healing Plants 4 peaceful Planet = Health&harmony

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healing Plants 4 peaceful Planet = Health&harmony : Raising awareness to folk herbalism as a way for promoting both health and peace

jerusalem, IsraelJerusalem, Israel
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Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Herbalism is a well known system of traditional/alternative medicine practiced throughout human history. The Holy Land so rich with herbs, is richer with ethnic-religious traditions regarding their healing powers. Conflicting-neighboring communities could benefit from plants power 2 heal the planet.

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What if in just one simple project of wellness we could both heal ourselves and the world creating peaceful universe.
About Project

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The holy land is rich with folk herbal traditions, but in a country where two conflicting societies live side by side in close proximity each with its own different mentality, language, habits and culture and in a situation where the old traditions are fading and forgotten and hardcore technologies take over conventional medicine, there is a danger that ancient wisdom regarding the healing powers of plants will be lost to postmodern humanity.

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Plants 4 peaceful Planet project is offering multidimensional solution; 1 Collecting folk traditions from both sides of the border, as each side could contribute great revelations, insights and discoveries to the other. 2. The very act of sharing ancient herbal folk knowledge is in itself a significant contribution both to the healing process and to the interfaith discourse. 3 The basic model offered in P4P is such that it can be implemented in many different parts of the world, where two entities fight over land they both happen to share and claim to love. Once people learn to share their vulnerability and fragility and once they grow to help each other in matters of life and death, they can form a bond of wellness not to be broken.
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A few years ago a Palestinian shepherd had gone severely sick. Abu Hyaman was still forced to take care of a sick sheep. By sheer intuition he had given it an herb known as Ephedra campilopoda. When he saw that the sheep had passed a dramatic positive improvement, the shepherd decided to try it for himself, few months afterwards his situation had passed a similar improvement The cure developed into a regional rumor attracting seekers of miraculous healing to his field. When asked if he would let all, including Israeli Jews - to enjoy the benefits of his remedy, he answered sure, it’s a free gift of grace. Once people from conflicting societies share suffering & hopes - they can heal both their body & the world - (see on utube)

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The impact of the P4P project is based on a rather simple magic circle and that is when your neighbor, considered to be your enemy, shares with you his suffering, hopes for getting well and ancient healing wisdom - the affect is so positive and encouraging that it could create a double recovery, that is to say within the body, the soul and the universe. The reason for that is that we all share as living creatures the suffering of sickness and the hope for getting well and we all share as well the universal intuition and knowledge regarding the healing power of plants. Thus this is a project that has the potential to empower well being through the energy of plants to heal the planet and inspire harmony. In this way alternative medicine and herbalism could create a synthesis of healing, education, cultural enrichment, recreation and interfaith dialogue. This is a way to reconnect with life

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The project will develop along two channels of healing on the individual basis creating a positive wavelength on the communal level. Each step done on the channel of individual level will be followed by a parallel step on the educational-cultural level. People from both sides of the border will be encouraged to share both their personal and traditional wisdom and their own narratives of healing, creating thus a body of data and a moving ongoing human story of mutual recovery. The message is that same energy that can create healing through the power of plants could create harmony in the planet

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

There are 2 positive financial factors; Ancient herbal knowledge is a treasure that once gathered could be sold to the growing industry of food supplements, but even before that it should be offered directly to consumers through ecotourism. A region that suffers from war and violence is a recipe for economical disaster, as no one would like to visit or even trade with such a destination. Peace is the most necessary condition for prosperity.

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I don't really know of anyone else addressing the problem. One could say that there is no lack of peace initiatives, nor in healing projects based on herbs. The unique element in the 'healing Plants 4 peaceful Planet' project is in the special synthesis of the two dimensions that is the combination of healing and the harmony regarding the body the soul and the universe, The proposed project is based on the assumption that there is a magic circle in which the realization that the source of the healing comes from the ex enemy who is the good neighbor of today creates a super push for healing.

Founding Story

My mother was sick for many years spent in a special hospital in Jerusalem ran by nuns and operated by volunteers. There I have learnt that all human beings share the same existential situation in regards to sickness and healing, that is to say they all suffer from the first and hope for the second. In that hospital it was very clear that the fact that one is Muslim or Christian or Jew does not create a real difference and that we all share the ability to encourage each other through the part we take in the universal human soul. That hospital was not into herbalism which I had discovered later, but there I saw that the very healing narrative is a source of inspiration for harmony & peace.


At this stage I am just a one man team. In the future I hope to grow without losing the basic intuition and the integrity that connects the healing power of plants and the ability to create harmony in the planet. In a way this is a variation and an upgraded vision of flower power shared by all future members in a team that should work as a community of friends.
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A win-win partnership should be based on a shared vision, such as the insight of Marcel Proust according to which; "the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes". The landscape of the Holy Land is rather far from being considered new, nor is it a site of peace and harmony. But it contains both the promise of universal peace and the treasures of healing herbs so rich with folk traditions of people who belong to the three major religions
Thus we could create a groundbreaking therapeutic approach that have the potential to advance patient care and meet unmet medical needs reaching significant wellness enhancements through innovative and pioneering healing expanding into new therapeutic direction

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Research and Development, Relationships/New Contacts, Human Resources, Technology Expertise, Public Policy Knowledge, Access to Capital, Other.

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The project is still in the initial stage of a visionary idea so the needs are focused the media and the cultural-educational aspects. The first stage will be dedicated to gathering information regarding healing potentialities of Herbs in the Holy Land shared by ancient folk traditions of Jewish, Christian and Muslim population. The second stage will be presenting this data to the lay reader and encouraging a communal mutual circles of interested members who could share narratives of discoveries and healing. Practical research will be done in the third stage aiming at new discoveries

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Deep understanding of an unmet need in a specific market/context, Access to and established trust with customers/beneficiaries, Insights into marketing, Insights into distribution, Insights into behavior change, Other.

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Improving the affordability of healthcare (e.g., microinsurance, reducing the economic cost of care), Increasing physical access to healthcare to people with restricted mobility or restricted access (senior people, people with disability, remote or difficult areas, etc.), Holistic solutions that work across the entire care continuum (including education, prevention, detection, treatment, management, follow-up), Models that engage other industry players (e.g., nutrition, athletic, mobility organizations)., Remote care solutions for health management, treatment, and diagnosis, Packaging of health products and services to address needs currently unmet, Other.

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