Innovate for Agriculture

Young ICT entrepreneurs overcoming challenges and transforming agriculture in developing countries. 


Agricultural value chains may vary from crop to crop and country to country, but they do have at least one thing in common: they are complex.

Because agriculture has many moving pieces and numerous interconnected stakeholders, it takes a nuanced understanding and an innovative mind to begin transforming what has been broken into something that brings better livelihoods for all.

This report, commissioned by CTA and produced by Ashoka, presents 20 ICT-enabled entrepreneurial ventures created by young innovators from African and Caribbean countries. The innovations feature the use of mobile phones, social media, websites and a new generation of tractors. Services offered target various segments and facilities along the agricultural value chain, from pre-production to production, financing, marketing, trade and consumption.

Although the ventures presented are still in early stages of development, they already demonstrate successes. Many innovators have launched their companies after winning competitions, or have been acknowledged as successful endeavours. Almost all innovations presented have been tested for at least 2 years.

The young innovators featured in this publication are role models who can inspire others and encourage them to innovate for agriculture. Their stories are a testimony of how young people are already contributing to transforming agricultural value chains through their innovations.

Discover them by reading the full report: