Villagers In Africa Need Good Health To Survive

Villagers In Africa Need Good Health To Survive

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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To see African Youth being inspired by our vision with some responsibilities that will lead to a improve good health Care in Liberia and Africa.
The whole stuff about leading Youth Toward playing major roles Will Focus On, Youths Involvement in the following places.
Health Awareness
Fight Corruptions to ensure the truth Funding of health projects In Liberia.
Advocate Human right, and seek the well being of Children, widow, Disables and youths by engaging Government to Improve health Care System, That Government funded Hospitals will Focus On medicals Issues that affect the lives Of futures leaders of Our Land.
Hygiene and environmental Cleaning up activities.
Our Goal reach out to villages and help suffering people who are Lacked Of health facilities due to Poverty in our Land.

About Project

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WHAT MAKES GUARDIAN CARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER non-profit GROUPS of new contributor in the Field. Guardian Care Inc, have been full time staff by orphans, youth and spiritual leaders with full participants of Women in support of gender equality, in order to provide job for youth and fatherless, and motherless Liberians.Because of the experiences our founder has had as an orphan who used to live on a orphanage mission. He later was inspired by God, to bring together qualified orphans and Liberian youth, and Church leaders who can make the different with the conviction of transparency, love and Commitments in Christ Jesus.This is to carryout and fulfills the vision of donors to seek the truth support of ever poor child, orphan, widow, disable and elderly to make sure that donors fund are properly use and manage by using the youth and the orphans to care for themselves without using and source that will led to the stealing of donor fund toward charity. Our Organization do Not Only Seek Volunteer Worker But we allow people to fully Volunteer their time when they feel that God is using Them In the special way. Our Approach We believed that all Liberian is qualified to Do a particular Job, U may Not Know How To read and Write, But you can Still Be use Physically To Apply Your Knowledge something that can Bring Change. we use people in a particular way To fit To a particular position.( e.g John can Not make Financial report, But John is strong enough as a Care taker, he Knows How To Look after Patients Because of John all our patient Room are Clean up On Time).
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 Ensure Youth HIV/Aids awareness Campaign in rural Villages in every part Of Liberia.  We will save lives of Young women who are Vitim of Abortion. This issue has to do with the lives our young Female women who are engage into Prostitution. Many time doctors in Public's Hospital reject lot Of patient when they later discover that Said patient had carry on some acts Of Abortion. This project will ensure to Engage Government on these matter and ensure treatments toward such patients in order to save the lives of Our Future leaders.  To Improve medical Attentions For widows , Orphans and Disable withing the Rural Villages Of Liberia.Where in Those villages, Guardian Care will Build Smaller Pharmacy that will Supply First Aid Medical Attention in term Of Emergency. This Will enable the Poor Who are unable To Travel Distance that will require them to Pay transportation cost got get urgent medical Aid. First Aid medical respond had been one of The Major Problem in Liberia, Some medical case are minor but they get worse when the medical responds delays.  Motorcycles Accidents This Problem had been One Of the Major concern in Liberia. About 97.2% Of Our male youth Population survive From Commercial Motorcycles. This reason Motorcycles Accident have increase in Our Country. Public Hospital No Longer Give key Attention To These Matters. Most of them believed that the Motorcycles patient does not deserve medical due to the high numbers Of Accidents that occurs on a daily basic, on Many Occasion Our Young Male Youth die due to Doctors delay in responding To their Medical Problems.We believed that Doctor should give more attention To Motorcycles Accidents because this is the KEY sources of Living For Our young people in Liberia, and it help to reduce poverty rate in Our land.Guardian Care Project will be on The campaign to engage Government of Motorcycles accidents. We will Partnership with Major Hospital on these issues.  Provide support for the establishment of Small Businesses by providing start-up finance through the provision of loans via a micro-finance program, be able to respond to their own Medical needs  Support and supply legally registered orphanages homes with basic necessities (i.e. food rations, play toys, clothes, etc.) with a view to improving the living conditions of children living in those homes.  To provide vocational skills training for our young generation so they can become a productive and self sufficient part of the community When It Come to Good Health Care. Training will enable us work with Town Chief and Villages Leader To Identified Potential Youth That we can train To manage a pharmacy withing in a Particular Village that can provide First Aid Treatment for Villagers In term of Emergency.  To promote and encourage hygiene by: o Building toilets o Constructing hand pumps o Collecting garbage from orphanage home, and streets. o HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign o Providing training in basic hygiene practices. These services Brings Good Living Conditions. In as Much We Provide these services It will give African the opportunity to have a Healthy Living Conditions.
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Guardian Care Inc. Liberia
About You
About Your Organization
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Guardian Care Inc. Liberia

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+2316648983 / +2316538942

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Paynesville City, Monrovia Liberia

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, MS

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, MS

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Our Organizations engage those that can not afford for themselves when it comes to medical care on a national Level, people Like Orphans, widows Disables, and poorer Youth Living Within Rivercess,and Bomi County . We have Carryout HIV/AIDS Awareness Among Villagers, and View Older One with eye Sight Problems.
We Provide medical assistance to Pregnant women who can not pay their own medical Bills.Most In Our Country and Africa there are Lot Of Youths In the street Who depends on Commercial Motorcycle to survive. In Running these Motorcycles there are too many Accidents that Occurs On daily basic. We make this Our Duties give Assistance to those youth to ensure that they undergo a proper treatment in order to protect the future leaders of our Land. We make this Happen By Partnership with The Motorcycle Transport Union. MTU Liberia. They Engage us with Major Complains on Accidents That occurs aground Liberia. This is something that should Our Major Concern For the fact That huge numbers of Our Country Youth Are surviving from Motorcycles, and there lot of Risk In riding Motorcycle especially when You are not Train To It.

