Makers of More: Your Idea. Your Community. Your Action

Dreambender (Indonesia) is the Grand Prize Winner of the Makers of More challenge! The organization will receive €30,000. Two runners-up were chosen and will each receive €10,000. They are Ensibuuko (Uganda) and Foodcycle (UK). Congratulations and thank you to all the Makers of More who participated in the challenge!


Arthur Guinness Projects and Ashoka Changemakers have partnered to launch Makers of More: Your Idea, Your Community, Your Action – an initiative that seeks to find people whose innovative ideas and inspirational work go beyond the ordinary to help unlock their community’s potential.

We are proud to announce Dreambender as the overall winner, with FoodCycle and Ensibuuko as runners up.


Winners Announced

March 12, 2015
  • Launch Date
    October 6, 2014
  • Early Entry Deadline
    November 9, 2014
  • Entry Deadline
    December 19, 2014
  • Finalists Announced
    February 24, 2015
  • Winners Announced
    March 12, 2015


Food poverty in the UK has increased by more than 160 per cent in the past year, according to some estimates. Yet, 98 per cent of edible surplus food is thrown away by grocers and retailers.

“In the UK, an estimated 20 million tonnes of food is wasted each year across the supply chain (from plough to plate) with at least 400,000 tonnes of this thrown away at retail level,” according to FoodCycle, which served more than 31,000 meals last year to people in need.

Apr 13, 15

A new generation of tech innovators is bursting onto the scene of social entrepreneurship. Inspired by the potential of technology to improve people’s lives, this new crop of changemakers (don’t call them millennials) is creating, repurposing, and adapting tech in new ways to solve critical challenges. Many of them draw a deep sense of purpose from their communities.

Mar 31, 15

Competition entries

Title Contributor Location
Foodcycle Caroline Downing United Kingdom
Ensibuuko Tech Limited Gerald Otim Gulu, Uganda
Dreambender Rizky Ario Bandung, Indonesia


At the heart of extraordinary communities are Makers of More, changemakers who are dreamers, believers, doers, and achievers. They are innovators who boldly strive for the extraordinary today while laying the foundation for a brighter future.

Arthur Guinness Projects and Ashoka Changemakers have partnered to launch Makers of More: Your Idea, Your Community, Your Action, an initiative that seeks to find people whose innovative ideas and inspirational work go beyond the ordinary to help unlock their community’s potential. 

We want to hear about your ideas and the work that you are doing in the following categories:

●      Economic

For example making livelihoods more economically resilient, providing affordable housing, developing investment clubs to support small businesses, developing networks that increase idea sharing.

Networks for Community Change helps local residents secure job opportunities by organizing strong, supportive community networks.

●      Environmental

For example enabling communities to develop in a more sustainable way and protect local environments.

SOIL makes affordable toilets in Haiti and turns the waste into compost to replenish the country’s severely degraded soils.

●      Culture & Technology

For example combining art, design, and technology to enrich your community’s social fabric, providing vibrant community spaces, developing technology platforms for citizen engagement and better communication.

Architecture for Humanity works with communities to revitalize common spaces and rebuild sustainable structures that have been affected by disasters. 

Makers of More: Your Idea, Your Community, Your Action will be open for entries between 16th October 2014 and 19th December 2014. The Challenge is international running in a wide array of countries across the world (see Guidelines and Criteria for a list of these countries).

Winning entries of Makers of More will be awarded one Grand Prize of 30,000 and two runner up prizes of 10,000. Two early entry winners will be awarded one prize of 500 each. Early stage idea projects and established scaling projects are encouraged to apply and will be equally considered for the Grand Prize, the early entry and the runner up prizes.

Are you a Maker of More?  We want to hear how you are going beyond the ordinary and unlocking your community’s potential.

Enter the Makers of More challenge today!

This section includes guidance to help you enter the Makers of More: Your Idea,Your Community,Your Action challenge and details of certain criteria which, if you want to enter, you will need to be able to comply with. After you have entered the Makers of More challenge, we will be able to assume that you have read this section and are happy to be bound by it.

Assessment Criteria

Winners of the Makers of More challenge will be those that have submitted a written description of a project, invention, solution and/or initiative which, in the opinion of the judges of the Makers of More challenge, best meets all of the following criteria:

Innovation: The best entries will be those where the entrant’s project substantially differs from other initiatives in the field. Distinctiveness and innovation will be given a high ranking by the judges. This does not necessarily involve inventing something entirely new. Rather, the project may comprise new products or processes, as well as new applications or hybrid combinations of existing tools. In other words, innovation can be present in new approaches to an old idea, or the application of an old idea to a different problem. Entries should describe how their projects are driven by original, ground-breaking ideas.

Social Impact: Entries should describe how the project builds stronger communities with more opportunities. Entries should reflect an understanding of the systemic barriers within the project’s specific context and should describe how the project impacts these barriers. Entries should explain how the project measures social impact through both quantitative and qualitative data. Entries that describe projects which are at an early stage may set out their anticipated social impact and how they plan on measuring it.

Sustainability: Entries should include a clear plan for reaching long-term goals and securing financial backing. They should describe not only how the project is currently funded but also how it will be funded in the future. All entries should also include a realistic time frame for the implementation of the project. The most successful entrants will demonstrate that they have strong partnerships and support networks to address on-going needs and to aid in scalability and the maintenance of a clear financial strategy.

The project cannot promote Diageo or any of its associated or affiliated companies or any of their products.


