Children's Wellbeing

Are you working to build demand for a culture of #ChildrensWellbeing? Join @Changemakers for a live Twitter Chat with the network of Pioneers!

Oct 18, 16

Over the last six months, Ashoka, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and hundreds of social entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and researchers in the United States have rallied around a vision for children’s wellbeing: a culture where each child can cultivate a sense of self, purpose, and belonging.

Oct 12, 16

The Children's Wellbeing challenge has selected 122 Pioneers, innovators with promising projects and the potential to lead a new movement for children's wellbeing--one that will help build a world in which children are able to cope, hope, and thrive. The challenge received an astounding 284 entries from across the United States.

With so many impactful and innovative projects that are truly transforming the way in which kids grow up, it was a difficult process to select a group of entries to move onto the next phase as Pioneers. The Pioneers were selected by a team of reviewers including community peers, partner organizations, and Ashoka, according to the challenge's assessment criteria.

Aug 02, 16

“What do children need? They need to know, ‘I am lovable, I am safe, I can trust other people to meet my needs.’”

— Amelia Franck Meyer, Ashoka Fellow, founder of Anu Family Services

Jul 27, 16

Are you championing #ChildrensWellbeing? Join @Changemakers for a live Twitterchat and share your ideas with the network!

Children’s wellbeing depends deeply on the adults around them. So how can adults be supported to support kids?

What do parents, caregivers, and educators need to help children develop the building blocks of wellbeing -- a strong sense of self, purpose, and belonging? How can adults increase their own resilience and empathy skills? How can institutions co-create with families to better support adults’ and kids’ wellbeing?

We’ll discuss these questions and more during a live @Changemakers TwitterChat. Share your perspective, ask your questions, and meet a cross-sector network of children’s wellbeing leaders.

Day/Time: Tuesday, June 21st -- 8pmEDT to 9pmEDT

Jun 14, 16