Jamii Exposure (Inspiring youth and community development through sports)

Jamii Exposure (Inspiring youth and community development through sports)

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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Under served individuals and communities can be defined as people or groups that are ignorant or unable to access opportunities for empowerment and development. Amartya Sen, the 1998 winner of the Nobel prize in Economic Science, prescribed the provision of what he termed as positive freedoms, the freedom to(access opportunities), as a key to sustainable human development. The Swim Place Sports and Culture Club is a firm advocate of this paradigm. Jamii Exposure is designed to expose children of inner city communities and rural communities to non traditional team sports in Jamaica. In a framework that builds community relationships, hones key life and entrepreneurial skills, and implements a platform for the acquisition of scholarships, certifications and employment. To offer opportunities

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The Caribbean has been suffering from the under utilization of its human resources since colonization. With only a select few being able to maximize their potential in the areas they are proficient in. Our communities are living in fear, our children are under-achieving and our cities are developing without significant investments in projects that address the procurement of safe places that foster growth outside of the home. To achieve sustainable development there needs to be positive, socially inclusive and enjoyable programs for families from all socioeconomic strata. The Swim Place seeks to satisfy this need while exposing and developing niche sports and the arts.

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Jamii Exposure provides a fresh angle from which sports can advance development in the third world. The Jamaican Government along with many other private and not for profit agencies recognize that involvement in sports plays a critical role in youth and overall personal development. It contributes to healthier lifestyles, provides recreation, and in some cases employment. However most sporting programs and projects tend to; - Involve the participants in traditional sports - Have a strong gender bias - Neglect the importance of mentors and informative workshops - Focus on playing skills - Lack community lead strategies for continued involvement in the sport. Jamii Exposure improves on old community programs by; - Enabling under served populations to access more sports, that have less groups competing for, or accessing benefits from them. - Implementing annual events to keep community involvement and encourage network building - Offering services to an equal number of girls and boys - Providing informative workshops to develop knowledge, interest and strategies for developing themselves and the sport - Being a filter to identify individuals for sponsorship and scholarship
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The projects schedule will involve 112 youths 14-16 in: - Teaching and coaching clinics in swimming, field hockey, football and volley ball - Presentations on sports; development and empowerment - Competitions; to show case skills and motivate continutity - Community support; aid in developing self sustaining community teams and activities. These activities, provide a framework that monitors development, encourages exposure to new experiences and social networks, as well as implements sustainable community involvement strategies, that will assist in creating communities that advocate personal and social development. It will also institute activities that allow greater interaction and cooperation within and among communities and open opportunities to underserved individuals. The wide scale implementation of Jamii Exposure will provide individuals with knowledge of the oppurtunities available trough sports, and the capacity to benefit from their involvement in sports and the creation of healthier lifestyles. Laying the foundations for a healthier, more productive and inclusive society with increased options for social mobility and the development of social capital

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The Swim Place Sports and Culture Club is operated by a certified team that cumulatively holds over 30 years of coaching experience accolades in competitions, while a initiating the creation of a multi- generational facility. Equipped with our 6 lane 25 M competition lap pool, 2 six a side football/ field hockey fields and bathroom and parking facilities after its first phase of development. We have successfully initiated the manifestation of our brand through the provision of teaching and training programs, the establishment of our swim club and sports shop. And, the creation of alliances with national and international bodies and the initiation of the sports complex. Making us the only professionally managed public recreational facility in western Jamaica that caters primarily to locals and the development of junior athletes and performers
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The Swim Place Sports and Culture Club
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The Swim Place Sports and Culture Club

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Montego River Gardens, Porto Bello, Montego Bay

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1‐5 years

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Tell us about the community that you engage? eg. economic conditions, political structures, norms and values, demographic trends, history, and experience with engagement efforts.

The communities that will be targeted are low income communities located in inner city and rural areas around Montego Bay. These communities suffer from deficiencies in basic social amenities, low levels of literacy, inadequate social support networks, higher incidences of violence and negative social stigmas. Statistics suggest that the largest portion of the population in these communities are in the 15-21 age group, with a relatively even distribution between the genders. Individuals living in these communities are generally affected by the systemic issue, social inequality. A issue that continue to restrict the human and social development of the nation. Interaction with these communities reveal that the public opinion is;
- traditional avenues of development are unsustainable and uncertain as too many individuals are competing for the same positions and resources.
- Access to or knowledge of opportunities and benefits from vocations like sports is lacking

Understanding the systemic issues that affect these communities while having regular dialog with them will help us monitor and adjust our programs to ensure a far reaching and sustainable impact.

