Organization Yori : Community business for Asian women’s health based on postpartum food from various cultures.

Organization Yori : Community business for Asian women’s health based on postpartum food from various cultures.

South Korea
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for profit
$50,000 - $100,000
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Our project aims to take care of migrant women in Korea before and after childbirth. We help them to adjust themselves to new culture and new unaccustomed food and to settle in Korea well by looking after their health. Healthy mothers can nurture healthy children and healthy home. Healthy home build up healthy society. We are doing this project with migrant women by using resources from their hometown so that they can be financially independent not only for themselves but also for boosting their regional economy. This Health business starts from a family but will spreads around the regional community and eventually around the world.

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Korea has a short history of multicultural society. There are some community centers for multicultural families to provide them appropriate services, but there are insufficient helps for pregnant women and their postpartum care. According to our research, Korean multicultural centers recently began to dispatch helpers for pregnant women. However, all of the helpers are Koreans who do not know about postpartum food and culture of migrant women. If we serve the migrant women with customized service, we will be able to a new prospect in multicultural welfare service in Korea. Also, our business aims to develop women’s health business and regional business in migrant women’s hometown, South Asia.
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We are going to develop ‘lunchbox’ packages for postpartum care with recipes from our intercultural migrant women’s community and supply them to migrant women in Seoul. All staff who will develop the recipe and deliver them will be migrant women. At this moment, our community is researching on the development of lunchbox menus based on recipes from various cultural background.
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Organization Yori
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Organization Yori

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Youngdeungpo-go Youngdeunpodong 7 ga Youngdeunpo station gogaro 79

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1‐5 years

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We found 27 multicultural centers who are specifically focusing on welfare and migrant women’s health. There are many multicultural centers emerging in Korea due to rapid increase in the number of migrant in the society not only by the government, but also by religious communities. They are also paying their attention to before and after childbirth care for both mother and baby. And in August, 2011, Korean government began to provide migrant women with helpers for their postpartum care.

Youngdeunpo, where our company is located, is one of the poorest regions in Seoul. There are many factory districts in this region and many people from South Asia are working there. Many of migrant women are working in the field of manufacturing and service, and we also have hired some of them for restaurant and catering service business after certain period of education. Migrant women in this area are our first target to start our business for.

Share the story of the founder and what inspired the founder to start this project

For many years, Organization Yori have built an excellent experience in the field of restaurant and catering business with migrant women and professional cooks. We have strong sense of community and fellowship among us, and know very well how to work with migrant women and what they really need. ‘Motherheart box’ is the result of such relationship and is what migrant women’s community in Korea urgently needs at this moment. According to our research, the outcome of government’s survey also shows that many migrant women in Korea demand postpartum care service, too. We think that this kind of business is hard to be done by regular for-profit organizations or be the government because they do not have sufficient experience and database on migrant women comparing to our organization. Thus, we strongly believe that Organization Yori is the most appropriate candidate to run a postpartum service for migrant women in Korea.

Social Impact
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One of the co-CEO of Organization Yori is Jihye Lee. In 2008, she started Organization Yori for self-independency of migrant women, career interrupted women and youth. Yori, which means cooking in Korean, is relatively an easier filed to access for women, and after training professional techniques, they can get jobs and even start their own business. She and her co-representative specifically gathered migrant women because we thought they had most vulnerable social status and career. They organized a business group with them and opened a Asian fusion restaurant called ‘Oyori’ in November, 2009. Besides ‘Oyori’, they are also providing catering service led by Maria who came from Indonesia. To support our employees, they are running a daycare center called ‘Hamabang’ for their children. While we were talking and hanging out at the daycare center with their children, co-founders of Oyori learned the harsh condition of before and after childbirth are for migrant women. They found out that food was what matters the most, and because the mother could not eat well after giving birth to their children, they become sick and it also affects their babies, too. Therefore, for the next step of Organization Yori, Lee decided to run a business that deals with postpartum food for migrant women, ‘Motherheart box’.

How many people have been impacted by your project?


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More than 10,000

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We are on stage 1- developing menu- and received a positive consumer response. This stage is almost done and we are moving on to the next stage, number two among the three steps described below.

