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The IPEACE Project is an initiative designed to rebuild and stimulate the health mental of young people and to promote human rights issues in conflict affected area in democratic republic of congo by using the information and communication technologies, especially the internet.   

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Young people in the east of Democratic Republic of Congo represent a considerable part of people who are also been affected by the human rights violation and have not access to a comfortable information on the human rights and tool to rebuild their mental health.
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The Information and communication technologies,especially the internet are an extremely cost-effective tool to make human rights information dissemination and to stimulate mental health of young people.

Using internet website, Ipeace Project tool for educational and mental health purposes is particularly appropriate for targeting population in conflict affected area which may lack access to other forms of media and information but have to become increasingly connected via internet.

This system will also allow more flexibility than traditional mass educational system efforts because information can be adapted quickly as the context changes.

Finally, monitoring is embedded in the system and will serve as a feedback loop so that changes can be made to increase the popularity or effectiveness of courses.

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The Ipeace Project will directly reach people in the conflict affected area and others part of the country and have the potential to eventually convey information to millions in the country.


The IPEACE PROJECT will be considered as an important tool for stimulate and rebuild the mental health of young people and to provide information and educational programs, on the human rights issues in the east of democratic Republic of Congo.


1. To rebuild health mental of young people in conflict affected in congo.

2. to increase human rights information dissemination amongst young people and to involve them to respect and to advocate the human rights and related issues in their local community and across the country.

3. To create a positive change towards human rights issues among young people in east of Democratic Republic of Congo.

4. To provide a forum for discussing human rights issues and exchanging ideas, videos, information and promoting effective local, regional networking among young people.

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The IPEACE Project will be developed using a participatory process that brings together individuals, human rights activist, psychologist, psychiatry, human rights activist, nurses, medical doctors, educators and organizations from across the country.

IPEACE PROJECT will be expanded to others conflicts affected countries in AFRICA in 3 years.
During the expansion process the project coordination will chose regional Officers at different conflict zones and Communities focal points who will coordinate the IPEACE project activities in their regions, zone and communities liaise with the Regional Officer and the Project Coordinator at project headquarters.

The IPEACE PROJECT will also benefit from the expertise of a variety of advisors, as well as a strong network of psychologist, psychiatry, human rights activist, nurses, medical doctors, educators, Media partners,etc

The main tool for rebuilding health mental and human rights information dissemination will be the IPEACE Project web 2.0 website, the website will be developed in many languages spoken in congo as such as lingala, French, kikongo, Swahili and others major dialects for allowing reaching the larger audience of young people in different zone and communities.

IPEACE Project will have health mental games, human rights programs educational, scientific illustrations, poems, songs, illustrations, events, opportunities, chat forum, mailing list, registrations options, contacts, music, Videos and documentaries, etc

The IPEACE Project video and songs Broadcast yourself Options, share information and others options will be allowed to register people (with log in and password, profile), and monitoring activities will be make daily.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

- Digital divide in some rural communities in congo.

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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1‐5 years

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Our partnership is based on the promotion of Ipeace Project.

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- Promotion
- Collaboration
- Assistance form others experts.

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The uses of internet web 2.0 to rebuild health mental and human rights information dissemination among young people.

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