Following the early entry deadline on 19th November, a team of Ashoka Changemakers reviewers, will assess all early entries for their fit with the assessment criteria and will select two winners. Following the final entry deadline on 19th December, the same process will be followed to select the forty top entries who will be named semi-finalists and invited to the next phase. The semi-finalists will be announced on the 22nd January 2015.

The Judges will then select 20 finalists to be announced on the 27th February 2015. Winners will be announced on 12th March 2015

If a semi-finalist, finalist or winner cannot be contacted within seven days or if they reject their nomination or prize (as applicable) or their entry is deemed invalid or in breach of these guidelines and criteria, their prize shall be forfeited and the judges will be entitled to select another semi-finalist, finalist or winner (as applicable).

The name and country of the winners of the Prizes will be published on our website

Legal Restrictions

Ashoka Changemakers complies fully with all U.S. laws and regulations, including Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations, export control, and anti-money laundering laws. The Prizes will be awarded subject to compliance with such laws.  

No Prizes will be awarded if Ashoka Changemakers finds that to do so would be unlawful. This may prohibit Prizes from being awarded in certain countries and/or to certain individuals or entities. All entrants to the Makers of More challenge must comply with the aforementioned laws and regulations to the extent they are applicable to them. No entrant to the Makers of More challenge may take any action that would cause Ashoka Changemakers or the Arthur Guinness Projects to violate any laws.

Ashoka Changemakers may modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Makers of More challenge, with or without prior notice, if something outside its control (including anticipated, suspected or actual fraud) necessitates this.

The decision of Ashoka Changemakers and the Arthur Guinness Projects in all matters under their control is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

An entry will not be accepted, or it will be void, if Ashoka Changemakers and/or the Arthur Guinness Projects has any reason to believe that the entry is fraudulent or an attempt to disrupt, tamper with or unfairly influence the Makers of More challenge or its operation, has been made.

No Liability

Ashoka Changemakers, the Arthur Guinness Projects and all of their agents accept no responsibility for difficulties experienced in submitting an entry to the Makers of More challenge or for any failure of email or entry to be received or for any lost entry. Proof of delivery of the entry is not proof of receipt.


Ashoka Changemakers: 1700 North More Street Suite 2000 Arlington, VA 22209 USA with support from the Arthur Guinness Projects:Park Royal London NW10 7RR

Read the Terms and Conditions in German here.

One Grand Prize of €30,000 will be awarded to one overall winner and two additional runner-up prizes of €10,000 will also be awarded. Two early entry prizes of €500 will be selected from the entries received by the end of 19th November. 

●      All entries will benefit from free access to Ashoka Changemakers’ online resources which include guides on pitching and storytelling.

●      Each winner must use their Prize to help further the Project that was the subject of their winning application. Six months after the announcement of winners, the winners will be asked to complete a survey on how they utilized prize funds and how they have impacted their community and beyond since winning the Makers of More challenge.

●      If you win a prize and your country requires winners of prizes to pay tax on the value of the prize, you will be responsible for paying for this.

●      The prizes are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Deadlines and Procedures

How to Enter the Makers of More Challenge

●      You (whether on your own behalf or on behalf of the organisation, partnership, not-for-profit or charity you are representing) may only enter the Makers of More challenge once.

●      You will need access to the Internet to be able to enter the Makers of More challenge. Please visit the website at and click "Enter" at the top of the page. Please complete and submit the entry form.

●      You may enter on-line anytime between 16th October 2014 and 23:59:59 EST on 19th December 2014. No entries after this date will be accepted. At any time before this deadline, you are able to revise your entry and to re-submit  it.

●      If you have any questions about how to enter the Makers of More challenge or have any difficulty in doing so, please contact Lauren Parnell Marino at [email protected]

Key Dates

Launch Date: 16th October 2014

Early Entry Deadline: 19th November

Early Entry Winners Announced: 3rd December

Close of Entry: 19th December 2014

Semi-Finalists Announced: 22nd January 2015

Finalists Announced: 27th February 2015

Winners Announced: 12th March 2015


●      The Makers of More challenge is open to:

○            anyone over 25 years of age; and

○            all organisations, partnerships, not-for-profits and charities,

from Argentina, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Malawi, Malaysia , Mexico, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Rwanda, Senegal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and the UK.  

●      Ashoka Changemakers and the Arthur Guinness Projects are very happy to be able to run the Makers of More challenge in so many countries around the world. These countries have been carefully chosen as key countries in which the Arthur Guinness Projects and Ashoka Changemakers focus their outreach.

●      Employees and professional representatives of Ashoka Changemakers or any of its associated or affiliated companies,or Diageo plc, or any of its associated or affiliated companies, their immediate families or any person domiciled with them, or any person professionally involved in the Arthur Guinness Projects and/or the Makers of More challenge, are not eligible to enter the Makers of More challenge.

●      Further, the Makers of More challenge is not open to participants that are associated with and/or deal in healthcare, alcohol, tobacco, primary or secondary education or where twenty-five per cent (25%) or more of the participant’s target beneficiaries are below the age of 25, for example but without limitation, a charity primarily seeking to support children and/or a youth group. If you are involved in any of these fields, you should not enter the Makers of More challenge.

●      If you are concerned about your eligibility to enter the Makers of More challenge, please contact Lauren Parnell Marino at [email protected]

●      Entries will be accepted in English, Spanish, and French. If language is a barrier, please contact Lauren Parnell Marino at [email protected]

●      The winners will be required to provide all information or documentation, as Ashoka Changemakers may consider necessary or appropriate, to their ability to satisfy the eligibility criteria set out above. Such proof must be provided by each of the winners of the Prizes within seven days of being informed that they have won a Prize.