Mother and Baby Health Workshops

Mother and Baby Health Workshops

South Africa
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The idea is to have monthly information workshops for pregnant women and those thinking of having children. These will focus on all the proper preparations from conception to post-natal health of women and children.

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The health of women and infants is highly compromised due to lack of knowledge and up to date information on maternal matters. Women feel powerless and give all their decision making powers concerning their health to men and health professionals Most decisions made by prengant women are fear based.
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The workshops will happen on a monthly basis and will be offered for free.

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Providing free up to date vital information to pregnant women about the importance of the health during pregnancy and most importantly their baby's health.
Emphasise the natural cycle of birth and women's natural abilities regarding pregnancy


Women should feel empowered to decide on issues affecting them
Women will know all available options and act without fear but from and informed position
Women will form alliances and support groups with other mothers in order to rally any assistance if needed.
Women will be confident in their knowledge and be supported in their decisions

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Commitment from caregivers and health professional to be available at said times
Thorough research and information sourcing. It is crucial that information on maternal health be relevant to the needs of the women
Ongoing support from the community, local clinics, men and the women themselves

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Institutionalised thinking. We are entering a new era in maternal health and health preofessionals have to keep abreast of new information. Holding on to ineffective ideas may be harmful to the project and produce fear based thinking.

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I am woman and I was shocked at the lack of information out there given to women during pregnancy. I was lucky but what about the thousands of women who don't have the right information especially at such a crucial time.

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I'm a mother and advocate of womens issues. I believe in empowering women in all areas especially African girls.

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