Share the story of the founder and what inspired the founder to start this project

The Founders of the company and project are University graduates greatly impacted by the life experiences they had been privy to. These include opportunities to travel to other nations, become involved in school and community teams and interact with individuals of varied walks and strata of life. This rich experience helped us develop and provided us with numerous experiences for growth and development. This helped identify one of the major problems plaguing attempts for human and social advancement, social inequality. Many talented individuals don’t explore their potential due to the lack of facilities and facilitators enabling the development of these individuals. In order for any nation to achieve any of the United Nations Millennium Goals such squander of social capital and resources must stop. As such Jamii Exposure seeks to lessen this inequality by providing life experiences and skills to under served communities giving them more tools and avenues through which to develop.

Social Impact
Please describe how your project has been successful and how that success is measured

Projects impact will be measured by monitoring;
- Athlete and team development
- Development of community training program
- Athletes identified for sponsorship and scholarship
- Attendance of teams and patrons at events
- National popularity of sports delivered
- Individual impact on participants

How many people have been impacted by your project?

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?


Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

6 Month Goal
- Create 4 community teams
- Identify athletes eligible for aid
- Use pilot to inspire the regional implementation of project

Task 1

Successfully conduct schedule of project

Task 2

Aid communities in accessing networks and support for community team development

Task 3

Complete database of partners and data for national proposal

Identify your 12-month impact milestone

12 month impact;
- Expose 4 more communities to the project
- monitor previous participants development
- Create partnerships for the national implementation of project

Task 1

Replicate project implementation with improved media coverage

Task 2

Involve pilot communities in project implementation

Task 3

Present program for national implementation of project to members of the public and private sector

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Jamii Exposure will provide under served communities all over Jamaica with the knowledge, impetus and support to conduct and develop sports based social development programs. Providing a self sustaining platform for increased involvement in and benefits from recreational and competitive sports nationally. Creating more opportunities for scholarships, employment and the reinforcement of positive values.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

- lack of support
- inconsistent participation from group members
To combat theses issues, the project helps communities build sustainable clubs that seek independent funding and support from local and international private, government and benevolent agents. To do this strong group relationships will have to be forged with indiviuals interested in the sports and community involvement. This will also serve to encourage participant commitment.

Tell us about your partnerships

The potential capacity and reach of this project is bolstered by The existing affiliations and partnerships ;
The Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship ( Consultant
Rastafari Indigenous Village
Montego River Gardens
Amateur Swimming Association of Jamaica,
Rotaract of Jamaica
Rastafari Africa Hall Benevolent Society
The Jamaica Lawn Tennis Association

Explain your selections

Friends and family: provide children with permission, community club contributions, and patronage at events

Individuals: provide community club contributions, and patronage at events

Foundations: Grants for project implementation and community sports club development and event production

N.G.O.'s: Partner to provide access to and information about communities in need, funding for project and community development and scholarships

National Government: Endorsements, financial and technical support and scholarships.

Customers: Provide a resource for volunteers

Other: Includes fundraisers, merchandising, events and goodwill from individuals and entities.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

The projects strength will be improved by the:
- regular monitoring and ( and if necessary) enhancement of the project.
- consistent and innovative means of media exposure employed
- continued creation and maintainance of active local, national and international private and public partners
- The implementation of follow up projects that displays the impact Jamii Exposure has made.
- Increase/ change activity focus to introduce new sports and activities.

The execution of these tasks will enable this local community project to expand nationally and possibly regionally. Allowing it to empower communities with the skill, expertise, and equipment to utilize the recreational grounds available and institute self sustaining sports programs. While increasing the nations social and monetary benefits from the sports industry.

Which barriers to health and well-being does your innovation address?
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Limited access to preventative tools or resources


Health behavior change


Other (Specify Below)

Please describe how your innovation specifically tackles the barriers listed above.

Jamii Exposure initiates the incorporation of exercise into the very structure of communities giving individuals healthy and productive means of recreation. These activities inspire the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices to improve their abilities in the sport. Lastly it will provide additional avenues for personal and communal empowerment and social mobility.Delivering a fresh means of involving the society in preventative means of healthcare and innovative ways of improving well-being.

How are you growing the impact of your organization or initiative?
Please select up to three potential pathways in order of relevancy to you.



Enhanced existing impact through addition of complementary services


Influenced other organizations and institutions through the spread of best practices

Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

The implementation plan of Jamii Exposure is structured around the primary mandate, Furthering development. To achieve this objective the activities necessary for growing the geographic reach within the host country, enhancing the existing impact and influencing other organizations and institutions have to be tackled simultaneously. Each pathway improves the capacity for growth in the others. Requiring parallel, phase specific growth activities implemented in a timely fashion for the greatest impact.

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i also have that implemented in my idea... :) so very cool thoughts and well presented... i'm sure that some city would love for this idea to become a reality .. my advice find a new forming town that has the drive to create such a place... :)great stuff though (: