The recycle words

The recycle words

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Milan is a big multyethnic city in wich coexist many different cultures and as well languages. Starting from this point we notice that many people coming from abroad are not able to follow the wright way to separate the different kind of wast due to the fact that all the explanation are given only in Italian language. The idea is simple, not expansive and fast to actuate: we would provide a multilanguage recycling kit in order to better inform those who not speak italian and improve the recycle in our community.

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To date no one has already done something similar leading to a large amount of not well recicled goods. This could be a good starting point for other related initiatives and working in the same way.
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1 Contact the local enviroment authority and build an agreement(AMSA-already planned) 2 Prepare the multilanguages kit (e.g. Chinese, Spanish, English, other) 3 Start a local marketing campaign (School, local newspapaer, shops...)
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boehringer ingelheim
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boehringer ingelheim

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, MI

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, MI

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The community involved are the italian as well as the Chinese, Arab, est europe comunity.
The economic condition of those community (except for the Italian's one) are, most of the time, not that easy with a variaty of values and past experience. Th e demographic trend is incrising year by year

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1 Reach an agreement with local authority
2 Build the multilanguage kit
3 Distribution in Milan area
4 Feed back from first 3 month activity
5 Spread it in Lombardia area
6 Spread it in Italy

Task 1

establish the agreement with local authority

Task 2

Preparation of the multilanguages kit

Task 3

diffusion via media

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Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
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Lack of interest\collaboration from local authority
Overcome: Showing them the improvement, in terms of recicled goods, that they could obtain if all the ethnies do it better. This will produce a better impact on the enviroment and a reduction of total cost in the dispose of the garbage.

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