*Y.C.* Health from Awareness

*Y.C.* Health from Awareness

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We cannot deny the unique demands of women's health from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Their uniqueness is the function of our social development and the biology women evolve through.Acceptance of this fact is my point of departure.Awareness is the root of achievement.I plan to provide maternal health education to Female Community Health Volunteers( the community based women who are trained in this subject) on a regular basis,.This in fact is training of trainers.They will reach to individual mothers, potential mothers and their family members and discuss about the knowledge and skill they have.This includes information from conception to child rearing as child health cant be isolated from maternal health and birth spacing counselling to safe abortion.
Next step is access to health services.
Every month mothers who complete at least 4 ANC visits will be identified and one of them will be awarded( by lottery) by child's clothing. This will encourage mothers to go for ANC visits.
Every mother who gives delivery to a child in Hospital/ Health Centers will be provided with some money and a litre of oil. This indeed provides some help to mothers in taking healthy and nutritious food.But this practise will be for only two deliveries, so as to encourage mothers and families to limit the number of children.
The fund will be provided by community bank, which is set up by the health tax paid by people from the profit of their entrepreneurship.Apart from this depending upon the availability of funds several contests can be organized like healthy baby of the year, mother of the year etc
So basically the idea is not imposing the services from outside but indeed strengthening the self health seeking tendancy from with in the community.

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They can be listed as follows: a) lack of political collaboration at local level b) Difficulty in ensuring initial funding c) Managing motivation of the Female Community Health Volunteers-can be addressed d)lack of trained man power to work in health centres for emergency obstetric care e
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Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University
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Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University

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Institute of Medicine, Tribhuvan University

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My idea is about generating health from with in and without the direct prescription of outside.So there is high chance that it this innovation of the community will be reflected in all aspects of health, not only in maternal health.Indeed without overall upliftment of health status of the community, efforts to address maternal health may not produce the result we aim for.
Furhermore, my idea is supported by strong vision for sustainability. Indeed it is the vital part of the programme.
An important management principle is that when behaviour is rewarded, it tends to be repeated.My idea incorporates the policy of awarding to mothers for what they have done, so it will constantly manage the motivation of family and mothers for health seeking tendency.

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Since the project is in planning phase, so it has not produced significant impact. But I am sure it will address the seven issues mentioned above directly or indirectly.


My Organisation is tertiary level health care Institute and it has been providing Obstetric care to referred cases,family planning service and comprehensive abortion care services through Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
The idea I am talking about will be separate but the trained human power of the hospital will be valuable in helping this idea.


1)Increase in no of mothers seeking ANC visits
2)Increase birth spacing
3) Increase in number of children delivered in Hospital
4) Decrease in maternal morbidity due to pregnancy related complications
5) Limit the number of children in Family
6) Help in decreasing maternal mortality

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Since my idea is running health awareness programme, rendering curative services in case of necessity and making the families financially stronger to ensure sustainability all the programmes will run in parallel.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

The problems I have mentioned above may pose hindrances but they can be tackled effectively

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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The idea that I proposed is not related to any organisation.I developed this vision as a result of interaction with other doctors and public health colleagues of mine and also by the experience I gained while dealing with local people in clinics.To list 3 important things needed to grow:
1) My motivation to work for the noble cause
2) Formation of organisation which can carry on this vision( It should not be just another NGO/INGO in the crowd but a symbol of activism led by dedicated persons)
3) Ensuring the sustainability of the project as I mentioned in my idea

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I myself am the seventh child of my mother out of eight children.Now as a doctor, I can appreciate how it is in reality to raise eight children.It took a significant part of her life, 6 years of pregnancy and almost 24 years of raising eight children.She is 64 now and she gave her whole life in conceiving and raising children.Where to expect creativity out of this woman who has passed her whole life in maintaining the biology of evolution.My mother raised her all kids with perfect love amidst economic hardships.This always inspired to be a doctor and work for the women.My mother is the representative figure of average Nepali women.The modern medicine which I study provides evidence of uterine prolapse,fetal anomalies and other medical morbidities in woman who give birth to may children. This indeed hurts me emotionally.
I love working with people of rural areas.I want to smile with them but not at them.I can appreciate the hardships of rustic life.These all my real life experiences, knowledge and skills I acquired with all my academic leanings and social involvements,interaction with my fellow-mates I developed this idea.I have emotional involvement in this issue rather than professional participation.

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The social circumstances and the environment amidst which I was grown is the main motivational factor. Besides that my profession as a doctor gave inspiration to make a share of responsibility towards acting for this noble cause.

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Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

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