Focus on the root cause of disease rather than treating symptoms.

Focus on the root cause of disease rather than treating symptoms.

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Bring natural health to it's proper place in treating disease. Natural cures aren't promoted because they can't be patented for billions in profits. Double blind clinical studies to prove natural cures to the FDA's requirements aren't cost effective for substances anyone can manufacture. Research dollars are invested for maximum return like any investment. The highest return is in keeping people dependent on pills. Cures don't provide longterm cash flow so they have been suppressed. Big pharma has way too much control over what doctors are taught and the regulatory process. This is why health care is so expensive. Restraint of trade has prevented cheaper/healthier solutions from reaching the masses. The underlying causes of disease can be understood and healed with a different approach.

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The market for natural cures has been too fragmented to compete with the power of big pharma. Bringing the fragmented market together, with the support of government, and objectively looking at the cost/benefits, will bring the natural cures that exist to the market and transform the way we look at healthcare. An organization that will bring the fragmented market together is the innovation that is needed.
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Bring the best minds and research in alternative medicine together to see where cheaper solutions exist. Cures that have been suppressed should be identified and brought to market. Free market economics don't support natural cure research so this should be funded by the government to lower the cost of health care for the country as a whole. The FDA needs to be restructered to serve the best interests and health of the people rather than industry. Medical schools need to spend more time teaching doctors how to heal rather than just push pills to mask symptoms. By spending more time understanding how disease comes into being and preventing it, cures will be found. Approximately 200 words left (1600 characters).
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Create a framework for all participants in natural health to contribute to a new system. One branch would petition the government for the needed changes and the other would promote natural cures.

Task 1

Contact the major players

Task 2

Create a web based forum for communication

Task 3

Create action plans that members can support

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Have clear goals and actions that the public is supporting, bringing the political pressure up to a critical mass that can effect change.

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Getting the action plans structured and functional

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Getting publicity for those action plans

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Providing ways for the public to get involved in supporting the action plans

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

New institutions will come into being that focus on the best cures rather than the most profitable treatments.

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Big Pharma will not let their profits decline without a fight. Public awareness and education about superior natural treatments will reduce demand for some drugs. This will refocus Big Pharma's investments into area's where there are no natural cures. I would try to change the consciousness/ethics of the CEO's to accept the reduced cash flow of cures. They would still be very profitable.

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Nutritional supplement companies, Naturopathic colleges, Doctors, Energy healers, Raw food advocates, Organic food stores and producers, scientists, and activists.

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Hard work

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It will reduce the cost of healthcare by offering less costly solutions and cures rather than long term treatment.

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I talk to people all the time about this problem but would need funding to get it going.

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I would collaborate with all above with financing