making more medicine

making more medicine

$1,000 - $10,000
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i want that the medicine reach to the poor people those who cannot buy it.

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the innovative about this is that we don't need more money to make it we just need to make good use of the medicine that we already have and treat it with more respect not just keep it at home until it expires then throw it away while poor people are out there and can not get it. By donating left medicine we can save lives.
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when we are ill we buy the medicine from the pharmacy and use it till we return healthy , usually we don't use all the amount that we bought. 1.take the left amount of the medicine from your home to the pharmacy from which you buy the medicine or the nearest pharmacy to you 2.the pharmacy receive the medicine and put a label on it indicating that this medicine is bought before and donated back to the society. 3.Poor people can go directly to the pharmacy and take the donated medicine for free.
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I am living in CAIRO EGYPT where there are many poor people who cannot afford buying medicine and also there are many people who can afford it, norms and values of the society is built on being helpful and kind to each other just we need a frame work to put this into action.

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i was terribly ill recently , thanks to (الله), i am well now i thought about a way to give back.

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get feed back about the idea from many people

Task 2

try to create a small demo of the idea , where all the elements of the idea are engaged (the donor, the pharmacy, the poor patient).

Task 3

try to expand the idea to be applicable as much as possible using the media and charity organization.

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1. there might be some laws that can prevent the pharmacy from participation.
2. some pharmacies can refuse the idea as they don't want to take the any responsibility on the donated medicine.

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