Empowering Young People to Create a Better World

Setting every young person on a journey to becoming a changemaker. 


For the new world to become a better world, we believe we need to give every young person experiences that are:

  • explicitly intended to empower them as empathic changemakers;
  • woven together inside and outside of school;
  • systematically scaffolded throughout childhood and adolescence.

We envisage new learning ecosystems in which whole communities work together to provide experiences that keep every young person on a journey to becoming a changemaker. These ecosystems will leverage existing resources but won’t be constrained by traditional school models. Disruptive innovations will be needed. New infrastructure, processes, information flows, rules, and resources will be needed. And so too will new mindsets and behaviours throughout. 


Every young person on a journey to becoming a changemaker


However, there are a myriad of critical changes that are needed to set every young person on a journey to becoming a changemaker. Such as:

  1. Parents will prioritise and choose empowering learning experiences when making decisions about their children’s education, and will actively engage in changemaking journeys.

  2. Teachers & out-of-school educators will be trained, supported and empowered to put the empowerment of young people at the heart of their work, to uphold and advance their own professional standards, and to be leaders of system change.

  3. Student assessments will motivate and help young people become empathic changemakers and will be empowering in themselves.

  4. Universities will prioritise changemaking experience in their admissions practices, making this understood by schools, students and parents. They will also provide empowering learning journeys to their students.

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