Ashoka on Social Finance

Selected Publication 2011 to 2016. 


Dear reader,

At Ashoka, we have the privilege to see the world not from one but two powerful perspectives: We can see what social entrepreneurs see when they envisage fast growing solutions to tough social problems. And we can see through the eyes of their donors and investors in our community, who have their sets of instruments to accelerate change.

Over the years, Ashoka leaders, Fellows and supporters in and beyond Europe have worked together to understand one thing very clearly: We know that there is money left on the table, and even more impact. We can do better. We can create a market of financing for social entrepreneurs that will work for the good of all.

The examples are now here. We created individual deals with completely new models, we helped create new instruments (including a €86m European guarantee fund), and we feel we are slowly changing the debate.

The following collection of articles, case studies and blog posts is a thought provoking, and at times very provocative, preview of a financial market that could hugely accelerate the growth of solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. If you agree, join this effort: As a donor or investor, you can join the Ashoka Support Network to lend business advice, or even the ASN Investment Club to be part of deals that would never happen without people like you. As a journalist, academic or maven, you can do research, dig into examples and stories, and help change minds and practice. Contact us!

If you disagree, tell us why – and help us figure it out.