Links to the following resources will be coming soon:

  • [Education Network]* Education: Join the network for Changemaker Elementary schools or Universities
  • [Health Network]* Health: Join the network dedicated to ensuring we build Wellness care, not Sick Care
  • [Finance Network]* Finance: Join the network for creating market based social change

9. Continuous Learning: COURSES on Changemaking

  • [Empathy] Activating Empathy: A Roadmap to Changemaker Classrooms
  • [Marketplace] Changemaking 101: The Discovery Framework Tool
  • [Intrapreneurship] Social Intrapraneurship for Innovation in Health and Wellness

PUBLICATIONS about Changemaking

  • [Reports] Insights on the Future of Innovation from Leading Changemakers

BOOKS by Social Entrepreneurs

  • [Book List]  How To Change the World: Books by Social Entrepreneurs (Ashoka Fellow edition)
  • [Book List]  How To Change the World: Books by Social Entrepreneurs (Ashoka Staff edition)


  • Coming Soon: [Entreprenuership] AmEx Emerging Innovators Toolkit
  • [Students] Ashoka U Resources
  • [Education] StartEmpathy Toolkit
  • [Impact] Closing the Feedback Loop Toolkit
  • Coming Soon: [Citizen Media] Explore Leading Innovations in Citizen Media


  • [Video] Executive in Residence videos


  • [Toolkits] Lists of Toolkits by Other Organizations
  • [Toolkit] Development Impact & You (DIY) Toolkit
  • [Workbook] Entrepreneur Pitch Workbook by Canaan Partners