Mother's Health Care

Mother's Health Care

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The basement in family life is mother’s health. There are some easy ways for a couple can develop a happy, healthy marriage life.The two aspects of “Good Culture” and “Healthy body & mind” are very much necessary for a women.

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The elders are seriously opposing initially for such relationship. But later, they too will accept by our education.
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Rathanas Trust
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Paul Sureshkumar

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Rathanas Trust

Are you an individual between the ages of 18 and 35 who would like to apply for a nine month Young Champions Program mentored by an Ashoka Fellow?


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Rathanas Trust

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15, Rock View, Pasumalai, Madurai-625004, India

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Healthy Food |
Healthy Thoughts | -> Healthy Body | -> SUCCESS
Healthy Environment | -> Healthy Mind |
Faith & Prayer |

God wants us to control our self to gain gift from God. One who controls his/her body and mind, then they are fit to live as God says.
it is necessary to motivate the kids with play mode to adopt the good culture and Healthy body & mind in order to get success in their life. If the words are entered into their mind, it is not easy to erase from their memory. Nowadays, divorces, suicides, baby for immature women, less weight babies, depression, dowry harresment, tension, etc are increasing and due to this the health care of a woman who is carrying a child in her womb will be get affected. Hence, such unwanted and satsnic activities should be avoided for bright future. So, basically, the need of this hour is "Build a better relationship among husband & wife and their families".

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. The divorce to be reduced by all means. They should strengthen their family life with God. Then automatically, they will feel relaxed and safe in family life.
How to Have a Happy Marriage When You're Busy Parenting. Marriage Based on Faith in GOD (Jesus Christ as for as I am concerned)
Pray/worship Together,
Study the Scriptures Together, (Bible or holy book)
Have Charity for Each Other,
Only Use Kind Words,
Show Gratitude,
Give Thoughtful Gifts,
Choose to Be Happy,
Keep Stress Levels Low,
Continue to Date,
It Takes Time,
Complete Fidelity.


The methods to be transformed by means of training/educating the good culture. The same may take few years (upto 3 years) to get refinement. The method of instruction should be consisting of 3 phases, ie.School & College days, Before & After Marriage and Before & After delivery(Pregnancy).


So this kind of fruit of the Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are to be expected from the trainees and it should be focused on positive impact in the society.

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The method of instruction should be consisting of 3 phases, ie.First year: School & College days, Second Year : Before & After Marriage and Third Year : Before & After delivery(Pregnancy).

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Elders will prevent the participants some time and later they will recognise. So, equal participation of elders and middle age and youth is our project success. The children themselves, insist their parents to participate this programme for better understanding.

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Rathnas Trust - an unregistered organization

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Hardwork and God's grace are the father and mother of the son, Mr.Success.

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Some of the unwanted broken realtionship among our family members some years before and lot of divorces are increasing day by day due to lack of health care of women.

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God loves people and His people like other fellow citizens.

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