Campaign for Prevention of osteoporotic fractures in community centers. Screening for low bone mass QUS

Campaign for Prevention of osteoporotic fractures in community centers. Screening for low bone mass QUS

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REDUCE THE ANNUAL GROWTH CURVE OF FRACTURES DUE TO OSTEOPOROSIS. Osteoporosis is a pandemic that have one in three women and one man in five, after they are 50 years old. It is disfiguring, painful and disabling. 25% of people with a hip fracture die within the first year of producing thefracture , 45% lose their independence. Given the steady growth of life expectancy: REDUCE THE ANNUAL GROWTH CURVE OF FRACTURES OSTEOPOROSIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR CHALLENGES OF CURRENT MEDICINE. Our method aims to detect a high volume of population, people with low bone mass before a fracture occurs. CREATING AWARENESS OF THE ADVANTAGES OF THE PREVENTION OF OSTEOPOROSIS IN PARTICULAR AND PREVENTALE DISEASES IN GENERAL.

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USING THE PHARMACIES NETWORK, CLUBS, CENTERS AND OTHER SOCIAL CIVIL ORGANIZATION as a center of activity, given the character of this outpatient community action program. In Uruguay we have an agreement with the two centers that bring together all pharmacies in the country. The program was announced earlier this year by a circular to 1,200 pharmacies explaining the method. You assign a date to each pharmacy's request. 2,000 flyers, 2 posters and a form are provided to schedule between 16/20 per hour with an average of about 100 people per day. Pharmacies should be telephoned to remind a few days before the date and time of the study. It appeals to the media, TV, newspapers and especially radio, to spread the campaign where it is executed. Ten years after starting this program in Uruguay have proven the effectiveness of the method. We are the only ones in doing this ambulatory activity, reaching sparsely populated areas or that are not of interest to those with similar equipment. A similar activity is performed in Spain FHOEMO, there are some isolated campaigns in Mexico, Venezuela and some other Latin American countries. WHAT IS INNOVATIVE IN THIS CAMPAIGN OF PREVENTION IS: 1) It could cover the entire POPULATION AT RISK OF OSTEOPOROSIS. 2) simultaneously allowing preventive action for HYPERTENSION, DIABETES, AND ANY OTHER FORM OF SCREENING TEST OR CLINIC. 3) HELP WITH HISTORY, facilitating the work to the treating physician.
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Measure the resistance to fracture bone in a high population volume by performing an ultrasound on the heel, along with a questionnaire on risk factors of 14 questions. This action results in whether the risk of osteoporotic fracture is low, moderate or high. Assessments are made of 16/20 per hour. Is ambulatory, Easy performance by a technician, nurse or assitant, very low cost, non-radiative and without prior preparation. It allows the physician to initiate treatment to prevent and / or treat bone fractures. The massive character of these actions have an effect on medium and long term conducive to reducing the volume of people who fracture a year.
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Joaquin de Salterain 1461 bis-Montevideo-URUGUAY

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Uruguay is the oldest populations in Latin America and throughout the Western Hemisphere. The population at risk of osteoporosis is estimated at 800,000 people, out of a total of 3,300,000 inhabitants. The population growth is almost nil. The campaign, although attending all classes, is aimed at the middle and lower class for its low cost and outpatient basis. T HE PEOPLE’S POSITIVE RESPONSE AND AND INTEREST IT RAISED, SAYS WE ARE COMMITTED TO STAY IN THIS ACTION, AWAITING RESULTS IN A REASONABLE TIME.

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When creating CENTROSEO in 1992, IT did not exist in Uruguay TECHNOLOGY or any method for the measurement of bone density. That year I introduced the first fixed bone densitometer. In June 2000 I brought the first portable densitometer, initiating campaigns for outpatients. For the last 5 years we have three teams with specially trained by me technicians for the prevention of osteoporosis. I attend the ISCD meeting annually, and every 2 years at the IOF Congress representing my country and in order to keep up to date knowledge on prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The growth we have had in this activity, we reaffirm that: 1) occupy an empty space 2) that there is still much to be done. Fractures are increasing and the continental projection for 2050 is that osteoporotic fractures will double. OUR GOAL AS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION TO THIS MISSION IS TO CONTINUE TO REDUCE osteoporotic fractures.

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Ten years into this program of prevention, we have some 80,000 diagnoses made in pharmacies, community centers, sports centers, etc.. We monitor randomly by phone, with 70% of positive response to treatment for osteoporosis adhesion year to carry out our action. In these 10 years the laboratories producing medication related to osteoporosis have been multiplied by five. Although we did not obtained data on their sales, historical prices declined significantly, demonstrating that increased volume of manufacture of these products as a result of increased volume of patients taking these drugs. Our monitoring center for bone densitometry for four activity increased in the last 10 years. Our estimate is that we are still far from the 800,000 patients at risk, but we have developed a method aimed at the community that is very effective.

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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We are training 3 technitians to increase activity in pharmacies. We see the need to acquire two more ambulatory machines. We set up a special plan for businesses and geriatrics.

Task 1

Short "World Osteoporosis Day October 20." Broadcast TV and movies during the month of October 2011.En production lasts 20 ".

Task 2

70 Pharmacies Complete Campaign 2011.

Task 3

Preparing new technitians .Goal: doubling the volume of people tested in 2012

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Launch of 3 new mobile teams with a medium size transport that would travel across the country.

Task 1

Get support for laboratories and dairy companies.

Task 2

25 palabras o menos.

Task 3

25 palabras o menos.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

As the campaign grows, we must implement the growth of fixed appliances to do the full diagnosis, also the formation of technical personnel. The goal is to place at the center of the country a central fixed densitometer, type DXA, ljke the ones that are currently operating in the city of Montevideo, capital of Uruguay.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The mobile teams are low cost in dollars. The activity is supported by paying the study, which is 6 dollars.The print (flyers, posters, etc) are funded by some laboratories. The contribution of these is not as expected, considering that a greater number of patients studied, the greater the treatment. Consider that these treatments are long term and pay off comfortably to the laboratories that produce them, if they fully fund this campaign. This is the main barrier, since if the test were completely free of charge the number of patients seeking the test would increase significantly.

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In some laboratories we have a material support that allows us to perform an annual medical day at no cost to attendees, attended by approximately 150 physicians. This is the only annual day in Uruguay for updates on diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

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Patients pay a total of USD $ 6. USD $2 are taxes and the pharmacyf ee. USD $ 3 are the net staffing costs, that pay transportation and create a small fund that is used for replacement of disposable materials and spare parts for appliances. Laboratories assume part of the cost of dissemination.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

We need government support, both financially and logistically. We haven’t even managed international NGOs or foundations support. Our method is applicable not only to the prevention of osteoporosis, and it will surely arouse the interest of other countries.

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It makes available an "in situ" method of diagnosing to all people and places that is fast and reliable. It facilitates the physician to initiate preventive treatment of fractures. It could be done without cost to the patient and is a mean to report a better quality of life.

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Leveraged technology

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NGOs/Nonprofits, Academia/universities.

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We collaborate with the Department of Endocrinology at the State University performing medical days, monthly discussions in the lecture and free studies to patients in the polyclinics.
The pharmacy business associations sponsoring the campaign of Uruguay in 1,200 pharmacies around the country.