Fatherhood, care and reproductive rights

Fatherhood, care and reproductive rights

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The purpose of this proposal is to contribute to the revision and expansion of public policies in the field of Reproductive Rights, promoting greater participation of men in child care and other reproductive processes. The thematic focus is the extension of paternity leave as a strategy to foster debate on fatherhood. During the next few years we will work to defend the right to parental leave as a right of children, regardless of the caregiver´s gender. This initiative has been developed as an action in partnership with the Network of Women for Gender Equity - RHEG. These actions fall within the core of the broader campaign entitled "Fatherhood: desire, duty and commitment." This project is characterized primarily as an act of advocacy. One of the activities is to identify and map the main allies / opponents at all levels (executive, legislative, judiciary, civil society organizations, networks, etc.). And thus elect a locus of activity, articulating relevant strategies. We intend to develop an effective approach to raise awareness among partners and opponents, according to the strategies formulated. Attention will turned to the construction of a network project based on the mapping and partnerships held during those years. One of the actions that we have developed is the campaign Excuse me, I am a father! with the following objectives: 1. Encourage men to exercise their right to care, asking for Paternity Leave for the birth or adoption of a child 2. Promoting public mobilization in support of extending the period of 5 days for at least 30 days.

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