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Papua New Guinea
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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Our simple idea is to provide the very basic general health & self help information for mothers on a calender with healthy local recipes, feel good & encouraging messages using pictures of local women in their every day life making sago, fishing & gardening,chatting, dancing etc. We hope to do this for as many villages in as many provinces in PNG. Many Villages in Papua New Guinea where 80% of the population live have little or no access to information that may be of help to them, the vast information we have at our fingertips have so much use to those that need it most and what we hope to achieve is by giving a little of the selected information to local people to use in their rural environments where they have no access to information on health, the aid posts or health centers and If there are any aid posts they are under resourced & understaffed and offer little more than the very basic and any village is lucky if there is a aid post still running. Information such as observing the different stages of diarrhea so that children & old are taken to the main hospital before they get dehydrated. Do’s & Don’ts; very basic information to wash hands after using the toilets, cover food, do not throw plastic bags or bottles in the sea and the reasons why, to keep water sources free from pollutants to knowing if you are pregnant as so many have unprotected sex at young age, if you think you have TB or know anyone to get treatment as women with TB will often infect their kids & those they care for and to give information that women have rights to laws that protect them and encourage them to go forward in cases of domestic abuse by informing them of the groups and details of help groups that can assist them file a police report etc. We hope to give as much information, a list of possible women & general health information will be made available however the decisions on what will be included will be on the different village groups as they know what is really needed in their own environments. All women in the Village will be entitled to a free calendar however it will be on sale for those who can afford it. We will in the initial project start up ask do a questionnaire of some basic health issues and with the same group follow up on the questionnaire on the same group after the calendar is distributed to see for changes. We will get health information from the health department in PNG and also use information that is available on the different available media. We hope we can translate to Moutu & Pidgin for those who cannot read English. Information sometimes is the only help & hope for rural women.

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Many or most of the villages already have local women's groups who just need funding and a little organizing. Camera's & a laptop & printing and postage are the major costs that are the main problems of doing such a project.
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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation
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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation


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Iokea Village & Women's Development Foundation

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c/o P.O Box 5622 Boroko. N.C.D . Papua New Guinea

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, GU

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Our idea may not be unique in most places but it is not available in the villages of PNG where many women suffer and die due to lack of simple basic knowledge or information on maternal health. The WHO ranks PNG as having the 2nd highest infant & maternal mortality in the Asia Pacific region. Our aim is to provide women with some information for their welfare as many do not have funds or access to health centers, hospitals or medical care. PNG also has one of highest domestic violence statistics in the world, we will use local women's group to discuss contents of the calendars, make, distribute & sell the calendars for awareness.

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We hope to inform women about basic health in an open way so they can help protect their bodies and their lives. The Calendar is hung in the living rooms of houses so it is visible by children & husbands too. The calendars will be a a project discussed and its contents decided by each different provincial village women's group, we hope that by doing such a project will bring women of different backgrounds, stories and provinces to share experiences and learn new ways on protecting each other. A fun project that will unite and be useful.


Inform groups about projects
Funding permitting selection if too many groups
Discussions on what is planned & let the groups do the draft
Photo shoots
Collecting the draft calenders from different locations
Putting it all together
Mailing samples and than printing for use.


Awareness in Health, domestic violence & women's wellness, uniting and bringing women together to help each other on a project that can be beneficial to women and families. Its a simple way to share information to very simple people.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

1st Year- Make women's groups aware that such a project is available if they would like to apply to be part of it. Funding permitting selection if too many groups have applied. Discussions on what is planned & let the groups do the draft
Photo shoots
Collecting the draft calenders from different locations
Putting it all together

2nd year Mailing samples for approval
and than printing for use. And doing the same each year.

3. New year new calendars with new ideas & new groups etc.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Lack of funding to have the equipment such as a digital camera, laptop & production costs.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Less than a year

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Good Partnerships provide resources of information on health, education and resource facilitation, it is important to value and work with a range of partnerships to share and improve ideas and we intend to do that.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

We need local women's groups and local women
We need organizers in the different local groups to facilitate the project.
We need a good awareness & marketing strategy so local women can have access to the calendar.

The Story
What was the defining moment that you led to this innovation?

I am just an ordinary Papua New Guinean woman concerned for the safety and future of my and fellow women. I have supported many charities and continue to do so today, I am currently a homemaker however have a vision to change attitudes and mindset from the village/ rural level communities where 85% of Papua New Guineas live on subsistence economies living from day to day. I believe with access to Internet and the outside I have a purpose to bring about awareness, development and change for the betterment of women in PNG & the world. Simple changes make big differences.

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I have lived overseas for over 20 years and visit my Village & family from time to time, on every visit I have seen the decline in traditional culture and ways disappear more and more, the tranquility of the village replaced by noisy drunk & drug induced youths& men,unnecessary maternal deaths, the young girls mistreated and domestic violence rife, poor health & lack of clean water & sanitation. Changes in climate destroying the coast & crops is having adverse effects on my village & other coastal villages, I got talking to the Village Women’s group who occasionally gather at my mum’s or aunties for their usual weekly fellowship and realized that they have had ideas to develop the community however are unable to do so as the village has no electricity and they have no access to finding funds, together we discussed ideas and one of the ways proposed to alleviate the growing problems was to create more areas of awareness so that women without access to funds or health centers can at least have some information & knowledge to help themselves. It was than that I set out to help them seek funding to improve the livelihoods my fellow women and secure a better future for their lives.

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