Reducing HIV/AIDS in the western region of Ghana

Reducing HIV/AIDS in the western region of Ghana

$1,000 - $10,000
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I will strategically approach the problem by linking all arrangement normal government policy in addressing the problem of HIV/AIDS.
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Its innovative because I will lobby for support from donors and corporate bodies involved in HIV/AIDS issues and the technical project staff will steer and manage the project together with the community.
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. Holding monthly debates and moderations on how to support the people living with HIV. c. Supporting and referring for treatment of opportunistic infections e.g. malaria, TB, diarrhea etc. that attack the HIV/AIDS victims. d. Encourage positive participation of People Living With AIDS in the community. e. Regular monitoring of the People Living With Aids (PLWA) and the youth groups
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Centralian Consulting Foundation, Takoradi, Ghana
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Centralian Consulting Foundation, Takoradi, Ghana

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Western region rates fifth in the HIV/AIDS prevalence and studies indicates that pregnant women over 40 years of age are now contracting HIV/AIDS in the region than the youth thus Centralian Consulting Foundation has made strides as an outstanding organization by establishing voluntary counseling and sensitization programs to combat HIV/Ads in the region.

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The founder Madonna Afiba Dolphyne registered Centralian Consulting Foundation ( CCF ) at the Registrar General’s Department as a Not-for-Profit Making Organization with Registration Number G.5682. It has a board of Two Directors, an Executive Coordinator, Project Coordinator, One Secretary, Volunteers, Part-Time Consultants and a qualified legal practitioner and Auditors. Its geographical location is Windy Ridge, Takoradi, Western Region. It is a member of Ghana Association of Consultants
( GAC ) and The Ghana Non-Profit Making Association. The organization was established for the purpose of facilitating Micro-finance Institutions, MSME & SME’s ( Micro and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises) improving access of rural and agricultural population to sustainable financial services by strengthening performance, outreach and client orientation in all segments of rural financial systems and sustainable development in the western region.

Social Impact
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Project has been successful because I have organized previous workshops on HIV/AIDS with Ghana AIDS Commission

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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Consensus building
Setting of local goals
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Platform for reporting on group activities as a means of monitoring the due process

Task 2

Funding to activate interventions

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It is hoped that the goals would be zeroed tolocal specifics and therefore become more relevant to children and women

Task 1

Strengthening of stakeholders on HIV/AIDS issues

Task 2

Disseminate information on HIV/AIDS issues

Task 3

Creation of awareness of HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ghana

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By soliciting funding from other Donors and philanthropists

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Finance/ funding

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Partnered with Corporate Bodies aand Individual philanthropists

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I have been supported by individual philanthropists or corporate entities

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By soliciting funding from Donors

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Lack of physical access to care/lack of facilities


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Evidence of substantial impact achieved through the linking of community and formal health and care services for people living with HIV is the common approach of general sensitization of the community without being focused to the particular target group, much will be given to change the attitude, practice and knowledge of the communities in how to care for the

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Repurposed your model for other sectors/development needs


Leveraged technology

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