SMS Now! A Life Depends on it.

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SMS Now! A Life Depends on it.

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As you read this, a patient may be critically ill. Whether he lives or dies depends on whether a unit of blood of the right type is available. India is always facing a shortage of blood. People have to run from pillar to post for a unit of blood in their own city or some other city where they go for treatment. At times a patient dies for want of blood. There are unscrupulous elements that sell blood for money. is a SMS based helpline, which connects needy Patients to Voluntary Blood Donors at the cost of a simple SMS.

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The most innovative part of are as follows. 1. Patients or Relatives of the Patients are often told to get blood donors in an emegency or replacement blood donors .Many a times a patient goes to other cities for treatement where they dont know anybody whom they can request for a blood donors. Our SMS helpline helps such people. All they have to do is send a simple SMS and they are connected to a Voluntory Blood Donor in their city in seconds. 2. Many Blood Banks / Hospitals in the country sell blood at a premium. If the Patient cannot arrange a donor , he has to pay what the Hospitals/blood banks charge them. Rates Vary from Rs 15,000 to Rs 3000/-. This causes a lot of problems for poor patients. Our helpline helps such patient where they get a unit of blood at the cost of a standard SMS, thus saving a lot of money. 3. Initially when we started it was a web based helpline where people could log on to the website and search for blood donors. A few years down the line we realised that we were not accessable by the common man. As they did not know how the use the internet , also it is very difficult to search for an internet cafe in an emergency. That is when we decided to SMS enable our helpline. As mobile phone are used by everybody.
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The Primany objective of is to help Patients who need blood donors in an emergency at the cost of an SMS in their own city or some other city.
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Our helpline is used by all section of the society. From the Richest to the Poor people. We have donors registered from over 300 cities in India.

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This Doctor has killed my wife !

It was the month of September 1994, my grandmother had a fall and went into coma. She was admitted into Indira Gandhi Medical College, Nagpur. One day at about 3.30 in the early morning, there was a huge commotion in the female ward. Relatives of a patient were bashing up the resident doctor in the ward. On enquiring from one of them he told me "he has killed my wife". I asked the doctor as to what had happened. He told me that he had asked the patients relatives to arrange for 2 units of blood as the lady's Heamoglobin count was very low. They could not arrange for donors and hence the transfusion could not be done and the patient passed away due to a cardiac arrest. This incident left a huge impact on me.

Fast Forward 1999. A welder working at my friends workshop needed O-ve Blood. The friend asked me if i could not help. I enquired from about 4-5 blood banks in our city and could not find a donor. The welder Passed away after 2 days.This incident got me thinking as to what must be happening to patients who go from one city to another city for treatment, where they have no one to help them. What must be happening to patients who suffer from cancer and need a lot of blood transfusion.What must be happening to children who suffer from sickle cell and thallesemia and who need frequent blood transfusions every month.

I told my wife that we had to do something about this. A solution has to be found to solve this problem. But how it could be done we did not know. We resolved that we would surely do something.

Social Impact
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We have about 45000 Blood Donors registered on our helpline. We have connected 14,500 blood donors with patients needs blood transfusion since February 2009 (Since our SMS helpline started). The success can be measured that it is growing by word by mouth publicity in Hospitals. One patient tells another patient how to send an SMS and get a blood donor. This itself is proff of its success. People who do not know english are using our helpline by sending an SMS.

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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Create an Awareness in every Hospital and Blood Bank in the country by pasting our Posters. To motivate mobile operators to offer this as a Value added service to their subscribers.

Task 1

Create awareness in Blood Banks / Hospitals by displaying our posters and stickers.

Task 2

Create awareness about so that more and more people register as blood donors. We wish to do it via Bumper Stickers on Cars in India.

Task 3
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We wish to link atleast 180 Hospitals / Blood Banks in a period of 12 months.

Task 1
Task 2
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We are successful. There are no barriers . Our system is sustainable. SMS come cheap in India. When we hook up a mobile operator in our database. We hope to make Registration of blood donors (Toll Free). Searching of blood donors will have to be borne by patients who search for blood donors. Cost of SMS will be borne by the Patient or his relative . We only have to pay Hosting charges.If and when the quantum of sms grow we will get the sms sponsored and put a text ad of the sponsor in the sms.

Tell us about your partnerships

We have non financial parternships with Hospitals , NGOs, Volunteers who help create an awareness about our helpline. Some of them are as follows.
1. Think Foundation - Mumbai
2. Umang Foundation - Mumbai
3. Sadbhavna Kendra - (Tata Memorial Hospital ) - Mumbai
4. Mr Mustafa Jetpurwala ( Volunteer IBD ) - Mumbai
5. Hiranandani Hospital and Research Center - Mumbai
6. Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences - Hyderabad
7. New Life Foundation - Hyderabad
8. Shri Gurudatta Humane Services - Hyderabad
9. Sewa Bharti - New Delhi
10. Mr Ravi Dutt (Volunteer IBD) - New Delhi
11. Life Line Blood Bank and Research Center - Nagpur
12. Ammas Helping Hands - Visakhapatnam
13. Jankalyan Blood Bank - Nashik

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We aim to first start online registration of blood donors. Then motivate mobile operators to join us and help spread the word. Also motivate them to offer Searching of blood donors as a value added service to their subscribers. Create awareness about our helpline in each and every hospital and blood bank in the country

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Lack of affordable care

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NGOs help spread the word about the helpline in Hospitals/ Blood Banks. They also use the services of our helpline in times of need.