EasyMove, Inc.: Assistive Product Manufacturing Social Enterprise that Helps the Physically Disabled and the Elderly to Lead Act

EasyMove, Inc.: Assistive Product Manufacturing Social Enterprise that Helps the Physically Disabled and the Elderly to Lead Act

South Korea
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1 million - $5 million
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EasyMove, Inc. aims to achieve the goals of hiring the disable and the elderly who are also the consumers of the assistive mobility devices manufactured and sold by EasyMove and of reinvesting in society the revenues created by the sales of the products. Also, EasyMove plans to get Hyundai Motors Group linked in its efforts in research & development, manufacturing, sales and create a new model of sustainability for social enterprise by cooperation with major corporations.

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EasyMove’s innovation is most notable in introducing the discourse of shifting corporations’ core value and philosophy from corporate social responsibility deemed as merely one of corporations’ many projects to it being the corporations’ core value and philosophy by developing a new model of sustainability, building strong social enterprise-corporate partnership. This can help increase the interest level of the world’s large capital in social economy and in social enterprise. EasyMove’s ultimate goal is to contribute in building more and fair and just society.
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“Establishing sustainable manufacturing-based social enterprise” Worldwide, there is a US$100 billion market for assistive products and many governments are offering financial assistance to the disable and the elderly to help achieve the goal of independent living for them. The market size for assistive products in Korea is about US$2.5 billion. The Korean government’s public assistance expenditure is only about 5% of that of U.S. and 1% of that of Europe. Therefore, the total assistance for the disabled and the elderly in Korea is very limited in terms of governmental assistance. The Korean assistive product market is not yet fully vitalized and depends heavily on the imports, which takes up about 90% of what’s out in the market. This kind of market environment puts heavier financial burden on the disabled and the elderly who badly need the assistive products. EasyMove constantly puts its effort in research, development, and manufacturing better assistive devices made domestically, offering them at a more reasonable price to those who need them. EasyMove also seeks to expand its market and provide its high quality products and services worldwide offered at a very competitive price thus help reduce the cost of government spending on the assistive devices as well as the financial burden for individuals. Also, EasyMove carries out its social mission as a social enterprise by providing job opportunities for the underprivileged. We also plan to have the consumers and the users of our products participate in the process of developing and designing the new products so the products would better respond to user’s needs.
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Anyang5-dong Manan-gu Anyang City Gyeonggi-Do

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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We do not confine our engagement in geographical communities. We engage in the community of the disable, the elderly, and the underprivileged in society. In 2009, the most talked about policy issue was the increase of social services for the disabled, the elderly and the underprivileged due to the large increase in population. The number of the physically disabled was reported as 1.8 million in 2005 and as 2.4million in 2009. Also, the prospect of the elderly population increase is projected from being 9.1% (of the total population count) in 2005 to 15.7% in 2020.

In addition, there has been a concern for the imbalance of the assistive device market. The demand of the assistive device was prospected to increase sharply in near future due to the increase and expansion of public assistance programs such as long-term care insurance and disability pension and the market was deemed not ready to supply the devices at a reasonable price because of the imported devices, which are expensive with the high cost of distribution, dominating the market. The countermeasure was clearly needed.

Share the story of the founder and what inspired the founder to start this project

As mentioned above, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in Korea was mainly one-time projects that contributed to society. A few major corporations which do support social enterprise didn’t go further than making financial donations or making their own subsidiary companies as social enterprise with the purpose of doing sales within the major corporation circle.

Reflecting on such domestic conditions, EasyMove has incorporated 10 public interest corporations in its management team by donating 70% of its stock to them in order to operate according to the philosophy of social enterprise despite the fact that Hyundai Motor Group has financed the entire cost of establishment of the enterprise. Hyundai Motor Group has guaranteed the independence of EasyMove, Inc. and EasyMove operates with the board consisted of multiple public interest corporations and social enterprise experts.