Share the story of the founder and what inspired the founder to start this project

Guardian Care is not for profit, non Governmental, and non Political organization established by Abel Williams Cheayan ,with full support from his Adopted Australian parents ,team support by young Christian Liberian from the Salvation Outreach Ministries, Central Church, and full support from Christian youth from other local churches in and around Liberia in 2011. With much potential who carry on outreach in and to various communities, and who had witnessed and experienced the fourteen-year civil unrest in Liberia in which approximately 350,000 people lost their lives including Abel’s Both parents and his Brothers.

As a result of the civil unrest, Abel, and his surviving sister were left alone by escaping into the bushes for several days after the rebel captured/killed their parents, they both managed to survive while in bushes hiding by eating the banana and other crops planted by farmers. He has been an orphan for several years like thousands of Liberian children have been left unattended to, homeless and without parents due to war, rape, and unidentified fathers. In addition, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has also led to the increase in the number of orphans and abandoned uncared for children as well as widows

Interestingly, Abel had dedicated this program suitable to the experience he have had over the years as an orphan , to promote ensure the significant of Agriculture,crops production and carry out awareness for the need of disadvantaged children, and widows in Liberia.Providing scholarship for children in need of education,preaching God word to the unsaved Liberian.

Social Impact
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We Make Our Project successful By Allowing More people to come in, Not Just To call People in, But people who feel that God had lead them in A special way To Randall Volunteer Services To the Poor.
Our Organization also has a method we use to identified with people this is call the house to House awareness.
We send Our Teams To check On people that we Give assistance to, encouraging people to engage us us on their needs. We Do Not Only wait On people To Come after Us, But We go After people with the deep bushes of Liberia.

How many people have been impacted by your project?

1,001- 10,000

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

implantation of Our Goals, engage Government on Related Issue, sufficient in affecting many lives in Africa and Expansion venture in neighboring African Country especially the rural regions.

Task 1

Distribution of Mosquitoes nets to the poor to enable us Fight Malaria

Task 2

Building Pharmacy Within Villages that will enable us respond to emergency medical Concerns

Task 3

Sanitation and water Supplies

Identify your 12-month impact milestone

Responding to the medical need of every Poor Child, Orphan, Disable, Prostitute, Youth, Women, and we shall Promote HIV/AIDS awareness on a national Level to ensure protection of our future leaders.

Task 1

Renovating the Living places Elderly,and Widows

Task 2

Health care For Orphans and those That can Not afford for themselves.

Task 3

HIV/AIDS awareness

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Guardian Care, Inc Will open The gap for all African participation especially the Youths to be evolve In helping make Africa Strong for the future generation. Using Youth To carry on HIV?AIDS awareness,and Prevention of Malaria Training.
We Cover The Hospital bills for the poor who can Not afford especially Villages, Prostitutes, Motorcycles, Disables. and Children.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

We will Over come all These matters By being Faithful To Our calling. We are Committed our vision and we will also believed in God to Provide all that is require for us to have a successful NGO. Our Work Does Not seek or Give loyalty based Upon Salaries, But We Volunteer our Commitments even Out Of The Presence of salaries.

Tell us about your partnerships

Our Work have been sponsored by Individual Donor within Australia, we have been engaging other foundations, Governments, Youths Ventures for a Permanent partnership

Explain your selections

All Our Support have been Flowing in From individual donor especially from Australia. We are praying to have some partner like donors NGO to help us in the expansion of our Vision.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

We Purpose to Improve Our Projects By Engaging donors, Foundations, NGOs, Governments. for supports toward our Vision. with This we will Expend in Other African country

Which barriers to health and well-being does your innovation address?
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Incentives for unhealthy living


Limited access to preventative tools or resources

Please describe how your innovation specifically tackles the barriers listed above.

To Reach Out In unreachable Villager with In The Rural bushes Of Liberia This will Cover all 15 Counties Of Liberia, helping Out Those who Care not afford toward their own well being.
Ensure that all Children, Youths, widows, disable are Living In Good Health.
renovating and Repair damaged homes Of Widows and providing Good water supplies By Building Hand Pump,and toilet.

How are you growing the impact of your organization or initiative?
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Enhanced existing impact through addition of complementary services


Influenced other organizations and institutions through the spread of best practices


Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

To Reach Out In unreachable Villager with In The Rural bushes Of Liberia, and African Country that has need for Children, Youth, Widows and disables This will Cover all 15 Counties Of Liberia.
Ensure that all Children, Youths, widows, disable are Living In Good Health.
renovating and Repair damaged homes Of Widows and providing Good water supplies By Building Hand Pump,and toilet.

Do you collaborate with any of the following: (Check all that apply)

Government, Technology providers, NGOs/Nonprofits, For profit companies, Academia/universities.

If yes, how have these collaborations helped your innovation to succeed?

We work In collaboration with these partners, especially the private profit Companies in the Areas of Good Health. Our NGO Partnership with Hospital in helping us care for people in Terms Of emergency while we pay them In return. for the service provide.