Task 1

Developing four main food packages – each from different cultural background- based of the distribution chart of migrant women in Korea. Women who came from these four countries will develop the menu.

Task 2

Confirming the amount of demand for postpartum food and care service through local multicultural center and finalizing the price, considering startup costs and manufacturing cost.

Task 3

Showing postpartum food package and proposal to local governments or organizations for women’s health and making contracts with them.

Identify your 12-month impact milestone

When we confirm our contract with the government, we will receive the payment in advance and expand our facilities. Then we will be able to hire more migrant people who can accelerate manufacturing pr

Task 1

Expand facilities and establish the system for manufacturing.

Task 2

Hire migrant women who were involved in menu developing stage after certain length of training period.

Task 3

Fair trade for kitchen stuff of postpartum food from migrant women’s hometown.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

After settling down postpartum food service, We are going to expand our business to solve their employment problem and the local economy of migrant women’s hometown.

1. Developing instant multicultural food package to enter the open market with trained migrant women.

2. Helping regional economies of migrant women’s hometown by buying ingredients there.

3. Starting business in other countries too, to increase the number of people who benefit from our service and more people can rely on themselves.

4. Building ‘Local Health’ center in South Asia where migrant women came from and starting projects for training helpers, distributing postpartum food, and total postpartum catering business.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Motherhearbox is a postpartum food package in forms of lunch box. To manufacture such product, we need clean and big factory system. It requires not only experience and knowledge on restaurant field, but also process design, sanitation and delivery system. We are planning to solve such problems partially through delivery system of big companies. In Korea, big companies are looking for ways to participate in society. So, we will ask them to purchase out product and deliver them and donate them. Also, because this project requires a huge amount of startup cost, we are still working on how to solve this problem.

Tell us about your partnerships

Organization Yori is in partnership with Seoul Women’s health Supporting Center and Multicultural Center. Also, we discovered migrant women’s community and are developing recipes and products with them.

Explain your selections

There are more than 160 thousands migrant women in Seoul and we decided to start our business in Seoul. We asked for some help to local multicultural centers in Seoul to find people who are interested in our project.
Among them, many organizations showed their interests in our postpartum food business for migrant women and introduced us other people who were also thinking of similar business. We worked together with migrant women who had strong will to participate in and develop the menu, and are about to launch the real business.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

We are going to develop the much and promote them with our professional chefs.
- Training multicultural migrant women by chefs who have sufficient experience on the field and education. Producing role models for migrant women in Korea continuously.
- Offering recipes to some Korea cooking magazines. Planning to publish a cook book with their help.
- Promoting the product with media whom are interested in Orgarnization Yori such as multicultural broadcasting system in Korea. Looking for other candidates to work with, too.

Which barriers to health and well-being does your innovation address?
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Limited access to preventative tools or resources


Other (Specify Below)


Other (Specify Below)

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Lack of research on necessary health services for multicultural women


Financial difficulties of migrant women’s families which make it hard for them to take care of their health.

Lack of understanding of business for migrant women although many people agree that there is shortage if such services.

We are working with migrant women and running a community to study on their financial status and what services are in need for them. Also, we are operating a social enterprise to support their financial self-independency. At the same time, we are developing services and products for migrant women based on their lifestyle. In other words, our services and business reflect the life of ‘working mom’ and migrant women.

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사회적으로 그들에게 부족한 서비스를 개발 및 사회에 제안
Proposing to develop necessary services to the society
여성이 일하기 좋은 환경 제공, 여성친화적인 고용 환경
Offering women friendly working environment and improving employment conditions
이주여성의 삶의 문제와 욕구들에 대한 끊임없는 관심과 협업
Continuous focus on emerging problems within the life of migrant women and co-work with them

We are going to hire more people because we need them to develop the menu. Also, our business can remind the people and the society of the necessity to give migrant women opportunities to work and to provide them with proper services.

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- Organization Name: Cedaps - Centro de Promoção da Saúde (Center for Health Promotion)
- Organization Website:

Sharing Solutions for better health also focuses on health conditions of women and families. Their health support system and education based on income and surroundings of the weak have a lot to learn from. We would like to learn their know-how to educate people about health, to collect data, and to approach to local health conditions. We believe we also can offer them some valuable knowledge on how to approach the health problems of migrant women.