Social Impact
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The products of EasyMove manufactured in cooperation with the provincial government of Gyeonggi was approved with the seal of “GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)” by Korea Food and Drug Administration and therefore eliminated the prejudice about the quality of products of manufactured by social enterprise. Also, EasyMove has carried forward the social services for the underprivileged. The total sales since June of 2010 is US$149.526. About 70% of the customers were able to purchase devices 20-30% below market price. Setting a more affordable price was possible due to successful development the localized technology and simplification the distribution process.

The immediate future plans are as follows:

1. Reduction of production cost through employing the underprivileged
2. Sales through many public agencies and public interest corporations that collaborate and support EasyMove, Inc.
3. Research, Development, and manufacturing through support in technology and marketing from Hyundai Motor Group
4. Internal labor force combined with experts satisfying the philosophy of social enterprise
6. High quality device at a reasonable price compared to the imported device
7. Excellent aftercare service and delivery service
8. Success of enterprise by utilizing the capital invested by the major corporations

How many people have been impacted by your project?


How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

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Task 1

Expanding employment opportunities for the underprivileged (in manufacturing and research & development)
2011 – 30 employees, 9 “underprivileged” employees (30%)

Task 2

Increase of Production
2010 – Total Sales 1.1 mil

Task 3

Use 2/3 of the business profit annually as reinvestment and fulfilling social mission

Identify your 12-month impact milestone

25 mots ou moins.

Task 1

Developing and upgrading stroller for the disabled child (Currently 100% import dependent)

Task 2

Development and sales of fire escape assistive device for the disabled, KE-Chair

Task 3

Development and sales of stand-up wheelchair (Currently 100% import dependent)

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

1. Development of welfare car and domestic/global sales with Hyundai Motor Group
2. Development of 10 or more localized technology products and export
3. Creating more jobs for “underprivileged” workers

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Barrier - Negative perspective on major corporations
Plan to overcome
- giving positive image through ethical business management, manufacturing high quality products, reinvesting the business profit
- High quality, building active aftercare service system and sustaining it
- Sharing the philosophy of social enterprise among employees and enhancing manpower

Tell us about your partnerships

Gyeonggi Provicial Government – overall support for the business
City of Anyang – collaborative relationship
Assitive Technology Research & Assistance Center
Korea Welfare Center for the Disabled
Anyang Parents Association of the Disabled
Uiwang Parents Association of the Disabled
Happy Foundation
Daejeon Health Sciences College
Korean Association of Assistive Technology Service Agencies
Korea Nazarene University
Chonbuk National University
And many more

Explain your selections

By introducing a new model of social enterprise that collaborates with major corporation, EasyMove aims to inspire large capital will involve itself more actively in establishing and operating social economy and social enterprise worldwide.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

1. By utilizing the organic social network related to assistive devices
2. Maintaining research, development, and production of high quality assistive devices through incorporating experts in rehabilitation engineering and mechanical engineering
3. Getting the users of the assistive devices involved in the process of manufacturing to make better products meeting the needs of the users
4. Utilizing marketing resources of major corporations
5. Engaging actively in communities and participate in social contribution efforts

Which barriers to health and well-being does your innovation address?
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Limited access to preventative tools or resources


Lack of physical access to care/lack of facilities


Limited human capital (trained physicians, nurses, etc.)

Please describe how your innovation specifically tackles the barriers listed above.

EasyMove will build virtuous cycle of reinvesting business profit and creating more jobs for the underprivileged by attracting more large capital to fulfill social mission, manufacturing user-oriented devices, and contributing to well-being of the disabled and the elderly.

How are you growing the impact of your organization or initiative?
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Influenced other organizations and institutions through the spread of best practices


Enhanced existing impact through addition of complementary services

Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

We’re currently planning a research and development project to create an assistive device to be used in welfare cars with the purpose of increasing mobility of the disabled and contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the disabled.

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