*Y.C.* Maternal Health Improvement a Necesity for Global Health

*Y.C.* Maternal Health Improvement a Necesity for Global Health

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1 million - $5 million
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Maternal health a concern advocate of it and putting in place measures to curb the problems.
MCH is all about MCH but the M seems to be neglected, if this project has consultation with people who are in the public health department and advocate of Maternal Health Improvement put together new ideas implemented to the letter would see some improvement in the maternal health.
Basically all these ideas rest on the education and outreach programs as the bed rock. Other activities include the improvement of maternal health through micro-nutrients supplements and the improvement of economic status to empower them and ease them of the hardships. This would ensure that fundamental human right to shelter, food, clothing and health is achieved.
All these activities cannot be done single handedly, but offer from the benevolent ones, the project own ideas and financial support would sustain it.
The outreach is being done by myself and Volunteers.
Most of the volunteers are also health workers, because this has got to with health matters.
Non-Health workers are also going to be employed who will be trained in Less Situational cases.
The activities in the mobile clinics however include
-Individual counseling based on the general counseling principle, these counseling would help us to know more about the target group, their problems and provide them necessary information.
The door to door delivery of services to pregnant women is only a sub-set of the project line out activities.
Moreover the pregnant women is also a portion of the project target population.
The target group of the project is Women-In-Fertility-Age (WIFA) 15-49 years.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Financial Constraints Time Constraints because the targets group are all busy and hardly have time to listen to in formations that are provided. In-effective transportation system. Low weighted babies. Maternal death during delivery. Health related information are not easily accepted by some communities. Malaria in women and children. Very close birth spacing among children. Sexually transmitted diseases among women. Prevalence anemia among women. Neonatal and malnutrition. Stress during pregnancy. Neonatal Jaundice due to insufficient micro nutrient supplements provided by government. Teenage Pregnancy. Illiteracy Abortions. Complications associated with abortions. Conflicts as contributing factor to maternal death. Mental Retardation among pregnant and Nursing mothers. Lack of access to health facilities. irresponsibility on the part of Parents. Single parenting. Ante-Natal Defaulters.
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Dream Works Foundation
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Dream Works Foundation


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Dream Works Foundation

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C/O Ankaase Methodist Faith Healing Hospital P.O.Box 1256

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What makes your idea unique?

Even though there are other programs running to see to the improvement of maternal health our door step delivery of services makes it unique and the programs that are to be undertaken if implemented and monitored would see to an immense improvement of maternal health.
Then also the intensification of most of the activities which are already implemented but have no seen good results yet, example Door step delivery of family planning services, creating of awareness at gatherings and schools, Mosques, Churches, etc. Makes the idea the Number One.

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What impact have you had?

The impact realized so far is prompt resort to health health care if any danger sign is realized especially during pregnancy through behavioral change communication and advocacy.
Most Teenagers are aware of pregnancy related issues and have therefore make decisions to think about getting pregnant at an early stage and most of them have also decide on using family planning.
Teenage mothers have also make it a point not to make that mistake for the second time.
Village policy makers are also getting involved in the issues concerning maternal health.
Some of the employers have also agreed to reduce the workload of their employees when they are pregnant.


Behavioral change communication/awareness creation in churches, homes, mosques, schools, conferences and other gathering where people meet.
Outreach programs
Mobile Clinics
Nutrition Advocacy
Ante-Natal and Post-Natal clinics.
Training of baby-sitters to provide quality services for children who have their parents busy and as well reduce the work load of their parents.
Setting up of re-enforcement institutions to re-enforce the activities of Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA's)

Provision of Bed nets to women especially pregnant lactating mothers.
Micro-nutrient supplement provision to pregnant and lactating mother to prevent Neonatal jaundice.
Provision of family planning service for women.
Setting up of micro finance to support economically challenged women.
Voluntary counseling and testing for pregnant women.
Nutritional status assessment.
Provision of housing system for women living under bad conditions.
Health education in school churches and mosques gathering and etc.
Reproduction health education in schools and churches, mosques etc.
Improvement in sex education among teenagers


Improvement in the hemoglobin level of pregnant women.
Reduction in low birth weight children.
Reduction in neonatal jaundice.
Family planning acceptors increased.
Pregnant women agree to reduce their work load to minimize stress.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Financial Support(Availability of funds to run the program
Commitment of maternal health improvement advocate and women themselves
Easy transportation
Availability of resources

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Lack of funds.
Lack of co-operation from target groups in various project sites.
lack of transportation system.
Lack of resources.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

Less than $50

Does your project seek to have an impact on public policy?


What stage is your project in?

Operating for less than a year

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Methodist Faith Healing Hospital Ankaase

How long has this organization been operating?

Less than a year

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Does your organization have a non-monetary partnerships with businesses?


Does your organization have a non-monetary partnerships with government?


Please tell us more about how these partnerships are critical to the success of your innovation.

These organizations do contribute immensely to the success of this project.
I work under a district under the Ghana Health Service where the project site for now is in. They need to be aware of such programs and support needed by the project would be provided and approved.
So the government contribute its quota to the success of this project through the approval and support.
Some business are also contacted e.g Samess Pharmaceuticals, Supra Pharmaceuticals limited also donates some drugs and nutrients supplement to out clients, this makes sure that idea of providing nutrients to clients is partially fulfilled.
We have partnership with NGOs e.g Tiya Development Center who have some of their activities inline with this project, since they have been in the system for sometime ideas of implementations is sought from them.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Mobile Clinics.
Outreach Programs.
Behavioral change communication.

The Story
What was the defining moment that you led to this innovation?

The vulnerability of women and children is still high in the country i find myself, maternal mortality is still in the ascendancy bringing the goal of improving maternal health to a jeopardy.
During pregnancy, women undergo a lot of stress because they are not relieved of their duties, they need to be relieved of some duties so that their health is assured.
Most women do no have enough spacing between their children because they do not practice family planning. You might see a woman pregnant with a baby tied behind her and pulling a child with an interval less than 2 years between them this makes me want to put in place setting activities to improve the patronage of family planning products.
Most women are economically challenged therefore they need the necessary help to empower them financially such that they can take care of their needs and as well fulfill their health obligations.
There is also lack of implementations of government policies on the field of maternal health.
Its very painful when after big conferences and workshops on issues in the improvement of maternal health nothing is done after-wards.
Government supplement offer to pregnant women is the right direction but the supplement are not enough so mother have babies neonatal affected with jaundice and mother also become anemic after delivery. Therefore a lot needs to be done practically not theoretically.
Women are instruments for procreation and not abusive instruments, women must be treated with respect in terms of their health.
My personal experience also lead me to this innovation in my tree subsequent pregnancies as a nurse worked for Nine good months without me being relieved from duties, In my last pregnancy i traveled 34KM a day to work and this lead to a lot of complications. I had placenta Previa which almost cost me my life.
This was a result of lack of birth spacing, stress, malnutrition because i had little time to eat. And also when the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) were launched my country is doing little about it, I therefore saw the need to help contribute my quota to help achieve the millennium development goals in my country, especially Goals number 4 and 5.
We therefore needs to be pro-active to bring a stop to preventable problems among women.There is a need to bring a stop to bureaucratic procedures and delve into solving the problems that we encounter

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

There is no single social innovator but this is a joint together idea by a group of people championed by me, all these members are health workers and are also committed to the realization in the improvement of maternal health.

How did you first hear about Changemakers?

Friend or family member

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